Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Review: Madewell Central Drapey Shirt

As promised, here's my review of the Madewell Central Drapey Shirt. You guys, I wish I had better news:

It looks cute, right? This shirt has a lot going for it - the cut is interesting, it comes great colors, and it's made with a good weighty fabric. I think it looks good in that photo but it's too big on me...and too small. Also, can I get shoulder implants? Is that a thing?  Here's a better example - like, if I had the shoulders to hold this jank up it would fall a lot nicer instead of making me look so square:

Also, I'd love to be able to wear it untucked because sometimes I just want to be flowy:

But, while it's too wide at the top, it's also magically catching on my hips. So, too big/too small. 

It's so cute, though! I want to love it but it's just not a good fit for me. And, when I tuck the front, this is what it does in the back: 

I guess I needed a medium but that would have been a lot of volume when I am already feeling overwhelmed. I love this top in theory but it's not for me, so I returned it. While I was in the store I tried on this shirt, which is one of Madewell's most popular styles, but ran into the same issue - the small was a little tight in the sleeve but otherwise a good fit, the medium ate me alive. I think maybe I just need to give up on oversized fit and perhaps try something like this top

I hope those of you who bought it had better luck than I did! 

Monday, March 18, 2019

We Discuss: Spring Shopping, Part I

M: Have you tried the Everlane scoop-neck linen tee?

M: I cleaned out my t-shirt drawer pretty aggressively and now I really need to restock, and I like the scoop neck

A: They look nice but I haven’t tried them.

A: I’m pretty sure Kim France posted that she likes them

M: Yeah I saw that

A: They look slightly dressier which is nice

M: yeah and I like the neckline as an alternative to the v-neck

A: I like a scoop neck but find some of the fancier t-shirt brands (James Perse!) to be aggressively low. Like, hey, I can see my bra.

M: yeah

A: This is partially because I have no shoulders

M: I feel that

A: At some point we should do our spring wish lists. Yours is not allowed to included drawer pulls or light fixtures.

M: hahaha

M: I don’t even know what else I want

A: My list is, like: t-shirts, Birkenstocks, cut-off shorts. The End.

A: Apparently I don’t care about work clothes anymore ever

M: Yeah I mean, same

A: I do want a new pair of Birks and this year I’m going to FIND my shorts

M: I saw some recently that were expensive but looked very promising, let me try and remember

M: We are ignoring the fact that a Kardashian owns this brand okay

A: Um


M: I know those are sold out but they look promising!

A: I can’t do a 10.5” rise, girl

M: I believe they are these:

A: They will be up to my boobs

M: Haha yeah it’s aggressive

A: I am too short waisted for those but they do look good

M: I like denim Spanx basically

A: I’m hoping Madewell comes through for me

M: Their shorts have never worked on me

A: Not on me either but I want to believe:

M: Those have an even HIGHER rise

M: 11 3/4!

A: I JUST saw that


M: hahaha

A: They are basically strapless overall shorts

M: That’s what always gets me because they end up being so short on me

M: But in the pic they look long because my eyes are distracted by all that zipper


M: Welp after reading reviews on those Kardashian shorts and finding a pair on posh for $40, looks like I’m trying them

A: Well! I hope you love them. I am going to keep searching.

M: Worth a try I reckon.

M: I measured my go to Pilcro shorts (that are basically disintegrating at this point) and I think they will work

A: Oh, that’s smart. I just need to go try things on in person, probably. My favorite ON shorts do not fit me anymore I think they shrunk because what else could the reason be

M: I’m sure that’s it

M: Trying things on is MUCH more responsible than what I’m doing but WHEN WOULD I DO THAT

A: I mean, it’s not like you have much going on

M: So relaxed!

A: You’re only selling a house, renovating a house, raising two kids and working a demanding full-time job

M: Cool cool cool

A: 90% of the cut off shorts on Anthro are high rise

A: But maybe these?

M: Those have promise!

M: I find I need at least a 5 inch inseam but I’m taller than you

A: The price makes me mad but what can you do

M: I like her shirt

A: Yes! Me too


M: Bad news dude: the Kardashian shorts are great (for me)

M: And so is this stupidly overpriced Spell and the Gypsy shirt:

M: I mean it’s not bad news except for my bank account

A: That is so cute!

M: So pricey tho

M: But I got them both cheap

M: But seriously, great cut and the denim is heavy and substantial

A: Stop making me want them

M: I’m sorrrrrry

M: I guess they do know what a girl with a big ass wants in a pair of shorts

A: 😒

M: Sorrrrry

A: I just don’t want the Kardashians to be right about anything.

M: I know dude. I know.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: SPRING SHOES OMG.

I am officially sick! of! boots! y'all. SICK OF BOOTS. I want spring shoes - sandals and slides and NO socks. I am already scouring the earth for my next pair of Birkenstocks, which means boot season is over. Here are Marianne and my favorite shoes for spring:



Thursday, March 14, 2019

Stuff I Like...For Taking Care of My Stuff.

Hello! For this post about Stuff I Like I'm going to tell you about stuff I like to use to take care of my stuff. I am definitely going to be bossy and I might yell a little but it's only because I care about you and I suspect you might be washing your jeans. Here we go:

First, don’t hang your sweaters. You'll stretch them out. Just fold them and put them in a drawer or on a shelf. Also, did you know you can handwash cashmere and wool? You CAN. It sounds like a pain in the ass but get some no-rinse handwash detergent (I really like Eucalan) and it's super easy. Add a little bit of soap to tepid water and let your sweater soak. Then swish it around a bit. Don't wring it out like a maniac! To get the water out without ruining the shape of the sweater, roll it up in a big towel. Then lay flat to dry and you're good to go. I promise you won't ruin your sweaters - I do this all the time with cashmere and merino wool.

Now, let’s please talk about your jeans. Stop washing them. Seriously, stop it right this second, especially your darker jeans. Stop. Stooooopppp.

Okay, fine. You can wash your jeans but only after maybe 6-8 wears. More if you can stand it. Washing your jeans will fade them out quickly and OH MY GOD DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRYER. When you wash your good denim, use way less soap than normal, wash on cold and hang to dry. Really, you should be hanging anything you care about to dry. The only clothing I put in the dryer are pajamas, around-the-house loungewear, basic tees and socks.

Also, while I don't hang my sweaters, I do hang my jeans. (I am very Parker Posey in Party Girl about my denim, apparently.) In general I am partial to wooden hangers (IKEA also has good ones) because I think they look nice and they don't leave dents in the shoulders of my shirts. I also like flocked hangers for slippery things.

Athletic Wear
Athletic wear should always be hung to dry because heat breaks down spandex and you paid too much for those cute Athleta leggings to wreck them. I also recommend an occasional soak in something like Rockin Green, which has saved some of my athletic wear that had stink I couldn’t get out. (My link will get you 10% off.)

First, find a good shoe repair place and take your favorite shoes and boots to get reheeled every season. It sucks upfront but your shoes will last much longer. Also, I now have a deep and abiding love for Dr Martens wonder balsam. It's a clear shoe conditioner and protectant and I put it on all my leather boots. I also usually have a small shoe polish kit because scuffed up shoes ruin a look. Take care of your shoes and they will last longer.

General Clothing Care
My basic rules are this:
  • Hang most of your clothing to dry
  • Hand wash your nice sweaters
  • If you machine wash your bras, put them in a lingerie bag
  • Don't wash your clothes every time you wear them (unless they really need it.) 
  • Shout wipes are magic but unscented baby wipes will also take care of a lot of stains
  • Add some white vinegar in with your laundry now and then. It's cheap and effective
  • Take your shoes to the shoe repair place once a season
One More Thing
Get a handheld steamer! I just bought this one (mostly for Poshmark purposes) because steam will not only get out your wrinkles, it also freshen clothing and kills bacteria. Apparently you can also spritz your clothing with cheap vodka to deodorize but I haven’t tried that yet. I’m sensitive to scents so I don’t generally use products like Dryel or Febreeze, which just seems like it's covering one smell with another. Vodka on the other hand...

Bonus: This episode of Every Little Thing about the "thrift store smell" was fascinating! Highly recommend.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

My Skincare Routine (aka Pretend This Is An Outfit Post.)

You GUYS. I have a cold and I am a dragging miserable wreck in the mornings and I can't seem to get my shit together enough to take outfit photos. Plus, I hate winter and I'm sick of all my winter clothes. The end. Things are going great.

Instead, I'm going to tell you about my skincare routine. The last time I posted one was in 2015 and wow, that was a long time ago. I was 43 which seemed old at the time. Hahaha..sob. Some things have definitely changed when it comes to the products I use but I still double cleanse because it's been such a game-changer. (The idea being that the first cleanse gets off your makeup and sunscreen, the second cleans your actual skin.) Okay, here's my crazy old lady routine:



Occasional use products:


Obviously my main two favorite brands are Sunday Riley and Kiehl's. Sunday Riley I love best for their facial oils and Kiehl's just makes good, straightforward products that work well for me and that aren't crazy expensive. Also, they're generous with samples and make travel sizes of most of their products so you don't have to spend a ton to find out what works for you. They also have great little kits! This is the one that got me hooked.

Any questions? Comments? Criticisms? I can take it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

On Buying What You Like.

I have been making a concerted effort this year to only buy things I really, really like. I know it seems as if I like ALL THE THINGS but much of what I post is in the spirit of "in theory" where I think something is beautiful or interesting or cool as hell but it's not for me for whatever reason. You know what I mean.

Anyway, I've been trying not to make as many impulse purchases and instead to do my research and pick the things I really like, that also feel like me. This seems obvious, but it's harder than it looks because I'm super picky and also not rolling in cash. I hate making an expensive mistake with clothes, but we've all done it, right? The worst.

With that in mind, I've taken stock of what I've purchased so far this year and was happy to discover that they're mostly hits:

Madewell 9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans in York Wash: Rip and Repair Edition
I originally ordered these jeans in my current size and decided they were slightly too big, so I exchanged for a size down and oof, they were slightly too small. Since I can't really pull off wearing them with boots I put them away for warmer weather. Last weekend I pulled them out and tried them on and they were still snug but definitely loosened up with the day. I think a few more wears will get them exactly where I want them. (PS. stop washing your jeans so much! More on that later.)

and....Madewell Texture and Thread Crepe Wrap Top
This is still a "maybe" because I haven't had a real opportunity to wear it. The weather is starting to warm up so I think maybe I'll give it a try later this week. It was extremely inexpensive (with deals, sales, etc) so if it doesn't work, I'll just list it on Poshmark.

Dr. Martens Zip Chelsea Boot 
So, here's the thing. I bought these boots with a wet, cold February Paris trip in mind and didn't end up taking them because the weather was sunny and warm. Oops. BUT, they have been so fun! I've worn them on the many cold, wet days here and they're comfy and badass and I'm really glad I bought them.

Striped Cashmere sweater
I usually buy a cashmere sweater every winter but last year I just couldn't settle on one. However, last month I found a good, inexpensive option in my TJ Maxx C&C California sweater and also bought the other (light grey) colorway on Poshmark because I loved it so much. Light grey stripes work well as a springtime option when it's still not quite warm out but you want to wear lighter things. (There are a ton of them dirt cheap on eBay and Poshmark and I am telling you, this is a nice sweater! I wear a medium if it helps.)

Juno Printed Dress
I reviewed my snake print dress here and when the leopard popped back in my size I ordered it immediately and full-price which I never do. And now for the bad news: when I washed my snake print dress (according to the label) it shunk up a bit, which I'm not happy about. I can still wear it, but it's definitely shorter.  Please use caution if you machine wash it! I will probably dry clean going forward (and yes, I am going to exchange the one that shrunk) which tells you how much I like this dress.

Madewell Central Drapey Shirt
Okay, this one was a bit of an impulse purchase but if it works out, it'll be a staple. It hasn't arrived yet so I can't really call it a hit or a miss but I will definitely report back.

Dean Davidson Bamboo Tassel Pendant Necklace
This necklace is one of those things that kept going back to ogle again and again. It's been on the Nordstrom Rack site for a while now and I kept sliding over to see if it was still in stock. There it is. Yep, it's still there. Oh hey, now it's following me around the internet, inserting itself in my IG feed. Dammit. So I finally was like, you know what? This necklace is everything I love - labradorite, tassel, big ole pendant. AND I had a Nordstrom giftcard. So, I bought it and it arrived and it's PERFECT. So sparkly and interesting and expensive-looking. I can't wait to show you guys! (Soon!)

Friday, March 8, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Sparkly Things.

I usually try to branch out a bit and not chose the obvious "me" things but jewelry is so personal and I can't help it. So, this collection of sparkly things? It me.



Thursday, March 7, 2019

We Discuss: Cheap Ass Beauty Stuff We Like

This was supposed to be a usual "stuff I like" post but instead you get the convo about the post because why not.

A: How about a post about cheap-ass beauty stuff? I feel like we’ve done this before but it seems like a good repeat. You got anything cheap you really like?

M: Well I am super happy with all my Ordinary stuff.

A: My best one is still the Shiseido face razors. So much better than Tinkle.

A: Can you pick one of the Ordinary things you really like?

M: The caffeine eye serum. It’s probably total bullshit but I think it helps de-puff.

M: as you already know I use non foaming Cerave as my second cleanse and love it

A: I am going to give it a try again

A: I’m trying to think of other cheap things

A: I am apparently a pricey ass gal

M: Same

A: I do love my Aveeno body lotion. It’s so good and super cheap if you buy the giant bottles at Costco.

M: Oh and I’m seriously obsessed with that Target Anthro candle dupe.

M: I have bought several more

A: Ooh, I still need to buy that!

A: I just bought an insane skin pokery blackhead tool set on Amazon. I am EXCITED.


M: Oh that sounds terrible and awesome

A: I knowwwww

A: I just wanted a single blackhead tool but apparently I get a whole creepy set

A: It’s very Killing Eve

A: You know what my favorite cheap product is, though?

M: what

A: Plain Chapstick

M: My fave lip balm is the Nivea version of Labello

M: Hahaha

A: Mine is full of delicious petroleum

M: Mine too

A: Ooh, nice. I bought a Labello in Paris

M: It’s the exact same but I do prefer the Labello logo

A: Totally

A: It feels fancier because you can’t get it here (except I guess you can now if you want to pay more?)

M: right


A: (Or German, but whatever.)

M: fanceeee

A: I spent an hour in a Monoprix googling a lot of the beauty products trying to figure out which Avene item was actual body lotion.

A: Duh, it was the one labeled “Cold Cream”

M: hahaha

A: It’s nice stuff if you forget your lotion and aren’t afraid of mineral oil

M: That looks intense

A: It’s not, it’s just basic heavy-duty lotion

A: I also got some fancy water to spray on my face and a little set of Nuxe products

M: Nice

A: None of that qualifies for cheap crap but they technically were all purchased in a drugstore so

M: I mean cheap in France. But have to fly to France for the cheap prices

A: Details


M: It me

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We Discuss: Springtime Wishful Shopping.

M: I have decided this is cut just like my favorite windowpane plaid Vince shirt that I wear every week and I want all of the colors:

A: Well, thanks a lot. NOW I WANT IT TOO.  Also, that Insider discount...


M: Anyway, this was meant to be a check in on the fast fashion ban, but so far it hasn't been an issue? I think if spring ever comes it's going to get a lot harder.

A: Madewell isn't fast fashion! I never said anything about not shopping at Madewell.

M: Oh I know! I meant I was going to check in on it but then got distracted. And yeah I have 15% off but it's also 22 degrees today and I'm cranky.

M: I think I want it in black AND in the lilac color. I also want the yellow but it's sold out.

A: Ha, I was like, WHOA WHOA WHOA. I will admit I walk a little faster in Target when I pass by the clothing section.

A: Also, oops. Just bought the dark pink color that's on sale. But I also want it in black.

M: I thought about that color! But I don't know if I'll wear it. I may pull the trigger on the black and lilac.

A: It's 29 degrees out and I literally bought it out of spite. I think the lilac would be SO pretty on you!

A: Also, goddammit, Target:

A: I'm not buying it but it looks so freaking cute.

M: NO NO NO TO THAT DRESS. Here, if it makes you feel better, I recently got rid of two chambray things from Target that got weirdly shiny.

M: I ordered both. I will wear the hell out of those shirts--I already wear my chambray central shirt and I've always wished it was cut a little longer and flowier. Win!

A: Hooray! We'll have to post reviews when they arrive. And no, I know better than to get that dress but now I'm sad I never bought these earrings:

M: I will support you not getting them but will admit I didn't really count jewelry in the fast fashion thing.

M: How pretty is THIS:


A: …does jewelry count?

M: I don't know! Does it???

A: Technically we make the rules.

M: It seems like a slippery slope but also jewelry is expensive, yo. Having a cheap and cheerful option is nice.

A: I don't buy a ton of jewelry but I do like a pair of fun earrings under $10.

M: I really freaking love that dress.

A: It is SO pretty. If I hadn't just tracked down the leopard version of the Juno dress I'd probably have already bought it!

M: Not sure why a 22 degree day in March has triggered my spring shopping but here we are.

A: Spring will come eventually, right?

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

BUY THIS: Two Sales, Stuff We Like.

I keep a eye out for sales on the stuff we like/recommend because I generally hate spending full price on anything. So, here are two decent sales going on and a few suggestions because I am nothing if not the WORST enabler.

Madewell Insiders Event
Have you signed up to be a Madewell Insider yet? If you shop there at all you really should sign up. Right now Insiders are getting 15% off  (20% if you're a Madewell Star) which means you can go ahead and buy the GD jeans already:

Also, have you checked out the Slim Boyjeans yet? They're SO GOOD. I love the new light wash, too. They give me hope that maybe one day spring will arrive. You could also consider the Transport Tote in the most amazing deep olive green color that's making me crazy:

I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. UGH. Finally, Madewell has a couple of leather jackets that basically never go on sale, so if you've been thinking about it, this might be the time. I am partial to the Ultimate Leather Jacket but the Washed Leather Jacket would be a great springtime option: 

J.Crew 30% Off Full Price
Use code SUNNY at J.Crew for 30% off full-priced items. This sale includes Marianne's Sophie open-front sweater blazer which is usually excluded from promotions:

It comes in a bunch of colors and would be just the thing for springtime, right? Also! My Signet Bag is back in stock. 

I carried this bag through every part of Paris and it was a trooper. Super cute, holds more than you'd expect and I adore the snakeskin key fob. Finally, I don't own this heart print blouse but it's cute as hell and SOMEONE SHOULD BUY IT: 

Dammit, y'all. I am enabling myself. 

Monday, March 4, 2019

I'm Back! My Packing Report.

Hi hi hi! I'm back from our trip to Paris and I have to tell you OMG EVERYTHING IS SO HARD TODAY. Real life sucks and jet lag is no joke. (Did I put my keys in the fridge when I was putting away groceries yesterday? Yes, yes I did.)

But, with each trip, I get a little better at packing. Am I an expert? God, no. I'm still pretty terrible at it, if we're being honest. I still brought four pairs of shoes and only wore two of them but we had a direct flight and checked our bags, so a bigger suitcase enabled over-packing. Here's what I bought for shoes:

Cole Haan Chelsea boots
- Nike sneakers
- Madewell ankle boots
- Rothys flats

I didn't end up wearing my heeled boots or the flats because we were walking a ton and I wasn't sure either pair would be good for distance. I also made a very last minute decision to not bring my new Doc Martens because the weather was so unseasonably warm and sunny. I am not complaining about that and my Cole Haan Chelsea boots were a perfect replacement. (I did see a ton of Docs in Paris, though.) Here's what I bought to wear:

- Madewell jeans (high rise skinny and skinny coated)
- Everlane cashmere sweaters
- my new C&C California striped sweater
- t-shirts for wearing under my sweaters
- one fancy top
- J.Crew boatneck striped tee
- my Anthro snakeskin dress
- Athleta black cargo pants
- Three scarves
- packable Uniqlo lightweight puffer jacket
- packable long hooded puffer jacket
- AllSaints leather jacket
- socks, underwear and pajamas

I wore everything I brought except the fancy top and definitely would've been fine with only two scarves and one of the packable jackets. It was colder at night but not really that cold. (thought I hate being cold!) For carrying stuff I brought:

- Calpak 24" Danton suitcase
- Lo & Sons Hanover backpack
- J.Crew Signet crossbody

I was super happy with all three! I can't say enough things about the Hanover backpack and my new-to-me crossbody bag was just the right size and I love the secure zipper closure. More about the suitcase below.

My Travel MVPs:

AllSaints leather jacket. Marianne urged me to bring it and I was initally hesitant because it takes up a lot of real estate but I literally wore it every single day. It was a perfect layer for the mild weather and it made me feel cool as hell and not touristy. I saw a ton of leather jackets in Paris so I felt like I'd hit it just right.

Bombas wool socks. I can't usually wear wool next to my skin but Bombas wool socks are so cushy and soft! They don't itch at all and my feel were happy most of the time. They are worth every penny and the quarter length are great no-show option for wearing with chelsea boots.

Cashmere sweaters. My new C&C sweater is a winner - warm, soft, cute, doesn't pill obnoxiously. I wish I could find it online. There are some on Poshmark and eBay and you might still be able to find them at TJ Maxx. (The multicolor version is available online!) I know it's nearly springtime but this is good cashmere, y'all. I've already talked about my love for Everlane cashmere sweaters. Y'all know.

Athleta Chelsea Cargo Pants. These were my travel pants and they were perfect. Light, wrinkle-resistant and super comfortable. I was happy for the cargo pocket for stashing a few airplane essentials (lip balm, tissues, etc) so I didn't need to keep reaching into my bag. I love these cute pants! The only thing they aren't is warm, but they were fine for what I needed and I think they'll be a great casual spring/summer pant option. (I reviewed them here.)

Calpak 24" Danton suitcase. This suitcase isn't fancy and doesn't charge my phone but it is really well-made, durable and affordable. It also holds a LOT of stuff and survived being dragged over cobblestone streets with no issues. TJ Maxx always seems to have Calpak at great prices and Marianne has one too! Mine it currently available in a very cute teal color.

Edited to add a for-scale pic of my 24" suitcase. It holds a lot and I've been quite happy with it. (Also, a little bit of Daniel tail in that photo...) 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Outfit of the Day: That Dress.

If I were a more organized person with less hobbies I'd have planned out a week's worth of posts to have ready to go for my vacation week. Oops. Yeah, that didn't happen. Instead, I give you only this outfit from last week which features the awesome Juno Printed dress by Maeve that I won't shut up about: 

At the time of writing the dress is sold out in the leopard print but y'all, the snake print is SO FUN. I wasn't sure it would work on me but it's great - bold and soft at the same time? I just love a crazy print and I think the neutral colors keep it from being over-the-top. Plus, it's exactly the kind of loose, easy dress you can wear well into summer. Oh, and it does run a bit big - I took a small in this. (Edited to add: It says machine wash but mine shrunk quite a bit when I washed it! I would dry clean this one.) 

I went looking for other snake-y dresses and found this beauty from Joie and this (much less expensive) little dress from ASOS. I also love this mock neck minidress at Nordstrom and don't forget this little shift dress at TJ Maxx! So good. I think the key to animal print is too keep it loose and floaty or very structured. (No to body-con!) And Maeve, in general is great for easy-to-wear dresses, though of course I want the expensive one that's nearly sold out. Always the way. 

I mean, duh. Of course I immediately threw on my AllSaints jacket to see how it looked. Perfect, that's how. I love this jacket so much, you guys. It's kind of gross. Also, if you are looking for a good leather jacket, there are quite a few over at TJ Maxx, just saying. On to details:

I'm wearing my favorite Argento Vivo labradorite necklace (this one is similar and this one too!) with a new addition that was a birthday gift from a good friend. I've had my eye on the Monogram necklace for a while so I was really delighted! Both are great for layering, especially if you like untangling things. (I'm kidding, sort of.)

Same old Madewell boots and my Cambridge twist lock satchel. The exact style isn't made anymore but how freaking cute is this bag? Same color and everything. The large pushlock style is also pretty great.