Friday, April 25, 2014

Why Can't It Be?

A: Josh Homme makes me CRAZY.

M: Is he nice? He looks mean.

A: I've heard that he's nice? I know he's funny.

M: Oh good. Carry on.

A: I mean, if I saw him in person I'd take a running leap.

M: He is somehow not for me but I DEFINITELY see the appeal.

A: I think if someone forced me to pick just one type? It would be him.

M: I think if we are talking musicians I've always adored Brandon Flowers. Attractive, good bone structure, arms.

A: He is nice looking! Maybe...too nice looking for me. But attractive.

M: I just...I love him.

A: Oooh, not bad at all.

M: I mean look at that smile! Okay now I will stop.

A: He's too nice for me, but adorable!

M: Can't all be Idris.

A: Can't it?


  1. Mmmmmmm Josh is some serious eye candy for me, always has been. Love me some big shouldered gingers.

  2. It should all be Idris. Nuff said.

  3. It must always come back to Idris!

  4. Hilarious and so big I could climb him like a tree---does it get better than that?!?!

  5. I've always loved Brandon, he's adorable.