Thursday, February 23, 2017

Adrien: Outfit and Ministry of Supply Review.

Disclosure: Just a head's up that part of this post is a sponsored review. The company who sponsored it compensated me via a gift or something else of value in exchange for a review. Please know I'd never write a sponsored post for an item or service for which I wouldn't spend my own money. All opinions are my own! 

That disclaimer isn't quite accurate because, while Ministry of Supply did send me a few items to try they did not require a review. I'm still giving them one though because I think they're doing something pretty unique - performance clothes for the workday. So, to start, my outfit:

The pants I'm wearing are the Structure Your Day Slim Leg Pant from Ministry of Supply and the claim is that they are wrinkle-resistant and full of comfortable stretch without ever losing their shape. When I first tried them on I was like, huh. This is different. They're made from a super lightweight material that feels like performance wear. (Like good quality jogging shorts, almost?) They have a nice sheen and thoughtful finishes including a soft lining around the waist and functional pockets. They aren't super stylish or trendy but they fit really well and look professional.

In the few weeks I've had the Slim Leg Pant, I have worn the hell out of them. THAT is a test, y'all. These are my Monday pants. When you have to look presentable but you can barely handle dressing your body? These pants are what you're reaching for. They do not stretch or bag out, they do not wrinkle, they are machine washable and don't require ironing. I am really into them, is what I'm saying. 

For you, I tucked so you can see the rise, which is appropriately mid/high. They also look okay from the back: 

The length on me (5'5") is perfect for a flat or low heel and even with my higher heels seems to work okay. I bought my usual size 6 even though they suggest sizing down and feel like they're a good fit for me. At $145 the Structure The Day pant are an investment but if you want one perfect pair of well-made work pants that won't disappoint you, this is a worthy investment. Ministry of Supply also sent me the Easier Than Silk Nehru top which I'll talk about next week. (Spoiler: I'll probably be giving it to one of you.)

Now, onto the outfit in general:

With my fancy pants I'm wearing my favorite Loft Utility blouse in a print that's now sold out. HOWEVER, being that we're talking about Loft, they always have this blouse in cute prints. I'm currently very into the leopard print (literally leopards, not spots) and this chevron print is awfully pretty too. Several of the solid colors are very on sale right now, so if you've been waffling, now's the time.  Now, the details:

I'm wearing my tiny asteroid necklace from Madewell as well as my scarab pendant from Banana Republic. It's hard to find an affordable scarab pendant (like, hahaaaa) but this Altiplano necklace is really pretty and nicely priced. BR also does a nice job with the jewelry in general, like this charm necklace, for instance. I'd wear that, yes. My bracelets are both Giles & Brother - a skinny railroad cuff and a skinny cortina cuff.

My usual combo of MBMJ hobo and Chie Mihara shoes that no longer exist for purchasing. I will say that my bag is currently available on Gilt in a pale peach color, so that's something! As for my shoes, I suggest haunting the sales and finding yourself a fun pair of Chies. They're worth it. I love this pair of blue suede heels A LOT and these glittery t-straps are killing me dead. And! These mint Chie sandals aren't for everyone but what a steal. 

That's all for now! Let me know if you have questions about the Ministry of Supply pants, or anything else, really.


  1. I'm looking forward to the giveaway, if you decide to do one! The blouse is intriguing. Also, I bought those Shiseido razors you talked about. I figure, $3 is a small investment. I've been contemplating face shaving for awhile now and if I hate it, I don't have to do it again!

    1. I will be giving away the blouse, so stay tuned. And good luck with the razors!

  2. FYI, Nordstrom Rack has some crazy good prices on MBMJ hobos right now.