Friday, August 30, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: The Holiday Looms.

Hang tight, friends. It's a holiday weekend and the sales are overwhelming. I just got back from a lunchtime trip to Anthro because an extra 50% off sale is more than I can resist. My favorite Ally Cupro Tunic top is now $30! Go get one! I also tried on (and, um, bought) this Amira Utility Buttondown in the green color because it's just the perfect slouchy thing. (Please note that it's all final sale which isn't awesome but the deals are very good.)

Now, let's focus on J.Crew because: 40% off full price and an extra 50% off sale with code SUNSET. Giddyup:

Ooh, so pretty! This would look great on just about anyone. 

This is the blazer for people who don't wear blazers. (Trust, I have one.) 

Black jeans are my favorite right now and this pair is the perfect wash.

A long cardigan that is kind of a robe? SIGN ME UP.

I love this tortoise layer necklace against black, so chic. 

I'm currently obsessed with finding The Perfect Raincoat and this one is so cute. 

Ow, my heart. It wants this bag badly. It hurts.

How many snakeskin dresses is too many? Asking for a friend. 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Closet Dregs of Summer.


But seriously. I am really really tired of my summer clothes but hey, it's still summer so I have to keep wearing them. However, I have been slowly Konmari-ing my closet all sumer (which I know is not how you do it) and it's forced me to get rid of some very old stuff and also to try on stuff that I haven't been wearing. Stuff like these shiny satin cargo jogger pants: 

I always forget I have these crazy pants from Loft but they're a lot of fun and also very, very comfortable. They're from last year, so long gone, but they do currently have beautiful drawstring pant in satin material that look like the best kind of fancy-comfort. If you want a non-shiny cargo jogger, this pair looks really good with the gold accents and if you're into it, you could always go full satin jumpsuit! (I am not personally into it.) 

My top is also from Loft and I've worn it so much that it's starting to look a little sad. I just love that it basically works with everything and it has a cute twisty cut-out in the back. This tee at Loft is quite similar and this tank also has a similar vibe. Loft always seem to have a million striped options. I'm particularly interested in this one.  Anyway, details:

Here's a not-at-all-awkward picture of the back of my shirt. You're welcome. I am also wearing a very old scarab necklace from Banana Republic: 

It's a good one. This Shashi version is a more delicate take but I am really loving this bejeweled version from Vince Camuto. If you're thinking, "but Adrien, I want a really intense scarab necklace" I give you THIS. My bracelet is Lisa Freede but this one at TJ Maxx is similar (and more interesting.)

This bag is my heart and it gives me a thrill every time I look at it. It's currently on sale again, because of course it is. For something similar, this Liebeskind bag looks quite squishable and this Cole Haan is really well-priced. My sandals, what you can see of them, are Birkenstock Gizeh in copper.

That's it! It'll be all summer dregs for at least another few weeks, so that's something to look forward to. 😭

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx New Arrivals.

The TJ Maxx website is super overwhelming and nearly impossible to search but never fear, I have done all the hard work for you and found some bargains among the new arrivals (and some of the not-really-new arrivals) I think are worth checking out:

Ooooh, jackets. I do love jackets and this BCBG leather jacket is such an interesting color! Also, I think the flappy parts zip off if you want a sleeker look. (I personally like the flappy parts, but it is versatile.) For something similar but way less expensive, the Blank NYC jacket Marianne and I both have is available for a steal:

How pretty is that cognac color? It also comes in a really nice dark teal. It runs a little big, just FYI. Now, bags: 

More Frye totes! This one is a very classic Frye cognac leather and will only get better as it ages. There's also this beauty:

Which is the coolest greige color and will go with everything in your closet unless you wear a lot of grey/beige, I guess. My final Frye pick: 

These boots are very classic and very beautiful and will look exceedingly cute with skinny jeans and a big cozy sweater. One day. When it's not summer. (We're looking ahead, here.) Fine:

These Vince Camuto sneakers are very on-trend and you can wear them right this second. Yay! Now, moving on to jewelry:

I keep wearing my labradorite drop earrings on the blog and these are so similar, but more streamlined. They're really inexpensive, too! But....

I'm also pretty fond of these little gold snake crawler earrings and I keep going back to see if they're still there. My final pick is going to be controversial, but hear me out: 

That's right, it's a bejeweled tiger necklace and it can ONLY make your life more awesome. Throw this on over a plain black top and watch people flock to you like like a moth to a glittery flame. It is magnificent and I will not hear your arguments against it. The end. 

PS. There's a bunch of Oribe products in the beauty section.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: Not Much, TBH

The weather this past weekend was glorious and I spent most of it riding a bike, so I didn't really do any shopping. (Also, I don't want to give the impression that I spend every weekend buying stuff because mostly I don't unless I do. Hmm.) Anyway, I did want to report back on my Sephora order anxiety from last week. Here's what I ended up getting:

I really wanted to try the Tatcha moisturizer and blog reader Meg's comment about The Essence was intriguing so I figured, why not just get the whole tiny set? So far I really love all of it, which doesn't surprise me. Tatcha has never disappointed, except by being too expensive. Here's everything you get in this set:

I haven't tried the mask yet but all the other products ar lovely and the kit is designed to work together. Plus, the packaging is so pretty! I am a sucker for good packaging. Today is the last day to use the VIB discounts if you have one, so get on it! If you don't have one, Tatcha's site has all kinds of great travel sets

Also, totally unrelated, if you are a Sunday Riley fan, get 25% off at Skinstore with code LABOR. Dermstore also has some good deals on Sunday Riley, Avene, R+Co and more! I am going to have to go lie down now. 

Friday, August 23, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Sale Time at Anthro!

If there's anything tempting you at Anthropologie, now might be a good time to get it. It's Anthro Day! This means 20% off of all clothing and home, and extra 30% off of sale items and 30% off select fall favorites. And free shipping on all orders all weekend long! They are super stingy about free shipping, so that's a good deal. Here's what I'm personally loving for fall (though please note: not all my picks are 20%):


Thursday, August 22, 2019

Review: Madewell Remi Mule (and Vince Newlyn sneakers!)

Spoiler alert: I don't love everything I order online. I received my Madewell Remi mules yesterday and I was pretty excited about them and positive that I would love them. Guess what? I do not love them. 

Okay, they look pretty cute in the photo but I accidentally ordered a half size up from my usual size so it was already a doomed purchase. (Why the H, Madewell? Why you gotta be confusing?) Right off the bat they were too big. This is absolutely my fault, but knowing I'd have to return them either way made me really think about how I felt. I am just less in love with them in person. They appear slightly too long and pointy and the colors in the pattern aren't as vibrant as I was expecting:

Somehow the stock photo made the grey sections look a bit purple-y to me but they are definitely just grey. The positive: These mules are really well made and the snake pattern is striking. The negative: they just weren't doing it for me. Back they go. 

NOW, I also got a pair of Vince Newlyn sneakers this week that I purchased secondhand. They are GREAT. So beautifully made, good thick suede and really comfortable: 

On Marianne's recommendation I sized down to a 7.5 (I usually wear an 8) and they fit perfectly. They are slightly narrow, so that is something to take into consideration. I just love the idea of a high top sneaker boot for fall and these fit the bill. I can't wait to wear them for real! They are available at Off Fifth and there's a great taupe version on Last Call that are clearanced out. 

For the rest of my outfit I'm wearing my new Athleta Zephyr tee and it's a just the best - so light and easy. I'm also wearing Madewell jeans which will surprise no one. Details:

Here's a dumb close-up to show you the contrast knit trim on my tee. Exciting, I know. I'm also wearing my Soko paddle pendant which is still available (but in a slightly smaller size.) 

It's hard to take photos of black suede, you guys. Just trust that these Vince sneakers are super great. I'm also still very much into my Miu Miu bag! It's back up to full price, so instead of posting similar items, I'm going to suggest you check out the Lo & Sons sale because our favorite backpack is now 50% off! I have the navy camo and use it everyday - it's completely replaced my work tote. (Also, despite the Hanover claiming it only fits a 13" laptop, I am able to squeeze my 15" in it with no issues.)

That's it! Two lame reviews in one blog entry. I am just such an overachiever. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

We Discuss: Fall Shoes, The Sequel.

M: Fall wish list so far: new sunglasses, shearling Arizonas, animal print mules

A: I want those snakeskin mules, shearling Boston clogs, and a really good raincoat. Oh, and I actually legit need a new striped shirt. I killed the one from J.Crew.

M: I’d like another drape-y trench type jacket maybe.

A: I love fall clothes even though summer is my favorite.

M: Oh and I want a new turtleneck sweater which is going to be a pain because I have something very specific in mind.

A: Is it made from the male tears of the patriarchy?

M: Ideally

A: I’m in

M: But also just heavy enough, but can also be tucked a little, good drape, not too thin, maybe ribbed.

M: I have a favorite grey turtleneck that’s too trashed to wear in public but I want to replicate it.

A: You might have to go fancy.

M: I might.

A: I still want those snakeskin mules, FYI.

M: 🙃

M: They are cute.

A: They are weird and interesting and unlike anything I own.

M: Obvi I’m a fan

A: *Brisk clap* Well, that’s done.

M: Haaaa

A: You talked me into it. very persuasive.

M: My loafer mules shipped! I really got the last ones!


A: I’m glad you didn’t hesitate.

M: Damn me too.


A: My eBay Vince sneaker boots arrived!

A: 😍 Too bad I can’t wear them for at least two months.

M: Yay! They fit?

A: They fit. I went down half a size as you recommended.

M: I’m glad you like them!

A: They're in great shape and now I feel like I stole them.

A: I keep trying them on and then sadly pulling them off.

M: My loafer mules came and I love them.

A: Such a good shoe happy endings!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Beauty Updates: I Know Nothing. (Also, I Am Cranky.)

Probably you think I know something about beauty and skincare since I've been writing about it on a blog for nine damn years. It's all a lie. I don't know anything! I am you. You are me. We get a 15% off VIB coupon from Sephora and suddenly we're scrolling through 800 different moisturizers trying to figure out which one will change our lives. Because surely one of them will, right? I just need THE RIGHT ONE.

What is it about a Sephora code that unhinges me? It's only 15% off! It's not even that good. And yet, I do need moisturizer (and probably some other stuff really) so why not figure all that out right now? Cool? Cool. Now, I had been using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and it's fine, despite the tub packaging which I don't love. When I ran out of it I bought a tube of The Ordinary's moisturizer and it's just...okay. It's not offensive but nothing about it is awesome either. What I really want is this:

Ooooh. I know. But if we're being honest, I want it because it's beautiful. It's a beautiful TUB of fancy cream. There's that tub again. Let's be practical. Maybe this one:

It's inexpensive, it's not in a tub, it seems popular. But, nothing about it feels life-change-y. I apparently expect a lot from moisturizer. And ooh, Sunday Riley has a face cream version of the CEO stuff I like:

I KNOW IT'S IN A TUB. I give up, okay? It's fine. I don't even care anymore. I hate Paula Begoun and her scammy site anyway. And listen, as always, I am open to your suggestions. Now, what about fun stuff? I would love a new lipstick - all of mine are so decrepit that Marianne is somewhere frowning right now and doesn't even know why. She can just sense it. Shhh. So, I love this gloss which means maybe I'd love this lipstick:

Isn't it fun and ridiculous? Or maybe something like this lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury?

I historically have a hard time with matte lipcolor but I am intrigued by this Pat McGrath set:

Finally, this is not lipstick but have you smelled any of the Tom Ford fragrances? They are AMAZING. I love this one quite a lot:

I also love the Jasmin Rouge but it only comes in Expensive and Crazy Expensive. Such is the way. Did you get a VIB coupon? What are you buying? 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: It's Starting, Isn't It.

Last weekend my friend Kate and I had a nice catch-up lunch which might have included a cocktail and then we wandered over to the Big Mall where all the danger stores live. First, we went to Athleta where I didn't need a damn thing. NOT ONE DAMN THING DID I NEED.

You can see where this is going, right? Suddenly I'm in the dressing room with a whole lot of things to try on. First, I tried on the Printed Rincon Dress, which I believe I mentioned back in June. They had it in the same weird black pattern as my shorts, so how could I not try it on?

I am currently between sizes, which was really apparent with this dress. Here it is in medium:

It's gaping at the top and there's a lot of material to deal with in the skirt. Still, it was super comfy and would travel like a champ. (I am a fan in general of this line - it's the same material as my Zephyr shell.) The size small fit better overall but was pulling a bit across the chest. I had to put it back because for the price, it should fit perfectly.

Kate, meanwhile, tried on the Brooklyn Ankle Pant and they are SO GOOD:

She was worried they looked too casual because they felt like workout pants. But that's the trick - they look like really nice cropped pants (that stripe down the side!) but feel like comfy workout pants. Magic. She also found, hiding in the back, the longer t-shirt cousin of our beloved shell, the Zephyr Tee:

We both tried it on and both loved it. It's not really a t-shirt - it's a woven top with knit trim that drapes really nicely and looks expensive on. (Which it should, because it's certainly not cheap.)

We both bought the Zephyr top and Kate also got the cute pants. I'm telling you, Athleta is really impressing me with the non-fitness clothing. So comfortable and stylish and perfect for travel.

We then went to Madewell, which is still really in full summer mode. Kate tried on jeans and I wandered around and was tempted by these cute earrings which I did not buy. The only thing I got (and Kate did too) is another Whisper tee in a color only redheads can wear:

It was an extra 30% off so ended up being $11 or something like that. Marianne got me hooked on these tees and this is my third one. Sorry, Everlane. After Madewell we fled the mall because all the money had been spent and we needed coffee. The next morning I got this from Kate:

Friday, August 16, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: New Arrivals at Madewell

UGH. YOU GUYS. The things I do for you. I decided to browse the new arrivals at Madewell purely for blog science and now I want, like, six new things. It's REAL BAD. I know it's still a billion degrees outside but my dumb brain is very confident that fall will be here any minute and don't I need to prepare? Ugh:


Thursday, August 15, 2019

We Discuss: Our Fall Shoe Obsessions.

A: You own Vince high top sneaker boot things before, yes?

M: Yes.

A: Do they run big? I am seeing all kinds of conflicting info on the Internets.

M: The ones I have definitely ran big.

A: These:

M: Those are the ones I have an in my experience they ran big.

A: Thanks! I might find a really inexpensive used pair and see if I like them.

A: WAIT. Goddammit, Madewell just sent me an Insider $25 off a $100 purchase.

M: gah

A: Fuckers. They know I want those snakeskin slides:

M: That’s so rude.

A: So incredibly rude.

M: Ugh I just got one TOO





M: 😭

A: They are so mean, I’m sorry.

M: I feel all panicky.

A: That’s what they want.


A: But those shoes are really cute.

M: I really love them and I checked and I have been talking about animal print mules since LAST fall.

A: Girl!

M: I mean I feel like it’s not an impulse purchase, right.

M: A year!

A: Just gooooo

M: I did.


M: Maybe???

A: They are not close to sold out but $25 off…

M: Dude I literally got the last pair of mine.

M: Now they say sold out.


M: This is my reward for going to the doctor this week.

A: Of course.

M: And not being told I’m dying.

A: Which you’re obviously not.

M: Tell that to my brain.

A: settle down, brain.

M: I am excited about my mules. Those and furry Arizonas are the two shoes on my fall wish list.

A: Yay! Good focus.

A: I still have my mules sitting in my shopping cart.

A: And... I just bought a pair of Vince Newlyn boots on eBay! Fall can start now.

M: Bite your tongue it’s still summer!


M: I already feel like it’s going too fast.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Just Something I Liked.

Sometimes I plan my blog outfits and sometimes (most times tbh) I get dressed in a hurry and rush out the door. Occasionally I will be pleased with my rushed outfit and take a quick photo so I can recreate it later for the blog. That's what you're getting today, more or less. Hooray? 

I'm technically wearing mostly black but they're different shades of black so I am feeling okay about it. My top is the Zephyr Shell from Athleta and it is really more of a washed black with darker black trim. I love this top because it weighs nothing and, despite being cropped and boxy, it somehow hits me just right. Oh, it also comes in a really pretty navy print! I like that one a lot. 

My jeans are Madewell and they're the thrifted jeans I mentioned on Monday! I am pretty stoked about them because they are SUPER black with no whiskering or distressing, so I've been wearing them to work and pretending like they absolutely are not jeans. Shh. They are such a good, pigmented black that they make my top look blue. (It's not, I promise.) 

We're supposed to have storms later so I threw on this absolutely not waterproof jacket, mainly because I miss it. It's Madewell et Sezane from a few years back. It's long sold out but this Madewell surplus jacket looks like a good substitute. If you want something that might actually be waterproof, this cute Columbia trench comes in a good olive green! On to details: 

Hey, I got a haircut and wow is my face SHINY. Anyway, I'm wearing the same jewelry I've been wearing all summer - my labradorite Panacea earrings (I couldn't find a similar but isn't this pair beautiful?) and my much-loved Dean Davidson tassel (sold out, but this one is similar.) 

Shoes and bag! This is a lot of pattern and I didn't entirely think this through but I don't hate it. My flats are Madewell Reid ballet flats and I really love them. This is my second or third pair of Madewell leopard flats and these are by far the most comfortable. I'm also carrying my Liberty of London Marlborough tote (link is to the bigger version) which I found on Poshmark. I typically carry it more in the fall/winter but decided I don't care anymore. That's it!