Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gift Guide: For Your Adrien.

Do you have an Adrien in your life? LUCKY DUCK. Adriens are the best. Here is what I would get mine if money were no object.

Basically the cutest mug ever made:

And some fancy hot chocolate to go in it, since she hates winter as much as I do:

Edgy-meets-classy earrings for her ears:

An adorably shiny letter opener for her desk at work:

A nice (but so reasonably priced!) makeup brush set for her sweet face:

A perfectly perfect beauty set from her favorite brand:

A set of Moscow Mule mugs because cocktails. Duh.

Crazypants sparkly booties because why not:

An incredibly Adrien watch if I've ever seen one:

A super fun lamp for her apartment:

A giant wishbone to give her luck:

And lastly, her dream handbag of the moment:


  1. Aw, I love this! Now, if you can just figure out how to wrap Daniel Craig, the list will be complete.

  2. sweet!! Gee, I wish I was an Adrien (but perhaps I could gift myself a utopia cat mug...)