Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Stuff I Like: Winter I Guess.

I just got back from our Thanksgiving week trip (Edinburgh and London!) and I'm having a BAD case of the Sunday Scaries. Wheee. I wanted to squeeze in a November post but I've just been too busy to pull it together and now it's nearly December. What happened? How is this possible? Anyway, I pulled it together here's some stuff I've really been liking lately:

This Yearly Thing Where I Get Excited About Socks
Y'all know I'm a sock fiend and I've been a big Bombas fan forever but I recently bought some Smartwool socks and dang, they are a game changer. Socks are not exactly exciting but once you start upgrading your sock drawer it's hard to go back. I got a few pairs of this style and they are delightful. Warm without being bulky, not at all itchy and this pair, my striped favorite, is very cute worn with Birkenstock clogs or peeking out of boots.

A Gift Idea For The Summer Person In Your Life
I've written before about my love of the Verilux light to combat season affective disorder but there are other options, like this cute moon light that's both useful and attractive and this one that's an alarm clock that wakes you up with a sunrise. The SAD lamp is one of those things you don't realize you need until you start using it regularly and then you're like..."Wait. You mean I don't have to live with a sad doom cloud hanging over me all winter? Cool." 

This Skincare Tip That's A Real DUH Moment
I read a skincare tip recent that was so stupidly obvious that I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it. I mean, it's free, simple and really effective. Are you ready? Here it is: Wash your face for a full 60 Seconds. What? How was I not already doing this? But of course I tried it immediately. I double cleanse, starting with my favorite oil cleanser* and set a timer on my phone because a minute is actually a good chunk of time. I really get in there and massage the cleanser gently around my face so it has time to work. I started doing this every night last month and was legit surprised at how much better my skin looks. Amazing. *I bought this balm cleanser on vacation and it's really good, inexpensive and also works well as a first cleanse. Bonus tip: buy a couple of sets of inexpensive cotton washcloths and use a fresh one every day. 

This Movie That's a Pure Delight.
It's been a few weeks since I watched it but Quiz Lady on Hulu is still making me laugh. It's the goofiest movie I've seen in a long time and I loved it. It's got everything: Sandra Oh in a goofy role, Awkwafina in a straight role, Jason Schwartzman at his smarmy best and a real surprise - Will Ferrell playing a sweet, sincere game show host. Just go watch the trailer and add it to your list. It's not life changing or anything but it is a low-stakes fun watch. 

This Long List of Reading Recs (I'm on a roll!)
After a long run of DNFs and disappointing reads, I have found bunch of good books. Hits include: Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan a sequel to The Christmas Bookshop which I wrote about a couple of years ago. I like the first one best but the sequel was really fun to read while I was in Edinburgh! Last month I read The Quiet Tenant by ClĂ©mence Michallon which was creepy and dark but very satisfying. I also re-read In the Woods by Tana French, my favorite of all her books. I’ve read probably three or four times now and I get something new out of each time. If you read it and was mad about the ending, consider a re-read. She subtly gives some real hints about the older mystery. Just saying. Currently I’m reading The Guest by Emma Cline (did one of you recommend it?) and so far I’m into it. 

That's it for now! As always, please let me know in the comments what stuff you're liking - books, candles, socks, whatever. I'm here for it.