Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Keychains? Sure.

When my friend Ashley was visiting she noticed my (totally appropriate and mature) studded skull keyfob that I bought a few years back at the Coach outlet. She told me about her favorite keychain which was on it's way to self-destruction and asked if I had any suggestions for a new one. Oooh, keychain search? Yes, please.

I'm one of those weirdos that gets obsessed with finding THE PERFECT keychain/wallet/small random item most people don't give two thoughts about. It! Must! Be! Perfect! I just believe that everyday, functional objects should be satisfying and attractive. It's not too much to ask, right? Right.

The first thing I ran across was this adorable little Jonathan Adler Lion Keychain, which I think is the cutest thing EVERRRR and also would be easy to spot when you're searching for your keys:


There are a lot of cool animal key chains out there but the ones I really like are all too expensive, like this Proenza Schouler Buster Keychain:

You can't afford me

Whatever, Proenza Schouler. There is no need for that dog to cost so much. Moving on. I really like key chains that distinguish MINE from YOURS. Have you ever had your spouse or roommate accidentally scoop up your keys? Stop that shit with this Brown & White initial key chain:

M stands for "mine." 
A stands for "Adrien." Duh.

"But Adrien!" I hear you whine. "That keychain costs nearly $30 on sale!" Oh, shush you. How about this blingy awesome rhinestone beetle keychain from Charlotte Russe instead?


Or, if you don't mind spending more for sparkly key jewelry, I find this Juicy Couture Horn Crystals Keyfob to be oddly compelling:

Ooooh, shiny.

But maybe you're more practical and don't have time for this crap. Maybe you don't want to be fishing tiny rhinestones out of the bottom of your purse, huh? Well, you are no fun but I have some options for you too. Like this Coach Leather Loop keychain:

Practical, yet still cute.

It's a fun color with good quality hardware but still a solid and useful key-wrangling option. What? Still not practical enough? For the love of God, buy this Baggu The Wedge Pouch in Black:

Practical, still pretty sweet.

Nice leather, a place to keep your tiny bits, black black black, understated without being boring. (It comes in colors too.) Finally, if you are a bit of a minimalist and still want something cool-looking this Urban Outfitters Antique Key Carabiner keychain is basically perfect: 


I know, right? It's so good. And not blingy or expensive or silly. But will probably break eventually, so maybe buy two. You're welcome. 

So what about you? What is your opinion on keychains? 


  1. I have never bought one in my life because I seem to get them as gifts (owl that is also a flashlight? Sure!). I have to have my car key separate from all my other keys for two reasons: 1. it makes it so much easier when I have to leave my car at the mechanics and 2. I can't stand having stuff dangling from the steering column and hitting my knee.

    And, yeah, I can't afford that dog.

  2. I always get mine as gifts, as well. I love the antique keys though.

  3. I love my mini Swiss army knife as a keychain. I feel super wily and prepared (MacGyverish you might say) every time I use it. You just have to remember to switch it up before flying or the TSA gets to keep it!

  4. Those are nice. I don't spend money on stuff like that though because they BREED in your drawers so I can't really justify it. I don't like waste.

  5. Also: ONEHUNDREDANDTHIRTYFIVE DOLLARINOS for a KEYCHAIN - no, not even a CHAIN, just a KEY PENDANT - shaped like Rover??? Does it make me coffee in the mornings? Does it keep my keys FOUND? Prevent theft of property? CURE CANCER? Feck right off with that one PROENZA.