Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Minted: Saving My Sad Corner in Three Acts.

Disclosure: Just a head's up that this is a sponsored post. The company who sponsored it compensated me (Adrien) via a gift or something else of value to write it. We don't do very many of these so when we do it's because it’s a product or service we truly like and enjoy. All opinions are our own! 

I was recently contacted by Minted to see if we'd be interested in a collaboration. Minted is an online marketplace connecting you with independent artists from all over the world and sources it's pieces through on-going art competitions.

Here's something I'm going to admit upfront: Decorating scares the heck out of me. I am completely hopeless and overthink everything and my apartment (where I've lived for three years) has so many sad corners I just kind of gave up. Luckily, Marianne is super good at this stuff and promised to boss me into getting one of my sad corners un-sad with help from Minted. It started like this:

Act One: Choosing the Art.

A: Yay, Minted! Please help me pick some art. I’ve looked at 2,000 beautiful things and I’ve gone art-blind.

M: I think we should do one abstract piece, one photograph, one sketch or figural.

A: I dig this and think it would look great small:

January - Garnet

M: Love it!

M: I like this one, tiny:

As You Are

M: I like this little lady too:


A: ooh, keys:

Unlock The Past

M: Cute cute

M: I love this:

Can't See The Forest From The Trees

A: Interesting!

M: And this one:

Morning River

A: Gold star!

M: And this:


A: OHH. That is legit wonderful.

M: I love it.

A: This is hard! I'm really drawn to the river abstract and the garnet chunk. And the seaside photo has to happen. I think we’ve done it!

Act Two: The Sad Corner.

A: First of all, do not start taking pictures of sad corners in your home because you’ll quickly realize all the corners are sad.

M: It’s a trap! I can only help one sad corner at a time so shoot.

A: I think my bedroom corner needs it the most. It's so drab. Like, how come I can put together an outfit but I’m a drooling disaster when it comes to house decor?

M: Different…brain parts. You’re pretty.

A: Ha! *weeping*

M: *BRISK CLAP* Picture please.

A: Oof:

M: Okay! Okay. It’s not really that bad. The chair is lovely. You have great art so let’s hold that for the moment. I want something soft/fuzzy/textural for the chair.

A: I have a fuzzy sheepskin and that pretty silk butterfly pillow. Daniel growls at the sheepskin.

M: He will live. Will you buy a new lamp if I make you?

A: Of course.

M: Do you have a bigger table you could swap for that one?

A: I have my gold wire accent table?

M: Oh yes love that. An area rug would be really nice layered over the carpet.

M: With gold end table, lamp, a candle and a little ring dish.

M: And a basket with some texture on the floor and a throw blanket.

M: And do you have a couple other things we could add for the wall? A cute card, a plate, etc?

A: ...


Act Three: I Do All These Things.

M: I drew you an amazing picture:

A: Nice! Wait. Are we hanging ALL of it?

M: Yes.

A: And by we I mean me?

M: Ha, yes. Five things.

A: This is making me feel lightheaded.

*many more text messages are exchanged in which I demand instructions and require head pats*

But you guys! She was right. Now look at it:

I KNOW. I can't even believe it. Here's a closer look at the art:

Here are the details on the three Minted pieces I chose:

Garnet by Naomi Ernest (8" x 8")
About the artist- Naomi Ernest is an artist and photographer inspired by the rural landscapes of Michigan, which she continues to call home. Naomi is utterly devoted to her dear little family; she has a husband, five children, and a very old farmhouse— filled with art and books— in which to live.

Seaside by Alexandra Nazari (14" x 11")
About the artist- Alexandra Nazari is a Los Angeles based photographer.

Morning River by Lauren Adams (24" x 18")
About the artist- Lauren Adams is a painter who creates landscape-inspired abstract pieces. Her work is minimal yet expressive in style, imbued with an underlying energy. Lauren's work has been featured on blogs such as West Elm, HGTV, Kelly Market, and Elements of Style. Adams holds a BFA in Visual Art and her work is held in numerous national and international private collections.

Other decor:

The table, lamp, basket and rug are all from Target. The chair is vintage, the furry throw from Restoration Hardware,  the sheepskin from IKEA, the butterfly pillow from West Elm and the tiny bowl is from Canvas Home.


  1. I like the sizing of the pictures you chose. What sizes are they?

    1. Sorry! I should maybe have included that:

      Garnet - 8" x 8"
      Seaside - 14" x 11"
      Morning river - 24" x 18"

  2. I think you need a new bedspread/pillow now. :)
    The corner looks great though!! Love the chair.

  3. Looks really nice.

  4. A stunning improvement. Amazing.

  5. I just bought that duvet (I have both the green and blue/gray polka dot duvets). Can you come to my house and decorate for me please? I have I kid you NOT, put up like 3 or maybe 4 framed things in my entire house. And 2 shelves. That is all. Hubs has added some things but I just...I don't, decorate...But that corner!! Gah! It is lovely.

  6. I love it! By the way, are we ever going to see a post from Marianne again? I understand if not, but you two made a great team!

    One question though.....where did your poor sock monkey go??

    1. Never say never but for now she's on our IG account pretty regularly.

      The sock monkey has a new shelf spot, never fear! He's fine.