Monday, February 28, 2011

Shoutouts and a Reminder

We've gotten some love lately from the Internets that I thought would be fun to share with you guys.

My friend Noah recently had a really cool book published called 365: A Daily Creativity Journal and he also posts 365 projects on his website. Even though we don't technically post an outfit every single day, we do our best to post something. Anyway, here we are featured on! Very cool, thanks Noah!

Also! Alice Bradley, who we both pretty much adore, included us in her recent Redbook blog entry about her Favorite Blog Posts of the Week. We DIE. So awesome! Thanks, Alice!

And finally, just a reminder that today is the last day to enter our Shopbop $100 giftcard giveaway!

Adrien: I'm a Copy Cat.

I loved my friend Jessica's red dress so much that when I was in Anthropologie last week I saw one on the sale room and knew I had to try it on. I also tried on some other stuff because the sale room was jam-packed full in a way that almost made it impossible to browse. They need to clearance out some of that stuff because most of it was still too expensive and there was SO MUCH OF IT.

First, I grabbed the Easy Keeper skirt because it's so cute on Wardrobe Review but I didn't much like it on me:

Also, the zipper was broken which I found worrisome. I also tried on this weird skirt with leather panels in the front:
I liked the concept but the execution and fit was not there.

This dress has potential to look kind of cool and drape-y on the right person:

But the meh color and odd shape didn't really work on me. Finally, I tried on Jessica's Network Dress:

Black Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Pretty cute, eh? I had them hold it for a day so I could really think it over. Then I went and bought the damn thing because how cute it is? Real cute. Outfit coming soon!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Planet Lanphear.

A: I want to live in this magical land of super-high-end handbags and Kate Lanphear:


M: Are you sure you don't already? Check under your desk.

A: I got all excited but there's nothing under my desk except dust and sadness.

M: Look under the pile of mail. I feel certain there is some Balenciaga under there.

A: NOTHING. JUST MORE PAPER. I'm pretty sure those bags aren't made of PAPER, MARIANNE.

M: Kate Lanphear totally has a fierce Celine paper bag that you'd cry over. Just saying.

A: There is so much blasé bag porn in that one photo that I'm surprised the camera didn't explode.

M: I'm more surprised that YOU didn't explode, frankly.

A: I almost did, but the Lanphear is just so collected, I didn't want to disappoint her.

M: She wouldn't even raise a perfectly manicured eyebrow, it's true.

A: She's very Busy and Important. Not to mention COOL. Argh.

A: I think the band Cake probably writes songs about her, but she doesn't care.

M: Seriously. Her hair is like the polar opposite of my hair. So sleek and perfect and I'll just be over here shaving my head.

A: I've considered it, but that is some advanced hair she's got. I mean, come on:

Who else would be able to rock this? Nobody, that's who.

M: I feel like you could do it, but it's a major Styling Commitment.

A: I think it's a tough look to pull off and I'm probably about ten years too old for it. Still.

M: How old is Lanphear, though? I'm not saying you should do it, but I don't think you are too old!

A: I don't know. 30? 40? 20? There's no saying.

M: The correct answer is: Time as we know it doesn't apply to her.

A: Ugh, see?  I cannot begin to play her games because I don't even know her rules.

M: I think she is from the same galaxy as Cate Blanchett.

A: I want to live there. Can we live there? BECAUSE I WANT TO. REAL BAD.

M: I just want to breathe the air. Okay, and maybe get one bag.

A: Does it rain Birkins there? Also, I don't think Lanphear wears any makeup at all. And she looks flawless.

M: Well now I just hate her.


M: Smug bitch.


M: So undignified.

A: Hey, you don't see me badmouthing your Giovanna, do you?

M: Fine. She's perfect with her perfect skin and perfect hair and GOD I'LL JUST BE OVER HERE WEEPING.

A: See? See what happens when you scoff?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chicken on a String.

photo: Sartorialist

M: 3........2.........1........


M: So...he's fucking with us, right? He is CLEARLY FUCKING WITH US BECAUSE CHICKEN ON A STRING.

A: Oh, that Shobbit is totally fucking with us. He probably got drunk and was all, "SSHECK IT OUTTTTT. CAN SSHOTALLY TAKS PICHURS OF ANNNYSSHING AN STHEY LOVE IT."

M: I'm about to bust out some Christmas ornaments as earrings and wrap myself in decorative hand towels. FASHION!

A: You should go parade around New York like that! Fashion week photos all claim that's perfectly acceptable.

But seriously. That is a chicken on a string. That she's wearing. As jewelry.

M: I love that the chicken on a string is detracting from the FURRY COWBOY HAT. Jesus H. Christ.

Motherfucking Chicken on a Motherfucking String.

A: I didn't even notice the hat! And wow, there's a big scarf thing going on there too. There's a lot going on there.

M: I think Luna Lovegood is her style icon. Either that, or Joanne's Fabrics.

A: Oh and ten bucks says she's wearing "her boyfriend's" pants.

M: I showed Lulu the picture and she said "Chickee necklace? Bwak bwak?"

A: God, even your toddler knows it's bullshit.

M: She thinks it's kind of awesome. But she also pees her pants, so.

A: Well it is a very cute chicken. FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE.

M: You know, maybe it's voodoo. A Witch Doctor prescribed it to get rid of warts or something.

A: I still blame the Shobbit.

M: Is she wearing two belts? You know what, I freaking give up. Point Shobbit.

A: I need to go lay down now. I can't even butter rolls after this.

M: Let's face it. You never could.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your Questions, We Answer (some of) Them.

Thanks to everyone who's entered the Shopbop giveaway thus far! We've loved reading your questions and will try to answer all of them. First round, the "general" questions:

I'm dying to know how the two of you know each other!

A: We originally met (and instantly bonded) on a now-defunct fashion message board. However, we've now known each other for so long in real life that we sometimes forget our original friendship was virtual.

M: She totally stalked me, don't let her tell you any different.

I'm dying to know why people stopped using the saying "Nice HEAD!"

A:. People said that?

M: I...don't know what that means.

 Is there a waiting list I can get on for Adrien's handbags when she gets tired of them? 

A: No, but if I get tired of one, it might end up on our little shopping page.


Marianne, if your awesome art mysteriously goes missing, will you suspect me?

M: Well, I will NOW.

I'm dying to know what "Nice HEAD" even means.



I want to know how you feel about your MJ Blake and Pocket Satchel bags ladies?

A: I love my Blake because it's the perfect shade of red and it was the first MJ bag I ever really, really, really wanted. It's heavy as shit though, just be warned. Still love it.

M: I bought the pocket satchel from Adrien and I love it. My one wish is that it had a detachable shoulder strap. The color is perfect, though. But yeah, the suede lining makes it super heavy.

Did you guys ever have imaginary friends as children (okay, or now)?

A: No, just imaginary horses.

M: Adrien is my imaginary friend.

Bonus question to Adrien: Did you get to go see Anderson Cooper last night?

A: NO. And I'm bitter.

What IS Marianne's "crazy art"? I've been reading you guys since the beginning, and I feel in the dark on this topic.

M: I am very fortunate to have many talented artists as friends and family and we have a growing art collection. Some of it is a little out there...I'll do a post in the future featuring it, if you are interested!

Adrien - How DO you make your hair look so awesome? 

A: Lots and lots and lots of product. And a blow dryer. And a flat iron. Seriously, my hair should look a lot cuter considering how much work I put into it.

I want to know how BOTH of you have such awesome hair!

M: My hair is tedious, that would take a separate entry. I'll write it up soon!

What's your most embarrassing moment?

A: Every morning when I'm fashion-posing in my front yard. Does that count?

M: Recently a very nice IT guy was working on my computer at work and I lost my balance and kind of...sat in his lap? Then I died.

What is your most weirdest dream lately? 

A: I haven't been remembering my dreams lately! Huh.

M: A pretty boring, but detailed, dream that my parents were making us buy a new mattress. Thrilling!

Marianne: CLOGS.


A: Girl!


it was kind of a mistake

A: How do you accidentally buy RED CLOGS.

I can't even type!

A: Snort.

M: Oh dear dear dear. I don't think they are what I had in mind at ALL.

A: Sorry, I wasn't snorting the clogs, just the toe comment. They look fine! They are pretty tradish clogs.

M: Yeah, but the listing said the heel is over 3" (which I want) but everything I see about that brand says more like 1.5-2 inches. Which feels a little dowdy to me. I want FASHION CLOGS.


Tell me the truth: I look like a middle school art teacher, don't I? I covet some Swedish Hasbeen clogs, but they are millions of dollars. And I still think I want some clogs, just not
Regardless, these clogs absolutely reek of smoke, so even though I got them for 1/10 of their retail price, they are going back. I think I'll try to get some navy or tan clogs to replace them.
Someone asked to see an outtake photo, so here is one of Buster trying to get in on the action. Oh, Buster.
denim shirt: Gap (similar here)
corduroy pants: LOFT Modern Slim Cords
socks: Falke
CLOGS: Sandgrens

Monday, February 21, 2011

Adrien: My weekend with David Bowie.

Don't forget to enter our latest Shopbop giveaway! We also have a new Twitter account and you get an extra entry for following and Tweeting about the giveaway. Just saying.

So, you guys know I'm a big Bowie fan and have been searching for ages for a cool t-shirt. I saw this post about the Dolce & Gabbana shirts and while I thought they looked cool, no WAY would I ever pay $200+ for a freaking t-shit. Even if I could afford it. Even if I was David Bowie. Pffft. 

But, after way too many hours of searching, I finally stumbled across one on eBay and snagged it for $25, which seems like a pretty good price for what ended up being a damn nice t-shirt. 

Here it is on the runway:

And here it is on me a few weekends ago:

All hail David Bowie!

t-shirt: Dolce & Gabbana (similar)
jacket: Gap (similar)
bag: Marc Jacobs Blake (similar)
shoes: Frye Lisa t-strap (similar)

Marianne: On my shoulders.

Angel: It's February.

Devil: Yes, but it's been over 60 degrees for a week.

Angel: February.

Devil: Yes, but the crocuses are blooming!
Angel: Not only is it February, that skirt is far too short on you. Even Lulu knows it.

Devil: Okay, you might have me there...but the boots and the socks mean much less leg is showing? I don't know.

Angel: Lulu is crying.
Devil: Oh crap.

camisole: Eloise
sweater: American Eagle
corduroy jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs
denim skirt: Banana Republic
boots: vintage Justins

On Lulu: StrideRite boots, Polarn O. Pyret sweatshirt tunic and GapKids padded knee leggings.
Don't forget to comment and tweet about the Shopbop giveaway!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Very Acceptable Email About Fashion Topics.


A: I. What. Wait, is she. WHY.

M: So bad. So bad I can't even talk about it.

Wait, yes I can. Is that a matador outfit? Ole?


M: The cape! The teeny, tiny cape. It's not even a capelet. It's a ca

That's it. Just ca

A: Yep, it's a ca if I've ever seen one. And can we talk about those horrible waist-thickening pants? She really doesn't want us to look at her any more at all.

M: Adrien, she is so pretty. SO pretty. Sometimes I think about turning gay when I watch Mad Men.

A: Oh, she is gloriously pretty! Ridiculously pretty. Which is why I'm even more confused by those TERRIBLE PANTS.

M: I am starting to think these pants are a code. Maybe she's being held captive by the Scientologists or something?

A: Oh GOD. You might be on to something. We need to help her. Perhaps her ca is secretly transmitting a distress signal?

M: If you listen carefully, you can hear her screaming.

A: meeeeee...these pants are

M: Now I'm a little scared that the Scientologists are going to come for me. I am not kidding.

A: Do you know, I actually just had the same thought, like, maybe we don't want to poke that monster. Remember what happened with the jegging cowboy? The Scientogists are, like, a MILLION jegging cowboys.

M: OH FOR THE LOVE OF PETE. Um, hail Zenu? Is that even right?

A: Hold on, there's someone at my front door.


A: Hello. I am Back. It is Me, Adrienne.

M: Hello Adrienne, this is Mary Ann. I am glad we are companions.

A: I am enjoying writing this "blog" with you. It is very acceptable.

M: Indeed. Fashion is important to us.

A: I am wearing clothing. Perhaps I should photograph it so people may view it.

M: This is also acceptable.

A: Very well. Good bye Mary Ann.

M: Best regards, Adrienne.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adrien: Ann Taylor Reviews. Also, I annoy the sales associate.

Isn't it cute when you go into a store like Ann Taylor (or Gap or Banana Republic) and the sales associates assume you're dumb enough to just buy something full price? It's only more ridiculous when you think about the amount of promotions that are lobbed at you via mail and email. I get it, they're desperate, but I'm still not going to waltz into Ann Taylor and drop $158 on a dress on my lunch break. I really think the sales associate thought I was, and then quickly decided to ignore me when she realized I was going to wait for the next promotion (which I think is probably going to be this weekend.) Sorry, lady.

Anyway, I did try on some stuff. Some good, some really good, some really kind of awful. Here you go:

Wild Leopard Print Dress - I loved this. It's really nicely made and much cuter in person. It fit well too.

Wild Leopard Print Skirt - I loved this even more than the dress. You can't tell, but it has great seaming in the back which makes it extra ass-flattering. I will probably buy this when/if I can score a 40% off coupon.

Ruched Print Top and Stretch Jersey Fluid Skirt - Seriously these two things should just be taken out back and shot. The skirt looked like it could be interesting but it was too big and too long and possibly the dowdiest thing I've ever worn. The top I was just trying on for size. I really liked the animal print version but they didn't have it. This print was just...unfortunate. No.

Knit Striped Dress - This was cute but I think I need the next size down. I tried on a medium because that's all they had, but it was a bit too loose. I could see this being cute in the spring with a belt and some red flats, but  it's expensive. And dry-clean only. Eh. I'll most likely pass.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Guest Post: Jessica VS The Birthday Dress.

Our awesome friend Jessica just had a birthday and she was nice enough to document her birthday-dress shopping excursion for our prying eyes. We love her for it. Here is the story in her words:

My boyfriend's sweet mother gave me some cash for my birthday, so I decided I needed a pretty new dress for my birthday party.  I had scoped out Anthropologie a week before and saw some promising items, so the hunt began.  The store was full of children for some reason, including a little beast named Banks who had a bag of jelly beans in one hand and a fountain drink larger than her head in the other, but I still managed to emerge from the sale room with an armload of options to try on.  Most of these are no longer on the website, but there were quite a few of each style left at my store.

This burgundy sweater dress (the Look Back Sweater Dress) was the front runner.  As you can see, it's a bit lumpy in the hips, but nothing some Spanx couldn't fix.  I love the color too.

Next was this dress with a watercolor pattern.  I still think this could be a pretty dress on someone, but it's just not right for my figure.  It was too big in the bust and waist and made me look matronly.  Next!

This dress (the Refined Rugby Dress) was so promising on the hanger, but a disaster on my body.  The fabric is just too voluminous and made me look frumpy.  This might look ok on a tall, thin person, but I felt like Ethel Mertz.

This was the worst of the bunch by far.  The unnecesary pockets that seemed to add several inches to my hips were just the cherry on top.  Bad, real bad.

Aah, much better.  Until I looked at the photos on my camera, I was still torn between the first burgundy dress and this one, by Velvet.  But looking at the photos, it's clear that this is the best choice.  I still might buy the burgundy dress if they mark it down more, though.

When it came to shoes, I immediately thought of Adrien's leopard pumps and wished that I had some.  I decided to have a look at DSW and found some cute "ocelot" pumps on clearance for $10.  I had a $5 birthday coupon, so I paid next to nothing!  Here's my complete birthday outfit:

Dress: Velvet by Graham and Spencer (similar)
Shoes: Tiffany by Impo (similar

Monday, February 14, 2011

Adrien: Grey bags are tricksy.

So, I've wanted a grey bag forever. I love grey - it's my favorite neutral - so it just makes sense that I'd have a grey bag. My first attempt was a pale grey Faridah, but the color was so pale it just looked meh with everything. I sold that puppy.

Then last month I hit up the outlets with Nina and bought this Kate Spade bag (on super clearance) in a pale grey patent. See what I did there? I bought something in the same color that didn't work before. And guess what? Didn't work again. Surprise!

So, last weekend I returned it and that awesome feeling of lightness when you return something you were on the fence about lasted about as long as it took us to walk into the Coach outlet. Oops. But, a bag I'd previously fondled was now marked down 50% off and they handed me an extra 30% off coupon so what was I supposed to do? This bag ended up costing 1/3 of retail and I LOVE IT:

It's grey, but much darker than my first two tries. It's also nicely practical with lots of compartments and pockets.

As usual, every time I buy something new, I feel like I should sell something I'm not getting much use out of, so you might see a few things on the shop blog soon. Stay tuned. Now, the rest of that outfit, just for fun:


bag: Coach Mia Carryall (similar)
dress: BCBG (not really similar, but cute!)
cardigan: Banana Republic (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adrien: Stealth Layers.

More layer talk, but this time I'm talking about my main struggle with getting dressed in the winter. I just want to start by saying I'm cold. All the time. I am always astonished when I see folks walking the halls around here in short sleeves and open toed shoes because I AM COLD.

I also have this thing where I can't wear wool next to my skin, so what do I do when the dress I want to wear is sleeveless, and the cardigan I want to wear it with is wool? Enter: tissue-weight tees. My godsend. The outfit I'm wearing today includes a long-sleeved tissue tee worn under the dress but you'd probably never know it. I do this a lot, just so I can stretch my wardrobe and also not end up like a shivery poodle at work. So:


My friend Lisa has this dress too and suggested I should try my new belt with it. I think it works:

dress: Banana Republic (similar)
cardigan: Banana Republic (similar)
belt: Linea Pelle (similar)
boots: Frye Tina Campus (similar)
bag: Michael Michael Kors Large Camo satchel

Some People, I Swear.


photo: Garance Dore

A: Oh...this old thing? I don't know. I just found it in the bottom of my closet, dusted it off and... whatever. I don't really care about bags.

M: Okay, yes, I'm smoking? But haven't you heard? If you are French smoking makes you live longer. Take a deep breath. I smell like lilacs.

A: Oh, its Hermès I suppose. Aren't all bags Hermès? I wouldn't really know. My lips are très CHIC.

M: Really, fashion is so pedestrian, non? I stole this coat from a fisherman I took as a lover.

A: Sorry, this is funny and all, but I can't pretend I'm not completely appalled by the condition of that Kelly bag. What the HELL did she do to that thing?

A: Also, her cheekbones make me angry.

M: Yes, let's drop the charade. I don't see how a bag ends up like that. Does she sit on it in the subway? Who am I kidding, she doesn't ride the subway.

M: Also, I am really tired of winter street style shots from New York where coats are left open and sleeves are jauntily pushed up. IT IS COLD.

A: She probably inherited it. I hate people who's grandmas are like, "Honey, do you want this old Hermès thingy?" I'll bet she had a pony named Sparkles and didn't even ride it.

M: She hated that dumb old pony.

A: With those stupid cheekbones.

M: And her stupid freaking lipstick.

A: Poor Sparkles. He deserved better.

M: What color do you think that is? I want.

A: Probably Chanel. No, definitely Chanel. But she'd lie and say it came from "some apothecary."

M: NO, she'd lie and say "WHAT LIPSTICK?"


M: Do you think she would show me how to push my sleeves up like that?

A: She would if her arms weren't frozen in place. Wait, no. She wouldn't. Also, you can't ride Sparkles.

M: Well, this is just starting to hurt my feelings. I'm going to look at Scott Speedman instead:

Aaah, there. That's more like it.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adrien: Layers.

Sometimes I dress in layers, adding and adding until I get to a point that feels finished. (Sometimes I never get to that point, but it's always a work in progress. You do what you can and really? As long as you leave the house fully dressed, who the hell cares.)  Anyway, for the sake of the blog, I thought I'd show my layers today. First:

The back detail is kind of great and totally gets hidden, so here it is from the back:

And then I added a jacket and instantly felt kind of stuffy:

Best solution for that? Duh, animal print:


skirt: Ann Taylor (similar)
jacket: J. Crew (similar)
boots: Camper (similar)

Marianne: Your pants, I'm wearing them.

You know what you will almost never see me in? Dress pants. I only have a couple of pairs, but every time I wear them I feel like I'm wearing someone else's clothes. Does that even make sense?
This outfit was so...brown. A testament to not planning ahead. And like I said, I felt like it wasn't me at all. I tried to punch it up with some fun accessories:
But God, I swear these pants fit. That awful pulling in the crotch area is like my own personal war crime.
Ugh, why so much brown, Marianne? I'm determined to wear some things that just sit in my closet, but maybe I should just be getting rid of them. This top is pretty, though, just maybe it would be better tucked into a pencil skirt with a jewel-toned cardigan? Doesn't that sound miles better than this Brownfest?
I thought these looked okay from the side. But now that I'm seeing the front, well, NEVER AGAIN.
Gratuitous accessories shots. A couple of people asked about my orange gloves in an earlier post. Fabulous, aren't they? They were a Christmas gift from Chris. Fratelli Orsini leather gloves in pumpkin. Lined in cashmere and wooonderful. They are the only good thing about winter right now.
Stupid pants.

top: Banana Republic (similar cut here)
sweater: Old Navy (similar here)
pants: Tahari (similar here)
shoes: Biviel (similar version in suede here)
bag: Marc Jacobs pocket satchel
scarf: J.Crew
coat: Cynthia Rowley