Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: Day of the Dead

Every time I think I am so over skulls, they find a way to drag me back to loving them. In honor of Dios de la Muerte, here are a few skull-tastic finds. Starting off, Marc Jacobs generally gets his cheeky prints just right:

This skull paisley maxi dress is so Rachel Zoe. I couldn't ever pull it off but I like to look at it:

Tiny skulls on an enamel ring? Yes please.

I'm a sucker for a good slouchy t-shirt.

As subtle as tiny skulls, pearls, and spikes can be:

A perfectly perfect little bangle:

And the coziest cashmere sweater ever. Ugh:


  1. Well now I pretty much want all of that stuff, you jerk.

  2. Pretentious comment alert: Skulls were all over everything in Paris when I was there in September, so figured they were making a comeback.