Monday, December 3, 2018

Another Useless Review: J.Crew Drapey Crepe Faux-Wrap Top.

You know what's fun? When I wait to review something AFTER you can't buy it. I mean, you can buy it but not in this color unless you are a very small person. (And maybe you are! If so, go get it!) It does come in a bunch of colors including a very pretty gold color that's on sale, and is also available in a more dressy velvet version. ANYWAY. It's the J.Crew Drapey Crepe Faux-Wrap Top:

Here it is! So bright but also very festive. The bright cerise color is an orange-red which is fun and unlike anything else I own. I read all the reviews and ordered an 8 instead of my usual 6, which was the way to go. It's maybe a bit loose in the waist but I didn't want it to cut me in half or be tight in the arms. I'm wearing my coated black Madewell jeans (see? NOT THE JEANS) and a pair of Madewell ankle boots (similar to these) with this. I then rethought the boots:

...and changed into my red camo Rothy's points. I think they look fine but the boots are a bit more of a look and the heel makes the whole thing feel longer. Either way, I guess. Here's a closer look at the top in which we're going to pretend my Miansai hook necklace isn't crooked: 

It's definitely a drapey fit and I love the bright color and the lower neckline - it would be easy to dress this up but it's simple enough that it can also just be a fun top. It's also machine washable which is 100% necessary for my life. Finally, get 35% off my top with code WINTERSALE. That part is important! I mean, no way am I going to suggest you pay full price. Duh. 

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