Friday, August 27, 2010

Marianne: Trends I have (not) loved.

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I don't care if this means my style is pedestrian. I'm willing to admit that my clothes are far more Real Simple than they are Vogue. And so, trends I have not bought into:

Oxfords, they make your legs look bad:
Oxford at ShopStyle

Rompers, which they are now making for fall STOP THE MADNESS:

Tapered, pleated pants make even models look like they are wearing a dirty diaper:

Dressy shorts are just WRONG, okay?

Booties. I might be coming around on these, but when done wrong (as they usually are) I find them unflattering:
Frye at ShopStyle

Over the knee boots. Generally look whorey.
Twelfth St. By Cynthia Vincent at ShopStyle

Open toed boots OMG. DUMB.

Saggy pocket t-shirts. YES, OMGagain, still!
Kain Label at ShopStyle

Of all of these, the booties are starting to wear me down. Those Frye pretties have been whispering in my ear ever since Adrien posted them, but I'm still quite sure they would not look good on me. We'll see, booties. We'll see.

I also just hate the word bootie.


  1. I agree on all, esp. the booties. They give everybody cankles.

  2. I also hate the word bootie. And I HATE the open-toed boot thing so much. It makes me angry.

  3. I'm with you on everything but the oxfords. Well, and the booties. They make total sense in winter with pants.

  4. Ah! This is hilarious! I love a lot of these things!

    Okay... oxfords and the pleated pants, I hate. They are so horribly unfeminine and unflattering and I can't get past that.

    I think a tailored romper with some hot heels and a blazer could be fun for a night out, the kind of night out you used to have when you were 22.

    I like dressier shorts in the summer with some wedge sandals but not the high-waisted kind.

    Love ankle boots but I hate them with skirts and dresses. They make you look stumpy. With skinnies/leggings/jeggings they are very chic.

    OTK boots - with skinnies and a cozy sweater. YES!!! I think if you're covered up and snuggly, it takes the whorey-ness away.

    Saggy pocket tee... I have a few that don't sag that much and have sequins inside so, it's a little splash of sparkle. Kinda cute. The super droopy style is ridiculous.

    My all time favorite shoe in the whole world is the open-toe boot! I got my first pair when they first came out years ago and I loooove them.

    They're sleek and lower cut with no platform and I have worn them with everything. Have had them recapped twice already. They feel very of-the-moment and kinda modernize whatever you wear.

    I'm weird though! ;)

  5. I can see it under pants....but not with skirts! And oxfords. Well, I think I am mostly damaged because I went to a private school and had to wear saddle oxfords every day. They make my legs look so stumpy.

  6. I concur, except for dressy shorts. I like the wool kind for fall.

    I kind of liked the idea of rompers too but I tried on a pair earlier this summer and they looked ridiculous.

  7. See, I think for me the romper thing feels like a really young look. I'm sure it can be super cute, but I feel way, way too old to pull it off.

    As for the open-toed boots, I totally know I'm in the fashion minority on this one, but I just can't love them.

  8. It's funny you should mention Real Simple. I got the newest issue this week and loved the ladylike fall fashion spread. And then I wondered what that said about me, because I think we all know Real Simple is not a fashion magazine. But whatever, pretty coats and dresses and heels!

  9. Yeah, I feel too old for a romper for the most part as well. I think you could totally pull off the open toe boot though. Seriously. It's just like a peep-toe pump... just with a modern twist!

    Now, those flat boot-sandal things... those are TERRIBLE!

  10. OMG, I agree with you on all of this! Except swap the booties for the oxfords -- I like oxfords. They make me feel like Audrey Horne on Twin Peaks, and I'm going to buy the next pair I fall in love with -- whereas I am not wearing a bootie. Cankle City USA.

    PS: Haaaaate rompers, just on principle, but have a serious question: How do you go to the bathroom in them? Is it like a leotard, where you have to take the entire top down so you're sitting there topless on the pot? Or do they detach somehow at the waist? Not that I really NEED to know, since I am not going to buy one, but, you know -- idle speculation.

  11. My husband is horrified by rompers and actually asked a girl at one of his shows about the bathroom issue. She said you have to strip naked! Fun.

  12. You are hilarious and I agree with all of your choices.

  13. Unsurprisingly after my own harem pants post, I fully agree. I WANT to like ankle boots and over the knee boots, but they're so rarely done right.

    And you hit one of my pet peeves, the peep toe boot. If it's cold enough to wear boots, it's too cold to wear peep toes. And if you put a pair of socks on with them, I'm not responsible for the bodily harm I cause you.