Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Sort of Like Spring

The weather has grudgingly admitted that spring might be coming so to celebrate I wore a lot of grey and some shoes that are not boots. Whee: 

That's cute though, right? I'm wearing a Joie blouse I bought for a song on Poshmark and I love it except that I can't button the sleeves because apparently I have giant man arms. (I'm just going to move the buttons, I guess.) There are a few of these on eBay and PM but you could go for something similar like this Joie blouse with long sleeves or this pretty floral with crazy sleeves or this short sleeve blouse with a good grey print. Or, you could go for a similar dark floral like this Gap blouse or this cute top from ModCloth.

Now, what I really want to talk about are the jeans I'm wearing. I bought them from Banana Republic because I missed having a pair of charcoal jeans and liked the fit of the jeans I'd tried on recently.  I ordered the Skinny Zero Gravity Ankle Jean in the dark grey wash and they are GOOD. They were 40% off when I bought them but stupidly are not on sale right this second. (Give it a day or two and they will be. Never buy full price at BR!) I also ordered the medium wash but they sent me the dark wash instead so I sent them back. Annoying. Anyway, the Zero Gravity jeans are great - they are really comfortable, have a reasonable mid-rise and they keep their shape. 

Have you checked out the Universal Thread denim jacket yet? YOU GUYS. IT'S NECESSARY. I'm wearing a size medium and I love that I can button it up comfortably. It also comes in plus sizes and in a lighter wash. I guess technically I'm doing a Texas Tuxedo but the denims are different colors and also who cares. Details:

This might be the worst detail shot of all time because you can't really see my necklace which is by My Precious Studio. (I talked about it in more detail here). I'm also wearing my Apple Watch because it basically rules my life. On to bag and shoe info:

I'm being boring with my favorite MBMJ bag which is a total workhorse. It can still be found at places like Gilt in various other colors and on NR in the lighter grey orrrrr you could get this beauty instead (which is not technically grey, but details.) If you are a more frugal person than me, this one from Topshop is stylish af.

Okay, my shoes. I've had these Chie Mihara mary janes for about a million years. I should probably retire them but I just love them too much. If you're a size 5, 5.5 or 11 please buy these red Chie pumps. Its mandatory. Otherwise you could do worse than this pair of red pumps from Boden and there's always the red Day Heel from Everlane.

That's it! Now go buy that denim jacket, y'all.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx is Sparking Crazy Joy.

TJ Maxx is so refreshing right now! There is a bunch of TRULY RIDICULOUS stuff on the site right now that is making me really happy. I mean, listen, even if I were a wealthy person I'd still be living in a van down by the river because I'd have spent all my money on delightful and absurd animal-shaped bags. Like this crab and this panda bear. I would be so happy in my van, you guys. Like, who doesn't want a bejeweled owl clutch? Nobody, that's who.

Okay, I'm going to focus now. Just for you I have scrabbled all through the TJ Maxx website to find the delightful things among the weird and WTF. Let's do this:

This Milly dress isn't inexpensive, but isn't it pretty?

Wear these with the Milly dress. Or with anything, really.

You're over your winter coats but still need a coat. This is your perfect spring coat.

This parrot clutch sparks crazy joy. I mean, come on. 

Rag & Bone! This is how you update your denim right here. 

You definitely need this kimono for swanning about or maybe for the pool.

A really nice leather dupe of the Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack.

I love the bright color + chiffon layers thing here. Floaty! 

Marianne says we can totally pull off a romper, y'all.

Silver sandals! Spring is coming! I promise! 

Okay, I don't know what the hell this is but I do know I love it. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

We Discuss: Our Draws.

M: Tell me about those Aerie draws—did you not like how high waisted they were? I have really got to find some new underwear

A: Yeah, too much rise for me. They were crazy.  I bought a bunch of different styles when they had a big sale.

M: I was looking at the Boybriefs.

A:  I tried a few different versions of the Boybriefs -some good, some too low.

M: Also intrigued by these:

A: I do have a pair of those. They're fine.

M: Just fine?

A: Comfy, not amaaaaazing because they slide down.

M: Hm

A: But they are comfortable

A: I have a couple pairs of the lace waistband bikini style and like those

M: Kk

M: Maybe I’ll just try a bunch

A: Yep, that's what I did - got a bunch of different styles

M: For 3.50 apiece and hopefully find my one true underwear

A: It was a while ago so I can't remember exactly what I got.

M: I hate that

M: Please let me find something that works because you would scold my underwear drawer like I scold your old makeup.

A: Haaaa. Underwear is hard!

M: The Aerie underwear, for the most part, is GREAT

A: Oh, good!!

M: I may place another order with my faves and just have a drawer of underwear I like, how novel.

A: I need to do another clean out because I have some SUPER sad shit in that drawer.

A: Which styles did you like?

M: I think we probably have different underwear styles but these were my #1:

M: I like all the boybriefs though but these the most

A: Those are cute! I’m not sure I tried that version.

M: But I also liked the real me ones that you weren’t sold on

A: I like those, I just find they don’t stay up on me. I got a medium and they’re REALLY stretchy.

A: Wait, I did get a pair of the lace boybrief and they’re pretty low.

M: Some boy briefs were a bit lower than others for sure.

A: The ones i like best are the bikini:

A: Though the ones I got were higher waisted.

M: High legs go up my butt because my hips are big.

A: I ordered mine last fall so everything has changed. I paid less than $4 a pair, though, and I’m pretty happy about what I got except for the high-rise stuff.

M: Yes I got one of those and they are kind of hilarious but it’s okay

A: The next time they have a crazy sale I’ll probably order up a bunch more. For the money they’re quite good

M: I agree

M: They are 5 for $25 right now but I got 10 for $35 and free shipping.

A: Dang!

M: But still, a good deal and I like them a lot more than the Target ones I’ve tried.

A: Ugh, I just filled an Aerie shopping cart full of underwear and fled.

M: Haha

A: I have TWO pairs of the style that doesn’t work for me in there. Like, what is wrong with my brain.

M: Adrien

M: No

M: Don’t do that

A: Oh, I’m not. I just added stuff I thought was cute and then was like, DUH.

A: I didn’t buy anything. Yet.

M: Haha

M: Update: I just went to Aerie and bought five more pairs of underwear and tossed almost all of my old ones

A: You're making me think hard about my underwear drawer.

M: It is refreshing to open it and not have to pick through pairs I don’t like as much.

A: I just threw away five pairs of sad old Hanky Panky underwear.

M: Yessss

A: I'd stopped wearing them but instead of tossing I just pushed them aside repeatedly.

M: It feels wrong to just throw them away! But so good.

M: When I packed I literally just grabbed 8 pairs of underwear without really looking. So freeing!

A: That is amazing. 🙌

Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Leather Moto Jackets.

Every now and then I get a crazy lust for a leather motorcycle jacket. But not just any leather motorcycle jacket - the PERFECT leather motorcycle jacket. Right now it's pale grey washed leather in a very traditional moto style. This jacket exists, but it's so far out of my means that it makes me want to cry. Anyway, here are some other moto jackets, mostly leather, a few not:



Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stuff I Like: Listening, Lighting, Eating, Chopping.

I like stuff! I have a lot to talk about but not a lot of time so I'm going to pick a few real quick and get going with it. But, before I do I just want to say that this month's Allure Beauty Box is SO SO GOOD but by the time I get it and try everything out in order to review it, the month is over. If you've been thinking about it, just go for it. (FYIL I don't get kickbacks, I just really like the box.) Now, on with the post:

These Dude Candles I Found At TJ Maxx
I found this odd line of dude candles at TJ Maxx that I completely love. You can see the varieties and scents here on Amazon but I found them in white glass containers for $4.99 at TJ Maxx, so I'd recommend that. They aren't crazy fragrant and the white glass is soothingly neutral and glows nicely when they burn down. The scents are pretty unisex - not too sweet or too musky, just a nice middle ground. I bought Polished and Charming and like them both. Also! With my Barney's gift card I got the Diptyque Feu du Bois candle and it is SO good. It smells like a wood fire in a good way.

This Other Podcast That Will Make You Buy Things
I have been blowing through episodes of Fat Mascara lately and it's really good! These ladies are actual beauty editors and, man, they really like their makeup. It can go a little woo-woo Los Angeles but I really enjoyed this episode with Molly Ringwald (did you know she's written a book?) and this one with Sarah Brown. It will make you want to buy things though, just be warned.

This Snack I'm Obsessed With
Marianne and I are both on austerity measures right now so we talk about food as much as we talk about clothes and makeup. She recently suggested these Nonni's ThinAddictives cookie things and you GUY. They're so tasty! They're basically very thin slices of biscotti and they're packaged in 100 calorie packs which I find insulting and also very convenient. You can just throw a pack in your lunch bag and you have a crunchy sweet treat for later. (I mean, they ain't doughnuts but what can you do.)

A Few Kitchen Things I Love
I haven't talked about kitchen stuff lately but I have talked about my favorite knife quite a bit. It's really worth spending money on the Wusthof Ikon line, I promise. It will change your cooking game. I recently got a birthday gift card to Crate & Barrel and used it towards the paring knife from that set and OMG who knew I needed a paring knife so badly? It's a great little tool. I had been considering the bread knife because mine is such crap but Marianne convinced me to buy this one from OXO instead and she was totally right, because getting serrated knives sharpened is hard and expensive.  The OXO bread knife is awesome and so inexpensive.

One more thing: please just buy the pre-cut squares of parchment paper. They are the BEST THING EVER. No more trying to cut the right size or struggling with the roll - the work is done for you. It's the best and I literally do not care if it costs more. It's worth it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Stop Making Me Buy Stuff.

I'm so suggestible, you guys. I posted a pic of a striped top I tried on at Banana Republic a few weeks ago and reader Ally was all, "You should get that" so the minute it went on sale, I totally did:

It’s the French Terry Balloon-Sleeve Couture Sweatshirt and it’s $35 right now! That’s a fair price for this top because even though it's technically a sweatshirt it's really just a very nice French terry top with crazy sleeves. So nice! I’m trying really hard to not buy it in the grey color as well.

It's hard to tell but the stripe is a very dark navy, not black. BR has a lot of really cute striped tops right now (and also one or two that made me do a Kermit face.) This one is cute and flirty and this one with the boatneck is a straight classic. I also like this little striped tee with the ruffle hem though I don't know that I could pull it off. 

Lucy stopped by to say hello. Isn't she getting big? She likes my shiny black jeans which are the Madewell High Riser Coated Skinny aka my favorite jeans ever. I wear them way too much but I love how they kinda look like leather. If you don't want to pay Madewell prices Gap has a nicely discounted pair of black coated jeans and H&M has a suuuuper cute pair with zip detailing. 

Looks good from the back! I mean, it says it right up there on the masthead. Duh. Details: 

I'm not wearing much jewelry today - just a Madewell necklace from a few years back. This Treasure Pendant necklace has a similar vibe and I like the Curvelink pendant as well. Such good minimal styles.

My bag is an old MBMJ Globetrotter Kirsten which occasionally shows up on eBay - this one in red looks pretty good. For other options, there's a cute blue MJ nylon hobo at Nordstrom Rack and check out this blue leather Liebeskind satchel! I also really love this blue suede saddle bag from French Connection. Gorgeous. 

That's it for today! Please stop making me buy stuff, you guys. It's really mean and I would never do that to you. J/K

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

We Discuss: Beauty Stuff

M: I DOUBLE MASKED tonight so that stupid podcast is working

M: I also used my sparkly oil

A: Hahaaaa

M: Which is so stupidly overpriced

M: And did not magically make me a goddess

M: But smells nice and the bottle is pretty

A: It's giving you joy

A: That's all it's supposed to do

A: I bought P50 PIGM and some face oil from The Ordinary

A: Stupid podcasts

M: It smells like sunscreen in a good way

A: I just bought really expensive foundation. Deleting all beauty podcasts.


M: Which one 🙈

A: By Terry Sheer Expert

M: Eep


M: Well, for her it might be but return that shit of it doesn’t work for you

A: Oh I definitely will

M: That’s what happened with me and the Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation

M: Which is also “the best”

A: Oh, fuck that stuff

A: I tried it

M: Hated it

A: I'll return if it's not life-changing

M: I want a full report

A: Of course

M: I have to go to Ulta and at least get a travel size of my CC cream while I figure out if I want to try something new

A: I found that cc cream too heavy for me - it never set

M: Yeah I have to use a brush and be sparing

A: Ah, yes

M: I’m also going to get the travel size of that Monsieur Big mascara

A: I gave in and rebought the Fairy Drops mascara

M: Nice

M: I will probably just rebuy Tarteist again

A: I think I'm getting that in my Allure box this month!

M: It’s good. I really like the brush and formula, not clumpy and you can really layer it on.

A: Cool.

A: I really have to stop buying shit.

M: Me tooooo

M: Ever wonder who shops in airports? People stuck in them

A: What did you buy?

M: Tinted lip balm at Kiehl's. This shit is good:

A: Ooh!

A: Oh! I forgot to tell you. After numerous emails and calls I did get my Jan Allure box with the full-sized Sunday Riley serum.

M: Well done!

A: There are a couple of things in the box I'll save for you as well

A: I have, like, four lipsticks for you to try

M: Oh yay

 A: Did you get that Sephora bold lip sampler box?

M: No

A: Spoiler: Most of them did not work for me

M: Hahahaha

Monday, February 19, 2018

We Discuss: More Universal Thread Stuff (Sorry/Not Sorry)

A: I'm at Target. Help.

M: Haha

A: The Madewell dupe jeans have potential, but I need a size down:

M: Oh those are CUTE

A: And this top is a thing:

M: I was curious about that one. So cute.

A: Like, goddammit, Target

M: Are those distressed jeans from there too? Shit.

A: Yes!

M: I might need that floaty striped top.

A: I also like this plaid shirt a medium amount:

M: I mean it’s fine. Pretty basic.

M: But if you aren’t sure don’t do it.

A: Do I get the striped top? So cute, not sure it’s me.

M: I really like it but it is a departure for you.

M: Dammit targetttttt


A: I just got the denim jacket. Gonna order the first pair of jeans.

M: Yayyyy twinz

M: The shoes:

A: Those are great!

M: They are perfect for $30 and fit my feet better than the Free People ones.

M: Just ordered two shirts and two pairs of earrings whoops.

A: Ha

M: Hashtag investment pieces


M: I got two new Universal Thread shirts came AND the earrings and they are all great.

A: Dammit Target

M: I’m not certain this top is the best cut for me but I like it:

M: And the floaty red stripe one you tried on is 👌🏻

A: Yes! That red top had to be yours.

M: Smaller than I expected but super cute for $8:


A: Now I kinda wish I’d bought the red top.

M: The red top isn’t going anywhere.

A: Oh! I got the Target Madewell dupe jeans.

M: Yay!

A: They're pretty good, though I'm not sure they do amazing things for my ass.

A: But $28

M: Yes but if you don’t love them return!!

A: I'll try them on again and maybe take obsessive pics to send to you.

M: I expect nothing less

Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale!

Happy Friday, y'all! To celebrate, Madewell is currently offering an extra 20% off all sale styles with code HAPPYDANCE. You know what to do:     



Thursday, February 15, 2018

Outfit of the Day: High/Low and Local.

Hey y'all! I am late getting an outfit post up but it WILL NOT STOP RAINING so it's been too dark in the mornings to get decent photos. Very annoying, I hate winter, etc. I realized that I hadn't worn my new black Mossimo moto pants for the blog so gonna take care of that right now:

If you're not a fan you're probably waiting for our love of the moto jegging to die a fiery death but SORRY/NOT SORRY I love my black pair as much as my olive pair.  I mean, I know they're a knockoff of the Joie version but for $30 I can't resist. They're really comfortable and hit me at the exact right place to wear with ankle boots. Plus, I love the zipper details.  Oh, and they come in grey too. And! The camo jeggings are on clearance now. Dammit, Target. 

I am also wearing one of my LOFT utility blouses which are one of those things that you don't know you need until you need. I have two and they're so easy! Machine washable, never need ironing, always ready when you need to grab and go. They have some good ones right now - I dig this tiny floral print and crap, how good is this striped version! I also love this tipped print and the bright red with the wide cuffs is kinda fun.  

Daniel says hi. He's never met a pair of black pants that didn't need a little more cat hair. Details:

My bag is my eBay rescued Marc Jacobs Paradise Rio that I still can't believe I scored. There's a bunch on eBay but I would go for this beautiful taupe version that's crazy cheap. My boots are...a story. Remember when I recently posted a new pair of Madewell Ainsley boots I found on Poshmark? They were perfect and beautiful and too freaking narrow for my dumb fat feet. I sold them because nobody needs painful boots. I'm wearing their replacement, the Cole Haan Landsman boot that Kate found at Costco for $20. I am not even kidding. And they're good! Not quite as sleek but much more comfortable.

And yes! Here is the awesome Universal Thread denim jacket. Marianne bought it and then I immediately copied her because I'm that friend. It's so good, you guys. I'm wearing a medium because I wanted to be able to layer under it and I love that I can button it up easily. The denim is soft and a little distressed and it's a total steal at $29.99. It looks and feels expensive. It also comes in a light wash

This detail picture isn't very good because it's hard to see my awesome necklace combo. I'm wearing two My Precious Studio pieces made locally by my friend Tere: 

The little silver wings I've had for years but I just recently bought the lightning bolt heart (small version here). It just needed to be mine! Here pictures are much better than mine, so please check out her her Instagram account. She makes the most badass jewelry that you can wear forever. Also, she has cute cats. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

We Discuss: Barneys and Fancy AF Candles.

A: So, Barneys thinks I’m a rich person, I guess?

A: Can’t be used for cosmetics. 😕

M: What the what!

A: I know! It’s kind of mean though, because what can you get at Barneys for $100?

A: Maybe sneakers?

M: Oh I could find some stuff. There’s no minimum?

A: Nope

M: Still I bet there’s a great white t-shirt you’d never spend that much on.

M: Ooh, that’s an idea

A: Options I thought of - fancy candles, sneakers, an overpriced but wicked cute Comme des Garcon striped shirt

M: Ooooh fancy candles.

A: So many fancy candles!

M: I’m a garbage person and I’d totally buy a fancy candle or two.

A: But the ones I love best are $200+ which is INSANE. IT’S A CANDLE.

M: Shit

A: But they have Diptyque which are lovely and reasonably priced by Barneys standards

M: How is Barneys still in business.

M: ANYWAY here’s a fine t-shirt but a candle may bring you more joy:

M: Unlike this which is SOLD OUT other than a size zero so:

A: Haaaaa

A: I’m going to do more looking around. My favorite was a cotton bralette for $90.

M: No no no

M: I mean I like this for like $20:

A: Yeeeeah

A: My other fav was…wait. I just need to show you:

M: Haaaaaa

M: I’ll make you that

A: It legit makes me sad that some dumb rich person would spend $85 on an #OMG paperweight.


A: Have it already!

M: Ha of course

A: This feels like a challenge.

M: I’m up for it

A: 😭

M: Fornasetti is a lie

M: Don’t do it

A: Oh, it’s too expensive - I would never!

M: Pretty tho

A: I mean, it can’t smell that great.

M: Nah it’s just for the container and even then its screen printed not hand painted.

A: Pshhhh

M: Just sayinnnnng I love Fornasetti but it kind of pisses me off.

A: No, you’re right, that’s ridiculous.

A: I’ll probably just buy a couple of Diptique candles after I obsess endlessly about the different scents.

M: That’s what I would do.

A: I mean, Basic Blogger for sure, but they feel fauncee and I’d never spend that on candles IRL.

M: I really love a fancy af candle.