Friday, July 14, 2023

Reviews: Madewell Perfect Fatigue Shorts, AYR Tees and Deep End Shirt.

Almost all the clothing I’ve bought this summer has been easy and comfortable because I'm just not going to wear uncomfortable clothes anymore. I've mostly been looking for elevated basics, including some nicely cut t-shirts and at least one pair of casual-but-not-sporty shorts. I struggle with shorts - denim cut-offs are classic and fun (this is my favorite pair) but not always appropriate and definitely not comfortable for all day sitting. Also need at least a 4’-5” inseam or get the fuck out of here, you know? My thighs will chew up and spit out your sad little 3” inseam. I’m old! Give me some inseam! But not too much inseam! Anyway, I stumbled across this pair at Madewell and was like, these would be perfect if they had one and a half more inches of inseam and lo, Madewell has given me ONE AND A HALF MORE INCHES:

This is the Madewell Perfect Fatigue mid-length short! Listen, I know I’ve worn more flattering things in my life but I love a good pair of shorts in the summer and these have a satisfyingly high waist, a nice a-line flair to the leg, big pockets (the rear pocket fits my phone!) and just enough stretch to keep things comfortable. Plus, they come in two really good colors. I obviously bought the green and I am waiting for a sale before I buy the purple. (Update: code SUNDAZE works for 25% off!)

I’m wearing the shorts with my AYR The French Fry tee which is probably my most-worn striped shirt of all time. Yes, it’s too expensive but... I think it’s worth it based on how often I’ve worn it. I also bought a couple of the Sno Cone tees which are fantastic if you want a slightly cropped tee to wear with your high-waisted things. Here it is untucked so you can see where it falls on me:

Not so cropped that skin is showing, but cropped enough to give you a clean line, if that makes sense, and you can still tuck the front. I have it in a medium (which I’m wearing in that photo) and a large in the blue stripe for a bit more slouch. I also tried the All U tee but returned it because it wasn’t super special and was a little low cut for my prudish ways. So far, my AYR tees have stayed soft and the necklines have held their shape, so I am sold on paying up a bit for really nice tees that don’t lose the will to live after one season (looking at you, Madewell Whisper tee.)

Finally, I decided that I had to try the shirt with the cult following - the Deep End oversized cotton button up. Here it is right out of the packaging:

I am not generally a button up shirt kinda person but something about the crisp-yet-casual nature of this shirt really appealed and I wanted a few tailored pieces for work. I got a medium in white cotton (it also comes in linen and in a stripe) and it fits perfectly in an oversized way, meaning, I can button it up over a tank without any kind of gaping and it falls nicely without catching on my hips. I could definitely size down to a small, but then it wouldn’t be oversized. I’m still figuring it out but I do like it as an airy cardigan alternative:

Not bad, right? I'm wearing it with my excellent Madewell Emmett wide-leg crop pants! I posted about these on IG and they're currently sold out in the green but come in a few other colors. They're good! True to size and great for summer. 

What have you bought this summer that you really like? Do tell.