Monday, September 18, 2023

Review: Madewell The Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Jean

Madewell is currently having their Insider event which means 25% or 30% off everything. (Including leather jackets, just FYI!) I needed absolutely nothing so I immediately bought the Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Jean in two sizes because the reviews seem to think they're both true to size and also run small. Cool. I posted a quick photo in an IG story and y'all loved them so I thought I'd do a proper review. 

Short version: I love them. They're a great entry level wide-leg jean if you're still struggling with how to handle the newer denim silhouettes. Here you go:

As for the sizing, I got the Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg jeans in size 29 (my usual Madewell size) and size 30 for size comparison. Now, the 29 I could get on and get buttoned but whooo boy they were really tight in the waist. Now, they might stretch out a bit but these jeans are 99% cotton/1% stretch and have some weight so it's a risk to assume they'll stretch out enough. The size 30 (which I'm wearing in the pic) fit perfectly and they fall just right:

 It's a bit of adjustment to get used to all that leg but they're cool as hell, right? And on sale! Highly recommend if you need a denim refresh. 

PS. I'm also wearing an AYR tee, a great Lauren Ralph Lauren belt, and my new Birkenstock Boston clogs

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Stuff I Like: So Much Stuff

I've been super busy lately but I keep a running list of things I want to talk about on the blog. The list, it's getting long, so time to do something about this. Here we go:

This Candle That's Not Expensive For Once.
I can't remember where online I read about it, but the Salt candle at Target got such raves I had to check it out and it's a good one. It's not a seasonal fragrance (because no thank you pumpkin spice nonsense) it's just kind of fresh and soft and ocean-salty in a very non-offensive way. It's maaaaybe a touch sweeter than I usually go for, but it's mostly just nice and it comes in a bunch of sizes and decorative options. Plus, the biggest one is less than $20! Yay.

This Lip Oil I Really Love.
I had a mini-spree at Sephora recently because I just really wanted to try a few new things and found this Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil to be intriguing. I have a Rare Beauty blush that I really like (reviewed here), so I thought this might also be worth trying. Y'all, I freaking love it. It starts out as a non-sticky but very pigmented gloss and dries down to a lip stain. I have the berry shade called Affection and have been wearing it a lot lately. So pretty and it's easy to apply, smudgeable, layerable, etc. 

My (end of) Summer Reading List.
Okay, first of all, my apologies if anyone tried to read The Secret Book of Flora Lea because woof, it was not for me and I DNF'ed it hard. (Sorry, Leandra!) I did read and enjoy I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai and Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson and liked both of them, but I also feel like they both could've been more and also less? I had minor issues with both but also enjoyed reading them. (I'm happy to expand in the comments if you want to discuss!) Finally, I just started The Breakaway by Jennifer Weiner who is reliably good and yay, bikes. 

Definitely Not a Stanley Cup.
I didn't need the new bkr insulated cup but I love my old bkr water bottle so much that when they came out with an insulated cup I basically broke my brain trying to talk myself out of it and then I bought it anyway. No regerts! It's double-walled glass and keeps your ice from melting for quite a while. It's not, like, Stanley-level insulated, but it's also not huge and heavy and tiresome either. And it's pretty! I have the January Demi and it's just perfection. I use it for iced coffee for my commute days and it fits nicely in my cup holder and doesn't leak. I do worry about the little stopper button but so far I've managed to not lose it. We shall see! (PEE ESS they're doing a F&F sale right now - 25% off everything with code BKRFAM2023.)

This TV Show That Is The CUTEST.
OMG ARE YOU WATCHING HEARTSTOPPER BECAUSE IF NOT YOU MUST. I am not the target audience for this show but I needed something sweet and kind and adorable to watch on my lunch breaks and this is definitely it. It's based on the graphic novel series by Alice Oseman and uniquely captures exactly what it feels like to have a crush when you're young. Plus, Olivia Coleman! Just go! Enjoy! Weep a little! 

Another Good Quince Purchase.
I’ve been using my Quince credits for good stuff, lately! Mostly bedding, which is reliable but not exciting to talk about. My new favorite though is the Apple Watch leather band I bought. I got a taupe-y grey color that somehow goes with everything and it looks expensive. I am seriously impressed by the quality. I’m usually too lazy to switch out my band, but on the days I’m going into the office, I like to switch it up to the leather band. (They also have an Herm├Ęs Cape Cod band knockoff which I was tempted by, but I thought the wrap design might drive me crazy.) If you’re new to Quince and want $20 off a purchase of $50 or more, please feel free to use my referral link! (Full disclosure: I also get $20 in credit.) 

That's it for now! I'm very easily influenced, so please tell me what I should try/buy/read/listen to next!