Thursday, March 1, 2018

Review: Allure Beauty Box - February

It drives me crazy that Allure sends their box out mid-month because by the time I get it and try all the products, it's too late for folks to order it. It doesn't matter though because I've been getting the Allure box for maybe six months now and have never been disappointed by what they sent me. (Though their customer service needs work.) The selection of brands is always good quality and you always get a full-sized product! For $15, it's a freaking deal.

This is what I got in the February box:

Totes stealing your pic, Allure

And here's the breakdown:

Youth to the People Age Prevention Moisture Cream
This is a nice, light face cream and I like that it's full of hyaluronic acid! It's not quite enough for my winter face but I think it'll be great this summer. However, I question the inclusion of kale and spinach. Are those...topically effective? I am old and feel like eating your greens is better for you than slapping them on your face but what do I know?

Skinfix Minty Mint Lip Repair Balm
Yay, minty lip stuff! This is very nice, not aggressively minty and not sticky. I will definitely use this up because who doesn't need lip balm? This was full-sized, too.

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Liquid Lip in Gwyneth
OH MY GOD, FINALLY. Finally I've gotten a lip sample that's not that corpse pinky nude color. This lip pigment thing is a very pretty berry color and goes on quite easily without being too drying. It's only real flaw is that it smells like they forgot to add whatever ingredient makes lip stuff smell nice.

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara
I was excited to try this mascara because Marianne really loves it but I conveniently forgot that Marianne has, like, actual long lashes. If you have actual long lashes this is a really good mascara. If you are like me and have sad, stubby, pathetic eyelashes maybe don't bother. It's not bad, it just doesn't really do much but make my lashes kind of pointy.

Cle Essence Moonlighter Cushion
Ooooh, you guys. I like this thing. Full sized! It's a really nice liquid highlighter that goes on super thin so you can really pat it in and be all luminous and glowy without looking like a sparkly vampire. It comes with a sponge but I just dab my fingers in like a savage and taptaptap my face. Yay.

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