Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I'm Loving Right Now: Road Trip!

I have got to get out of here, you guys. I am so ready for some kind of road trip ADVENTURE. One that doesn't involve WINTER. I can't actually afford to drive somewhere tropical and warm but I can afford to visit Marianne in Knoxville this weekend. Here is what I’m loving right now that I'd fantasy-pack for my trip:

Super-fancy aviator sunglasses for better hallway (or highway) vision:

Oliver Peoples at ShopStyle

Driving mocs seem very comfortable... but so do these cute slip-on sneakers:

Bensimon at ShopStyle

A seven hour drive seems like a good excuse to buy really fancy sunscreen:

Christian Dior at ShopStyle

I'd love to wear this perfect slouchy cashmere cardigan on a long drive:

Everlane at ShopStyle

And a crazy cool Bowie tee under it (though I'm not sure the model even knows who he is):

Chaser at ShopStyle

Denim is not going to cut it because, um, road snacks. Stretchy fleece-lined leggings FTW:

Plush at ShopStyle

And because I'm being dramatic and pretending I have a convertible, a jaunty graphic scarf:

B.L.U.E. at ShopStyle

And bright red lipstick to make me look like a movie start in my (not) convertible:

Yves Saint Laurent at ShopStyle

One thing I've always wanted? A really cute suitcase:

Diane von Furstenberg at ShopStyle

I should probably bring Marianne a gift, right? Maybe this beautiful scented drinky candle:

Diptyque at ShopStyle

Finally, lets be real. I need a tote for my road snacks. A snack tote. A freaking awesome snack tote:

Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

Knoxville or bust!


  1. I love the crazy print on that tote! It says "winter is ending, dammit!" (Apologies to the Starks.)

  2. Adrien, I have a request for you that has nothing to do with this post and I'm kind of afraid of seeming stalkerish. A while back you mentioned that you were growing your hair out and linked a picture from when it was short. Can you give me that link? Or better yet the more recent one with pics of both the long and short. I shaved my head last year for charity, I've never had short hair and right now it's at a bad in-between stage. Sometimes I think I look like Jennifer Lawrence and sometimes I'm Justin Bieber. Anyway your hair is so cute I might want to use the style as a goal for the future. Please and thank you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi! Not stalkerish at all. Here are a couple links that are the posts you might be thinking of:



      I hope this helps! The growing-out process is so freaking hard. You have my sympathy.