Friday, August 17, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell is KILLING ME.

Ah, Madewell. It kills me. The new arrivals section is full of really great things that I desperately want to fill the "basics" holes in my closet. For instance, I don't even own a pair of black flats right now, can you believe that? Ahem:

These might be my perfect black flats. 

I also don't have a white blouse. This one is fun.

OMG. It's canvas and really well-priced. And camo!

A dressier version of my usual gold pendant necklace.

This beauty is one for Marianne's black floral dress list.

A nine-inch rise AND exposed copper buttons? Want. 


This is just such a lovely thing and stars! 

This might be the year I finally get gold boots. 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Sale Roundup: This and That.

It's been kind of a crazy week and I don't have an outfit or stuff I like for you. Bad blogger! I know. Instead I thought i'd do a quick roundup and let you know about some good sales and deals that I have been steadfastly avoiding.

Remember this great Aimee Kestenberg tote? TJ Maxx has marked it down again and now it's $49. Yep. Retail price was $268! Someone rescue that bag, please. There's also a black version for $48.

Also! Aerie is doing 7 for $29 on the unders again! My current favorite is the cotton boy brief:

I also like the seamless line though my specific favorite seems to be gone. 

And finally, J.Crew is offering 30% off of women's "need-now" styles for whatever that means. I guess I need this now? Or these:

Damn you, shopping ban. Damn you to hell. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

BUY THIS: Marianne Really Loves Black Floral Dresses.

I'm calling this as the trend of late summer/early fall. I want a million of them! I'm in NO HURRY for summer to end, but these would be really cute with booties and a hat, right?

(This one is at TJMaxx in small sizes as well!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Week Two: Things Marianne Didn't Buy In August.

M: I didn’t buy:

I did buy:
  • The Sound of Music on vinyl for the kids 
  • Measuring cups because the 1/3 cups are still MIA and I consider this an emergency. 
  • A raincoat for Lulu because whoops she didn’t have one and whoops she needed one. 

A: Those silver mules, man.


A: You know how I feel about metallic shoes.

M: I’ve worn the crap out of my cheap Target silver flats this summer.

A: My silver Birkenstocks are my #1.

A: That isn’t a perfect sweater.

A: But I only say that because it’s H&M which never fits me.

M: Shut up no one asked you!


M: Hahaha

M: Well it fits meeeeee


M: Don’t bring logic to this party.

A: You yelled at me for trying on the Target pants!

M: I feel like this dress is VERY Elio's Mom.

A: WHY ARE YOU LOOKING. But yes, it is!


A: Mmm hmm

Monday, August 13, 2018

Week Two: Things Adrien Didn't Buy In August.

Here is what I did NOT buy this past week:

  • THE PLAID PANTS (which are so good! SO GOOD. They'll be mine in September.) 

Here's what I did buy:

from Amazon:

From Dermstore (25% off with code BIRTHDAY):

These are all staples that I'm either running low on or completely out of so not cheating! I normally would have bought allllll kinds of crap with that discount code.

Coming up next: Marianne's Week Two list.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Crawling Back To Everlane.

A quick note: I have created a new IG account for selling which will replace our defunct blog shop. It's mostly through Poshmark but we'll also occasionally post up stuff for direct sale like we used to.

NOW. I am going to make Marianne mad because, despite our resolution back in January, I have been  creeping on the Everlane site again to see what's new. Look, I know. They've broken our hearts repeatedly but like with a bad boyfriend, I keep coming back hoping for better. Because hey, this new cotton tee is exactly what I've been looking for:

Well, sort of. I've desperately wanted a long-sleeve version of the Cotton V-Neck to wear under my v-neck sweaters but this might be perfect for that! Or, it might just fall right off my shoulders. I won't know until next month but fingers crossed. Anyway, here's what I like:



Thursday, August 9, 2018

We Discuss: Nostalgia Blindness.

A: Why. Why do I want these:

M: No

A: I want them

M: Nope

A: Target has a new line and it’s clearly Not For Me but I still want

M: They are trying to blind you with 90’s nostalgia

M: Plus your defenses are down because you’re not shopping

A: Oh my God what is this outfit:

M: wowwwwwww

A: And this one:

M: That t-shirt is SOMETHING


A: It’s like some stylist intern was confused about what people wore back in the olden days

M: See this is some kind of unholy clueless reality bites crossover that I find personally offensive

A: It’s really kind of insulting

M: It’s rude

A: The black colorway isn’t better:

A: This thing. With the fanny packs. Why is this a thing:

M: Listen we aren’t putting fanny packs on our boobs just no


M: This is like the worst thing you can do to women with boobs


A: because

A: no

M: terrible

M: I applaud them for being size inclusive but why can’t you make the CLOTHES GOOD

A: Yes! I love that about Target but who is styling these ladies

M: A thin gay man

A: hahahaa


A: He’s also 24

M: right



A: I still want those plaid pants. I’m sorry.

M: I don’t know why I have such dislike for them I am sorry

M: They are just very costume-y

A: They are very late 70s punk rock

M: right

A: Except they are Target and not Vivienne Westwood so I really should just move on

M: Meets Empire Records

A: Oh

A: sigh

M: sorrrrry

A: No no, it’s fine. I will add them to my list of things I didn't buy.

M: And a little Clueless AGAIN


M: yup

A: Nothing to see here

A: Move along, pls

M: Hehehe

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Definitely Phoning It In.

There's nothing like a no-buy month in August to make you hate alllll your clothes. I truly do but August is also the worst for shopping because everything is about back to school and it's still summer but you're over buying for summer. I just need to wait it out and then I can burn everything and start over. Just kidding. Sort of. Here:

This is a very cute garbage dress from Old Navy. I bought it two years ago and for some reason it's still going strong. It's one of those super-easy, "oh, this old thing!" kind of dresses that Old Navy is good for. This one is similarly easy and striped (also in blue!) though I am partial to this swing style dress and I really like the look of this long-sleeve version for fall. (SEE? This is why August is the worst.) 

Because my dress is made from cheap-ass thin material I always wear a slip underneath. Mine is from the glorious few months when the Gap made amazing slips. Sigh. However, if you invest, this Commando slip looks really good and there's also a mini version. If you aren't looking to invest, this one at Target looks pretty decent. There are also in-between options like this one. And listen, I never bother with shaping slips. The whole point of a slip is to keep your clothes from clinging to your body, so compression is not necessary and they always ride up anyway.

 To keep from freezing to death in my arctic office, I threw on my white Universal Thread denim jacket. It doesn't get quite as much wear as my blue denim version but I still consider it a solid summer purchase. A white jacket isn't something I'm going to wear a ton so $30 is about my price point. (PS. It's on clearance so now it's only $20.988. Ahem.) Details:

I'm wearing my silver wings necklace and also my cheap labradorite pendant from Target which I've worn a lot this summer. It's sold out but, never fear, they have a better one! Same price point, cuter style. Just get that one and be happy that you won't have to straighten it twenty times a day. 

I dusted off my blue MBMJ bag for this outfit and decided that I liked the idea of mixing my metals. The dark gold hardware with the bling of silver Birkenstocks? Why the hell not. And man, I do love a blue bag. This MJ hobo is gloriously pretty and I also I don't hate this MJ blue nylon bag, which I'll bet is lightweight and easy to carry. But my heart (today) belongs to this beautiful blue Lancaster Paris bag. Ugh. so perfect. That color. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Loft Tops On Sale.

Loft is currently torturing me with an automatic 40% off "outfit-making" tops and I basically want them all. Isn't it nice to have a closet full of fun tops? IT TOTALLY IS. Here's what I wish I could buy:



Monday, August 6, 2018

Week One: Things We Didn't Buy In August.

A: So, what did you NOT buy last week?

M: I didn’t buy:

- Rachel Comey Tulip Sandals in the color I don’t want.

- Social Print Studio prints, magnets, and photo books from our last two trips.

- Tropical print swimsuit from Amazon.

- $15 Madewell boardwalk sandals that were a half size too small.

- Two long sleeved shirts for Hugo.

- New measuring cups even though we have two sets but are missing BOTH 1/3 cups.

- An overpriced Kule t-shirt:

M: I did buy:

- A record player for Chris’s birthday and records!

A: Aw, a record player! Please tell me about these Rachel Comey sandals.

M: This is the color I want but I found them in a color I DON’T want for $130 (on eBay):

M: QUESTION if I return stuff to H&M can I use that money to buy other stuff? No. The answer is no. FYI the dress I thought would be too short is very cute, the weird green pants are okay but I won’t wear them, and the jeans were cute but tiny.

A: No! You just return things and keep the money and buy nothing with it.

M: sigh.

A: Sorry.

M: I thought about trying a larger size of the jeans but I don’t need them.

A: There will still be black jeans in September.

A: My list of things I didn’t buy last week:

- A pair of Rothy’s flats

- Anything with the Madewell $25 off code they sent me (RUDE.)

- That $13 dress from Loft that I hope is sold out.

- This dumb shirt from Target:

Glossier cloud paint

- Fancy $300 Birkenstocks


A: Samantha Irby was interviewed on the most recent Forever35 (she’s hilarious) and she made me want the Glossier stuff.

M: I feel bad I never finished her book! I need to pick it back up when I’m done with my current library book.

M: I think Glossier is mostly snake oil.

A: I agree, and so does Samantha Irby. She said the cloud paint was good, though.

A: She also said she that Glossier ads make her feel like a haggard old crone.

M: Hahahahaha

A: The interview is worth a listen.

M: Kk

A: Anyway, we need to soldier on and continue to not buy stuff. We’re doing well!

M: We are!

M: Writing it down helps.

A: It’s like therapy.

M: Yes, like I need a rubber band to snap against my wrist when I want something.

A: I need a clicker and maybe a treat.

M: haha

Friday, August 3, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Stuff I Have Not Bought This Week.

Hey guess what? When you decide not to shop it doesn't mean you don't still want stuff. Surprise! Here is a list of really great stuff that tempted me this week:



Thursday, August 2, 2018

Stuff I Like: Reading, Packing, Learning.

Hi y'all! I've got some new stuff to tell you about and I'm pretty sure I already spoiled one of the things but too bad. That's just the way it goes, I guess. Also, before I start I just want to mention that this cute dress at Loft is now less than $14 and I CAN'T ORDER IT. Someone buy it and make it go away, please. Ugh. ANYWAY:

This Book Which Checks All My Boxes
So, listen. I am a basic nerd who likes Jane Austen and  time travel books so any time there's a novel or TV show that combines these two things? I AM IN. Even if it's terrible, I still want to read/watch it. I'm currently reading The Jane Austen Project and I am embarrassed at how into it I am but not too embarrassed to tell you guys about it. Even though I know it's stupid to review books I haven't finished, so far it's delightful and I highly recommend it if you like Jane Austen and/or time travel.

This Toiletries Kit That I Already Mentioned
I always forget about LL Bean as a source of really good quality stuff and while on a recent bike trip I admired a friend's no-nonsense toiletry kit. She told me it was LL Bean and, since my sad old Target kit is dying and I have a trip coming up (have I mentioned it?) I thought it was time for an upgrade. The kit comes in four sizes (I got the medium) and a bunch of colors. It's basically perfect and it has a little detachable shower caddy! Love.

This App That I'm Hoping Will Teach Me French
I am trying to learn a bit of rudimentary French and, while Coffee Break French is very helpful, I'm more of a visual learner so I started looking for a flashcard app. I finally found SpeakEasy which has flashcard sections as well as a phrasebook which includes spoken, phonetic and proper spelling for each word. It's great and available for a bunch of languages. Je parle couramment le français. Pourquoi ris-tu?

PS. I've also got Duolingo and it's fun but not so helpful with common phrases for travelers. I can't imagine a situation in which I'll need to say, "The boys are rich and calm."