Friday, August 19, 2011

Adrien: Wanty! Boots! Yes, Already!

I seriously love summer so hard but I am SO TIRED OF MY CLOTHES. So tired, y'all. I am starting to get excited about fall clothes and boots even though I am not really excited about summer ending. I pretty much think that boots are the only thing that get me through the winter months. If not for boots, I would perish.

So, I've been trying to figure out how to spruce up my boot wardrobe and desperately looking for holes to fill. Which pairs are good for another year, which need to go, what am I lacking? I take this shit seriously because it is SERIOUS BUSINESS.

A few weeks ago I was walking though Saks and these stopped me dead in my tracks:

Boots by Jimmy Choo at ShopStyle

I think I might have drooled on the floor a little too. But, um, they are Jimmy Choo and they are never gonna happen. Also, Nina pointed out that, duh, they look just like the Frye Veronica boots:

Boots by Frye at ShopStyle

I actually have a pair of brown Veronica boots that I don't wear very much because, well, they're brown. I'm really more of a black boot kind of girl because something about brown just doesn't feel rock 'n roll enough to me. ANYWAY, I've decided to sell my brown pair and a few other things and buy myself a pair of black Veronicas. I love how Wardrobe Review styles them and they need to be mine. That's all there is to it.


  1. I've already bought 3 pairs of boots for Fall/WInter -- and returned 2 of them. Can't decide if the third pair fits or if I need to go half a size down. I'm planning to order a 4th pair next week, and am also entranced by a pair of clog boots (eep!) that won't go with anything I own but nevertheless call my name. So yeah, I understand your obsession :-)

    Love the Frye Veronicas! I keep gazing at the short grey Veronicas at Nordstrom with much longing.

  2. I gotta know about the Frye Veronicas you're selling -- are they true to size? I wear an 8.5 typically. Also I have kind of wide-ish calves? I'm dying for some brown Veronicas and yours are mocking me with their size 8 selves.

  3. Wren, I want boots too! I want all of the boots, pretty much.

    MQ, I'm sad to tell you that the Veronicas are a true size 8. Boo.

  4. Rather, I want CLOG boots. Duh.

  5. just emailed you. i'd love these. hopeful!

  6. Clog boots look so cute with wide-leg jeans and flowy floral skirts and dresses. But I don't own (or want to wear) cute floral skirts and dresses. What to do??? Have you seen any good style blog posts about them? Michelle Williams is the only person I've seen really rocking them.