Friday, August 31, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: J.Crew Wants To Break Your Heart.

I am so tired of being gaslighted by sales, you guys. J.Crew sent me this Super! Excited! email telling me that I was getting 40% off my ENTIRE PURCHASE with code BIGSALE. Then I read the fine print and what they actually mean is, YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE EXCEPT FOR THIS TOTE AND THIS SKIRT AND ALSO THIS TIGER PRINT BLOUSE YOU LOVE. ALSO A BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF. SORRY, DUM DUM. 

Eff you too, J.Crew. Hmph. ANYWAY, once I stopped pouting and explored a little I realized there were still quite a few bargains to be had. That boatneck striped top that's been haunting me? 40% off. And, RMS luminizer! Also, this good stuff:


Thursday, August 30, 2018

Stuff I Like: Reading, Watching, Bits and Pieces.

Hey! I like some new stuff and thought I'd tell you about it. Most of it you probably already know about but too bad!  Here we go: 

This Time Travel-ish Book That Was Satisfying.
I just finished a book that I really enjoyed called How To Stop Time by Matt Haig. It sounded like a time travel novel (which is kind of is) but instead is really about immortality and grief and the work of moving on. It wasn't perfect and I suspect it'll probably end up being a movie (ha! Just found this.) but if you like time-travel type novels with a bit of romance thrown in this one is solid.

This House Show That Is A Fun Hate-Watch.
Have you guys found Amazing Interiors on Netflix yet? It's great. Every episode features three crazy interiors (though I feel I should point out that building stuff in your backyard does not count) and the homeowners range from adorably weird to downright insufferable. Mostly it's just really fun and kooky and also easy to watch when you also want to play Candy Crush or whatever.

This Leather Conditioner You Should Probably Have.
Leather conditioner is one of those things you don't think you'll need but if you want to prolong the life of your leather bags and/or jacket, go ahead an get these Apple products (especially if you buy other people's used crap like I do.) The cleaner is quite good but the conditioner is really the star. I just used it on my new Veda jacket and the difference is amazing. I also use it on my tall boots to keep them looking nice in the winter. Get some! Take care of your stuff.

This Weird Trtl Thing I Probably Should Have Returned. 
Does anyone have this Trtl Travel Pillow Wrap thing? I bought it discounted on Amazon Prime Day and lots of people seem to swear by it but now I wonder what I was thinking because I don't like things tight around my neck! I don't even wear turtlenecks! Is it cozy or just confining? If you have one and love it, convince me this thing is worth using.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Summer Wardrobe Ennui (and Looking Forward!)

It's back to being August-in-the-south hot so I just keep on wearing the same stuff every week. That said,I have a few new fall-winter items that I'm really excited about so I threw them on just to keep hope alive that I will be able to wear them soon. Here's what I've got:

No big surprises here. I'm wearing my fun striped top from Loft that I've posted about quite a few times. It's nearly sold out but this one is really similar with a red stripe and this one has the twist on the sleeve, which is fun. ALSO this twist tank is super cute and practically free and I am IGNORING THE LOFT SALE. Here's a terrible photo in which I try to show you the back of my shirt:

Derp. Oh! And last week I had a reader ask about tucking stuff in. I am bad at it but with the boyfriend jeans you should do at least a half-tuck. I mean, this is what it looks like when you don't:

Ehhhhh. It's not terrible but I definitely look more proportional and pulled together with the shirt tucked a bit. My jeans are Madewell Slim Boyjeans and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  Slouchy, casual and very current. The raw hem version is on sale right now as is the high-rise version! I also found the non-high-rise version (which is what I wear) at Nordstrom. On to details: 

I'm wearing an old Madewell pendant that is pretty similar to this gorgeous necklace. I'm also wearing a Bijouone bracelet that's a shameless knockoff of the Miansai Modern Screw Cuff. usual boring MBMJ hobo (in red here, similar here) and cute gold Sam Edelman flats instead of Birkenstocks! You're welcome. NOW. Here is what I am looking forward to wearing:

Boots!! The story of these boots was posted in June and every now and then I take them out and try them on. They're so gooooood. I can't find them online but this pair is as close as I can get for Madewell. It's still early to be looking at boots, but this pair by Lucky Brand is similar and well-priced! 

Just a close-up! They're so pretty. I need to get some suede protector spray or just wrap them in plastic or something. Eep. OKAY. Now, the final thing. Back in the spring I fell in love with a 1K Veda Jayne leather jacket I rented from Rent The Runway. I stalked and stalked and stalked and stalked and finally found one on eBay I could afford:

It's so pretttttyyyyy. I am almost positive this Veda jacket is a RTR castoff (it has the barcode on the tag and everything) which means it's been ridden hard. I like that it's broken in but I really need to condition it and get that broken buckle fixed. Anyway, it's so pretty and looks great hanging next to it's new bestie, my Madewell leather jacket. I am a nerd. 

Look how happy I am! Gray leather jackets are hard to find (especially right now) but this cropped version is pretty sweet and here's a great looking faux leather jacket. I also love this one at Barneys Warehouse but sizing is limited. Or, just be like me and go buy a trashed one for too much money on eBay and totally bust your no-buy. (I AM BAD AT NO-BUYS YOU GUYS.) 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

We Discuss: Mules, Turtlenecks, Potions, and 🐟

M: Those fucking leopard mules I LOVE THEM


A: Like, why, Madewell

M: I keep trying to ignore them

A: They also have a heeled version that are metallic

A: I think I might have sent those to you

M: Oh you did, I still like the Rachel Comey ones more

A:  The flat leopard pair are love

M: They are so good


M: This black turtleneck in 3...2...1...


A: She literally wants us to wear a turtleneck under our underwear

M: I am going to see if she can go a week without mentioning it

M: I mean this is twice in a week

A: We’re going into a transition season so basically impossible

M: So predictable

A:  I’m sure I do the same thing on the blog (like complaining about cardigans and whatnot) but I have NEVER suggested someone wear a turtleneck under a cami.


A: I don’t even own a turtleneck

M: I do but would never

A: I wait with anticipation to see what she’ll suggest we wear it under next.




A: I think you won the Internet with the Rock GIF

M: Heheh

M: Turtleneck AND fanny pack! So on trend!

A: And the chain!

M: Fanny pack full of cod

A: That pic is pre-cod 🐟

M: True

M: Cod-adjacent

A: I’m sure he was at least thinking about cod.


M: Bad news, I love the Kiehl’s cleansing oil sample

A: Boo, I didn’t get that sample

M: Ugh I was off the potions and now I’m BACK

A: That Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is SO NICE

M: It really is

A: Remind me, where did you hear that the president of Kiehl’s said to layer the serum, oil and mask?

M: Grace Atwood a blogger I follow:

A: Yes, thank you! I DID THIS LAST NIGHT

A: No clue what I was doing but the Skin Squad kit* is great

M: Hahaha

M: So far so good!

M: My skin looks happy and my pores smaller

A: My face was pretty perky this morning

A: All hail Kiehl’s for dragging us back to potions

M: Praise be


PS. The Kiehl's kit we bought has two of the three products mentioned above, plus a great daily moisturizer. I just didn't want anyone thinking they were also getting the overnight mask with that kit. (We demanded samples of the mask. And other stuff. Sorry, Kiehl's lady.) 

Monday, August 27, 2018

Week Four: Stuff I Didn't Buy (And Stuff We Definitely Did.)

Oh you guys. I know. If you follow us on IG you might know that Marianne and I got into a little trouble this past weekend. It tends to happen when I get together IRL with long distance besties but you know what? We needed a little quality retail therapy and IT WAS WORTH IT.

First, here's what I didn't buy last week:

  • This striped tee from Everlane (which I might eventually buy because my best long-sleeved black and white striped tee has died):

  • This amazing necklace that's on the TJ Maxx site right now:

  • This rad Bowie tee because I'm never not looking: 

  • Alllll the mascara, but especially this one

And then Marianne and I had a lovely 24 hours together and suddenly we were at the Kiehl's counter to get samples of a Vitamin C product she was curious about and we both ended up with these kits:

AND THEN. Then we went to Anthropologie (it was 20% off day 🤷🏽‍♀️) and I happened upon this jacket:

I pawed at it and then went for the price tag and Marianne was all, "dun dun much?" and we were shocked because it was not $400 like we were both assuming. It was under $100, y'all. It totally fooled me, this soft vegan jacket that drapes like a dream. LIKE A DREAM. It's basically the wine cardigan of the jacket world and the next thing we knew we'd both bought it.

And if you're thinking, "you both already have multiple olive green jackets" we would both be all, SHUT UP THIS ONE IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT because it really is. I have posted a bad selfie photo of it on IG but I promise an outfit soon because it's my new favorite thing and I'm totally wearing it on my trip.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: 40% Off Tops at LOFT.

 One day I'm just going to buy All The Tops at LOFT and then I will have a perfect collection of fun, floofy, floaty tops. Yup. Right now LOFT has 40% off "our favorite" tops and also and extra 40% off sale tops. Most of these are from the first category but you can't lose either way:



Thursday, August 23, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Black and White.

Hello! I am back with an actual outfit post. I am also deeply, deeply sick of my summer clothes but it's still August so I am just doing what I can. It's not been super hot lately so I wore this no-season outfit:

My top is from Loft and it's one of their mixed media jobs which is basically the mullet of tops. I really love it and they always have a few in the mix. This little sweater/striped top thing is really quite cute though the design of this top is more similar to mine. I also quite like this grey mixed media top with the ruffle hem and how cute is this striped mixed media dress?

You cannot tell me this isn't a party in the back situation. I love that crazy black and white print. Speaking of which, did anyone buy this previously mentioned LOFT top? Is it good?

My very exciting black pants are Everlane and I kind of forgot about them? They're good and comfortable but ponte is not really a summer fabric for me so I haven't worn them in ages. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled them back out because they really are a nice staple. Just a comfortable ponte skinny pant that works with all my floaty tops. I know I give Everlane a hard time but I have several items (t-shirts and cashmere sweaters) that I really like. I just wish they'd get off the boxy train. Details: 

I'm wearing an old Banana Republic necklace from back when they made cool, slightly edgy jewelry.  I haven't been finding much that's caught my eye lately but how cool is this Soko lariat pendant? I am also VERY into this Argento Vivo labradorite pendant on TJM. (They have some good jewelry right now.)

This is my new Vince Camuto crossbody bag that I bought last month after deciding that my cute MBMJ Percy was going to be too small for my upcoming trip. This crossbody has two separate zippered compartments and a center compartment and fits my giant phone, so it should be perfect. I've been carrying it just to get a feel for it but it holding a surprising amount of stuff! In other crossbody bag news, this little red guy keeps catching my eye and how cute is this blue Aimee Kestenberg bag? Ugh, stop it, TJM.

All Birkenstocks, all the time. Sorry/not sorry. These are my copper Gizehs from last year and they're still going strong. I am so predictable, I know, but my feet are happy. Later, y'all! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

We Discuss: Year-Round Turtlenecks.

A: Um

A: ???

M: Something is missing


M: Don’t ask me ask Tits McGee over there

A: This seems to be a thing now

M: I mean on the one hand, fuck the patriarchy and their fetishizing breasts but on the other ma’am I see your nipples.

A: RIGHT. Like, I’m not a prude but lady, are you riding that bike all wibbly-wobbly?

M: She seems very happy

A: Her top is pretty?

M: It is

A: But

M: You ain’t got no braw

A: This


M: Andrea Linett needs to stop saying you can put turtlenecks under sundresses or whatever and wear in the winter. STOP IT:



A: This is not okay

M: It’s leftover from her magazine days I think. DAY TO NIGHT. YEAR ROUND.

A: I was thinking maybe I could wear my denim shorts this winter with black tights and boots?


A: It looked rad in 1990

M: It can stay there

A: I am kidding

M: Oh I know


M: gurlllll

A: kidding



A: But you know those plaid pants are going to happen.

M: Hmph

A: I can’t help it

A: I promise to not wear a bikini over them?

M: god




M: We should just wear a thin turtleneck under everything

M: At all times. Never nude with a turtleneck. Turtleneck in the bath.


M: She got the turtleneck part

A: Well, I guess

M: I mean I’m not saying put a turtleneck under a turtleneck but maybe a bra

A: It doesn’t seem unreasonable:


A: I googled it knowing it probably existed. AND IT DID.

M: Let’s cleanse the palate with this.

M: Literally the cutest thing I have ever seen



M: I am DEAD

Monday, August 20, 2018

Week Three: Stuff We Didn't Buy Last Week (and a few things we did)

Adrien: I did not buy EVERYTHING NEW AT MADEWELL. And also this stuff:


Marianne: I didn't buy this dress that I STILL WANT:

But um, I totally bought three dresses this week. And those H&M jeans that I returned in a bigger size. FORGIVE ME FATHER I HAVE AN EVENT AND I PANIC SHOPPED PLUS I HAD STORE CREDIT. Ahem. But seriously, I am hoping that one of the three work and then I'll return the other two.

ANYWAY the dress is "summer dinner" WTF does that mean? I bought these:

A: I granted you permission to buy a dress for that event! It's understandable.

M: You said ONE dress, not three, and definitely not the jeans.

A: I can’t even give you shit because I have a confession.

M: What did you do?

A: *fails to respond in a timely manner because life things happened*

M: I’m waiting

A: Sorry! Okay, so remember that Veda leather jacket (in gray) I rented from Rent the Runway?


A: Listen, I've been looking for one since last winter and it finally showed up on eBay and I literally lost my mind for a minute. Like, I left my body and floated above my computer.

M: Awwwww, well it's hardly an impulse purchase. You loved it! Was it a steal?

A: Depends on your definition, but I think I got an excellent deal. We shall see! 

M: It's so beautiful and you'll love it forever. 

A: You are my very favorite enabler.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell is KILLING ME.

Ah, Madewell. It kills me. The new arrivals section is full of really great things that I desperately want to fill the "basics" holes in my closet. For instance, I don't even own a pair of black flats right now, can you believe that? Ahem:

These might be my perfect black flats. 

I also don't have a white blouse. This one is fun.

OMG. It's canvas and really well-priced. And camo!

A dressier version of my usual gold pendant necklace.

This beauty is one for Marianne's black floral dress list.

A nine-inch rise AND exposed copper buttons? Want. 


This is just such a lovely thing and stars! 

This might be the year I finally get gold boots.