Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Review: SheFit The Flex Sports Bra

Do you ever have a wardrobe moment that made you feel like you a complete idiot? Like, for example, you catch a glimpse of yourself doing jumping jacks in a sports bra that got up and left a while ago? Yeah, that happened to me recently and it wasn't pretty. The bra in question was a very, very old Lululemon energy bra that used to be a favorite and now it's totally stretched-out garbage. I had to face facts that it was time to find a new favorite sports bra.

Mostly I'm just doing weight training and cycling, neither of which are super high impact so I recently ordered this one from Outdoor Voices that I'm hoping will be enough for those activities. (It hasn't arrived yet.) But, I occasionally go for a run or do a HIIT workout and y'all, my old bras are not enough anymore. Shit has gotten real. So, after scouring the Internet I found Shefit, took the fit quiz and ordered (with my own money - this is not sponsored) The Flex bra:

This is one of those adjustable, zip up the front, locked-and-loaded bras. Serious business. To properly review it I am going to do something I NEVER do. (Please don't make me regret this. Please be kind.) I am going to show you the bra on my person:


Yep, there it is. Oh god. Okay. So the first time I tried this on it was A Lot. I had to loosen all the straps (chest and shoulder) and then use the two hidden hooks in the front to hold it together while I zipped it up. It's a process.

Once zipped, I tightened all the velcro straps and boom, nothing was moving. I jumped up and down. Locked and loaded. Also...not very comfortable. It felt a bit stiff and restrictive (which it is) so I loosened everything a tiny bit and it felt a lot better. I will say, the fit quiz was accurate, so you can trust the sizing recommendation. It's really quite a feat of engineering: 

You can see the adjustable straps and the cool rose gold detailing. They do small runs of each color and black was the only one available in my size, which is probably what I would've chosen anyway. This bra has got some well-thought out details, like the covers that protect your skin from the zipper:

The band is sturdy - nothing is escaping underneath and it doesn't roll. The back straps sit fairly wide, but are not uncomfortable.

I  did worry that it would start pinching/rubbing under my arms so I did a workout in it to see how it performed. At first, the bra felt pretty stiff and I was VERY aware of it, however, it did it's job and nothing moved during jumping jacks, etc. Then I went for a short mountain bike ride and after a few minutes, I didn't think about what I was wearing at all - as I warmed up the bra seemed to mold to my body and I completely forgot I was wearing it. I think after a few washes/wears this is going to be my favorite sports bra for high-movement activities. If you're wearing two sports bras or can't find a good fit because you're DD or above, this one is definitely worth checking out. 

If you're tempted, you can use my link to get $10 off your first order of $65+ (full disclosure: I also get a credit.) 


  1. A. You are very brave.
    B. You look amazing.

  2. I'm laughing hard at the phrase "a sports bra that got up and left a while ago." This bra looks really good and you look great!!!

  3. This sports bra looks good and is priced reasonably. I was slightly turned off by their decision to replace "large" with "luxe", "extra-large" with "extra-luxe", and so on. I generally find cutesy names for clothing sizes a minor irritant (it's hard enough to figure out what fits!) but it's doubly odd that they only renamed larger sizes. However, this is a relatively minor hang up and if the sports bra is comfortable that's great!

    1. I don't disagree with you. It's patronizing to only come up with cutesy names for the larger sizes. I took a luxe, by the way, and would've been fine with it being large.

  4. You look great. Thanks for the detailed review.

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  6. I am such a huge fan of Shefit bras! I run and do bootcamp and was wearing the Victoria's Secret Knockout bras for these endeavors (truthfully, I hate VS, but the Knockout bra isn't horrible for the price, and is a lot prettier than other size 34F activewear bras from a specialty lingerie shop). I have both the Flex (medium impact) and Ultimate (high impact) in a few colors and don't find any difference in support between them. The Flex looks nicer under tops (no seams on the cups), but for some reason has never been offered in white (I want to wear it under tennis whites should the pandemic ever end and I can get back on a court). I think the Shefit packaging is clever, too: lingerie washbag, hairtie holding the tag (which doubles as a sticker), free measuring tape so you can properly measure for an exchange. I did both the fit quiz and used the size chart; I measured Luxe in the fit quiz and 1Luxe on the chart, so I went with the larger size, convinced it would be too big, but it was a perfect fit (despite looking really big). I've been wearing and machine washing them several times a week for six months and they don't show any wear/stretch yet.