Thursday, June 21, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Carrying, Eating, Watching.

This Dumb Serum That Actually Works.
Okay, I know I mentioned Sunday Riley C.E.O Rapid Flash Brightening Serum earlier this week in the context that I think it actually does something but I felt like it needed a bit more explaning - this shit actually does something. It's a vitamin C serum with glycolic acid and I have used it every day for the past three or four months and I am here to tell you that my face looks better. Smoother, clearer, slightly glowy. It ain't cheap but it's actually working so I shall soldier on with it. Oh, also, it smells pleasantly like a creamsicle which is not unpleasant.

This Phone Accessory That I Already Told You About.
I mentioned the Love Handle phone grip in a tech stuff entry I wrote last year but I was new to it and didn't sound overly enthusiastic. It was something Marianne recommended and I didn't fully appreciate it's wonder until I got an iPhone 8+. For the big phones? It's 100% necessary and will change your life. My hands ain't big and now I don't have to worry about dropping my phone all over the place. It's basically just an elastic strap so it's got a low footprint, which I really like. And, it comes in a bunch of coordinating colors so it isn't some obnoxious thing ruining up your phone unless you get the American flag version but please don't do that.

This Chickpea Salad Recipe That Kate Recommended.
Kate sent me this recipe and I liked so much I've made it two weeks in a row and have been eating it for lunch every day. Other than adjusting the mustard (less and dijon) I made it as written and ate it stuffed in a toasted wheat pita with slices of cucumber, radish and some baby spinach. It would also be great as a dip with some pita chips or Nut Thins or whatever you like. It's simple, inexpensive and delicious. Definitely makes four solid servings!

This Video Which Makes Me Sad But Is So Worth Watching.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Stuff I Bought From Loft

As promised, I've made up an outfit from the things I bought at LOFT last weekend, all garanimals style, despite the fact that it's way, way too hot to wear jeans. The things I do for you guys: 

But seriously, these are great jeans. More about that in a minute, though, because I want to talk about this top first. Obviously I've never met a striped top I didn't like but this one has just the right amount of drape and it's super light-weight. Plus, check out the back detail:

I love it! And it's 50% off right now. Loft also has a tank with cute back twist detailing and this cotton "sweater" is really similar. Oh, there's also this blue striped raglan tee and this cute striped top with twisty sleeves. Slow down, there, LOFT. Pace yourself. Anyway, I'm super pleased with my cute new stripes. Now, the jeans:

They are the Modern Skinny in grey and I am already planning how I'm going to wear these into fall and winter. they're so good, so comfortable, mid-rise, and very soft. (If you're between sizes, size down, as they have a fair amount of stretch.) I have lately been very into my boyfriend jeans but these are a really solid skinny jean! There is also a cropped version that is on sale and available in literally every size but mine because I guess that's just how LOFT rolls these days. On to details: 

Not much jewelry today. I'm wearing Luna Norte earrings (similar to these) and my Giles and Brother hook pendant which is an old favorite. On to bags and shoes: 

Old and new. My old blue MBMJ bag which I still love to carry. This MJ hobo is probably the closest in color but this Cole Haan bag has a very similar shape and a great price. My shoes are Kenneth Cole Hannon and they're on sale! Whee. They're really cute and have a very walkable heel. I bought them for a special occasion and Marianne was like, "they'll be cute with jeans." She was right about that, no surprise.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

LOFT Report: Not As Expected.

LOFT is a brand that really works for me unless it doesn't. It's complicated. I struggle with their sizing so it's always better for me to go to the store rather than shop online which is kind of a drag. Nevertheless, spurred on by the 40% off sale, Kate and I went to LOFT last weekend. Here's what happened:

I really went looking for this dress which I was totally going to buy but they didn't have it in store. Boo. Then I decided that these fringe cropped jeans looked promising and they come in all kinds of fun colors and guess what? Literally not one pair in my size in any color. I tried on the yellow in the next size up:

If you're looking for a cute pair of yellow summer jeans these are ADORABLE if they actually have your size. (I forgot to take a picture because I'm a terrible blogger.) I did take a picture of this blouse which looked pretty on the hanger but the sleeve length was challenging:

I also took a picture of this crazy floral dress that I posted not too long ago because I really love it in theory. IN THEORY. On me it looks completely ridiculous:

I mean, it's very much not my style already but I told Kate I thought it made me look like someone's crazy hippie aunt and she said, "No, it looks like you're wearing a crazy hippie aunt costume." She's right. It's a great dress for whoever can pull it off but I am not that person. (Also, I think it's too big.) 

The salesperson, trying to be helpful in finding me the fringe cropped jeans in my size, gave me a totally different pair of grey jeans that she claimed was the same cut. That's adorable. The fabric content wasn't even the same but I obediently tried them on anyway because good grey jeans are hard to find and I don't have a pair. Oops. Guess what? They're really great:

This is the pair. Anyway, they were 40% off and who doesn't need jeans in the middle of summer? 😬 Plus! They go really well with this top that I tried on and, dang, it's great too:

Look at that back detail:

IT IS SO CUTE (and 50% off right now!) so I bought it too. So to recap: went shopping for a dress and bought jeans and a top, both of which I forgot to photograph but I'll post an outfit tomorrow. Yay.

PS. Kate bought this lovely soft t-shirt dress which looks totally cute on her and looked like a sad sack of blah on me because I have no shoulders. The end. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

We Discuss: Santal 33, Olive Garden, and Hipster Mind Control

M: I just read this and have literal tears of laughter.

A: Dude. Santal 33.

M: You like??

A: Wait, what did you read?

M: Sorry, forgot the link.

A: Um, of course I like it. OF COURSE.

M: Hahahahaha

M: I bet money that Fred is like YOU SMELL AMAZING.

M: Men are reaaallly into it.

M: Men other than my husband.

A: It actually smells a bit like my Diptyque fig candle which makes zero sense.

M: That’s funny.

A: But yeah, it’s fucking dreamy dammit.

A: It dries down to this really subtle thing where it just smells like a better version of you.

M: Dude I know.

A: Lasagna wings with extra Italy!

M: There’s more Italy than necessary.

M: Secret soup!

A: I’m bad at pulling out individual notes, it just smells good.

A: Not the lasagna wings, the Santal 33.

M: Hahaha

A: Gluten Classico!

A: I’m mad that I like this perfume.

M: I told you!

A: I really wanted to not get the fuss.

M: Seven million hipsters can’t be wrong.

A: Yes, yes they CAN BE WRONG.

M: Unless it’s about Coachella.


A: But they’re right about this perfume.

M: Yup.

They are right about:
This perfume

They are wrong about:
Men wearing tank tops

A: Man buns.

M: I don’t mind a man bun.

A: I meant it for the first column.

M: Oh okay then yes they are right about man buns. And some beards BUT NOT ALL BEARDS.

A: Not neck beards!

A: They are wrong about Arcade Fire.

M: Sure.

A: Just trust.

M: They are right about jumpsuits and rompers. But they are wrong about denim underwear.

A: Wut.

M: Coochie cutters.

A: They are generally right about denim but yeah. No to that.

M: One way ticket to yeast infection town.

A: Dude.

M: Just saying.

A: On the fence re. rompers.

M: Your Britney needs to breathe.

M: I am fulllllly on board but more with jumpsuits than rompers only because they tend to be too short for me.


M: That’s us right there.

A: Me, anyway.

M: My mouth is full of secret soup.

A: Friend 4 says nothing.


A: But I paid $10 for a thimble of Santal and I’m not sure when I can afford my next fix.

M: I’m sorry man.

M: I tried to warn you.

A: I hope you’re happy, Ms. Canada.

M: Just one more person who smells like me! Eventually the mind control will kick in. I can only assume this perfume is actually made not by the French but the Russians.

A: Well, this is all starting to make sense.

M: I mean, it’s called THE LAB.

A: This is a Black Mirror episode.

M: That said did you know if you buy it in their shop they will put your name on the label???

M: 😍


M: So. Mind control schmind control.



A: There it is

Friday, June 15, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Rack Sale!

Ooooh, Nordstrom Rack is having their “clear the rack” sale - an extra 25% off all clearance items! There are a bunch of great bags on clearance so definitely start there! Here’s what I dig:



Thursday, June 14, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Let's Wear Black in the Summer.

Still shopping my closet with a vengeance! I am all about wearing black in the summer and I do already  have a couple of black summer dresses. This is one of them, which I bought last year at Loft:

Isn't it cute? Loft has some great black dresses this summer! Like this Loft tie waist dress which looks like your perfect dress up/dress down kinda thing. I also loooove this strappy cami dress which appears to be both chic and summery. Finally, this crochet trim dress is pretty similar to mine and very, very cute but there are only a few sizes left. Boo. (PS. 40% off everything at Loft!)

I look so coy for no reason at all. If Loft doesn't work for you, there are lots of great options. This ABS dress at TJ Maxx looks really promising and this black fit and flare dress from BR looks like a great pulled-together work option. Even the land of the neverending ruffle has managed to stock a super pretty black summer dress. Love that.

Annnnd, of course I threw my Universal Thread denim jacket over it all because that's how I roll these days.  (And OMG they have a white version? You guys. I might need that.) Details:

I'm wearing a fun little lariat necklace I got in a subscription box - I think it's Luv AJ. I found this one by the same brand that's quite similar but I really like this layered version better. My bracelet is Giles and Brother and I've had it forever! BR carries the silver version

Look, I know I carry this bag a lot but what can I say? It really works well for me and the color kinda goes with everything. Nordstrom Rack has the black version and I can't recommend it enough. That said, I really stress my, "go for the more interesting color" philosophy so there's also this taupe MJ hobo as a great price and this blue one that is REAL NICE. 

Aw, blue suede shoes! Always a favorite of mine. These are Kenneth Cole Harriet sandals from last year. They have a really manageable heel and tassels! They have tassels. They're hard to find but my first link goes to the blue pair in size 8 and there are several other colors at And, because I want you all to have blue suede sandals, check out this Sam Edelman pair! Perfection. The end. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Clearance Roundup

I haven't done this in a while! The TJ Maxx website hadn't been loading for me for weeks and weeks but it looks like they finally fixed the glitch so I pawed through a bunch of the clearance stuff and here's what I found:

I saved the best for first. Listen, this Aimee Kestenberg leather Otto tote is still on her website for full price, which is $268. Here it is in a beautiful vanilla color for $64. I am not kidding. There is also a black version but the vanilla is so beautiful, right? Right.

There's also this really nice taupe Lodis bag that I keep staring at because the color is unusual:

It also comes in black but you know how I feel about that. Don't disappoint me! Always go for the interesting this:

My cheap 'n cheerful option which is this Perlina tote which is also leather and a lot of fun and under $50 and legit the greatest coral color ever. So good. 

Now! Some jewelry. I know Satya zodiac jewelry has been around for a while but there's a bunch of it on TJ Maxx and it would make a nice gift. Here's Capricorn:

I also super love these beautiful Labradorite earrings that aren't, like, inexpensive but ugh:

In other accessory news there are a ton of well-discounted designer sunglasses on TJM and I really dig this Pucci pair:

They would totally look rad with this L*Space swimsuit coverup which is legit $15 and (apologies) nearly sold out:

The bargains, they burn! I also love this Joie dress that's a delightful deal if you wear size large:

SO CUTE. Finally, y'all know I like the weird BCBG dresses and this one could go either way:

I know, right? I can't decide but I think it's good? Wait! I found one more thing. Cute summer 7FAMK jeans for $49:


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We Discuss: Justin Bieber and Scent Memories.

A: I can’t swear to it but I think the Sunday Riley Vitamin C serum is actually working.

M: I’ve heard good things about The Ordinary vitamin C stuff too and it’s so cheap.

M: But the owner is going to destroy that company.

A: Yeaaaah. Down in flames.

A: Most vitamin C serums break me out but the Sunday Riley stuff doesn’t.

M: That’s good!

A: I have a few face oils from the Ordinary and they’re fine.

A: Cheap if nothing else.

M: Yeah

A: I was all excited to buy the RMS Beauty coconut cream and then I was like…wait. Is it really just an overpriced jar of coconut oil?

M: Yes, yes it is.

A: Thank you

A: She claims it’s like, super duper special organic artisan coconut oil but still. It’s just oil that I’m gonna wash right off my face.


A: Right, I know.

M: There is only so much you can do to it.

A: But Marianne, it’s special *raw* coconut oil.

M: riiiight

M: If anyone believes that, I have a bridge to sell them.

A: I am actually in the market.

M: It’s got great views.

A: Will it give me a glowing complexion?

M: duh

A: Anyway, I am actually almost 100% positive that this Sunday Riley stuff is making my face look better. Just smoother and more…something. Brighter?

M: That’s awesome.

A: Has the Ordinary guy done anything stupid lately?

M: I haven’t been keeping up tbh.

M: There was some crazy letter after the royal wedding.

A: He’s a peach.

A: Ooh, my Le Labo Santal 33 sample has shipped.

M: Yay!

A: I don’t want to copy you and everyone but I HAVE TO KNOW

M: Hahaha

A: I love that all the articles about it are like, “That perfume you’re smelling everywhere!” And I’m like, do you understand I live in Virginia?


M: Well even here in Knoxville I’ve had a few people ID it immediately.

M: Which is a bit of a drag but I love it so whatever I guess.

A: Interesting! I am usually up on this stuff but had somehow never heard of it.

M: It is literally all over Brooklyn.

A: Some things are popular for a reason.

M: Like every single man and woman wearing it.


M: And I’m like how are all these children affording $200 perfume.

A: That was a question I had as well.

A: But I’m an idiot who paid money for a decanted sample so.

M: Ha, that’s what I did first!

A: I got the idea from you.

A: So, your fault.

M: Now I have a bottle but I honestly wish I had just gotten the balm oil rollerball because a rollerball is so much easier to carry with me.

M: I only remember to spray it on myself half the time so I decanted a bit of my own bottle into a rollerball.

A: Smart! If I love it I’ll probably start with a rollerball. I have commitment issues with fragrance.

M: I get that. I mean I just spent like a year trying to find a signature scent and it’s apparently everyones signature scent.

A: Justin Bieber wears it.

A: I am sorry.

M: Haha that’s okay.

M: I bet he smells great!

A: Bieber has notes of tattoo ink, privilege, crisp Canadian dollars and Santal 33.

M: My boss texted me from Atlanta where she was seeing Hamilton and was like someone here smells like you!!

A: Ha!

M: Honestly I don’t care.

M: I love the way it smells and I love being told literally every day that I smell amazing.

A: That is a LIFE GOAL.

A: I’m sure millions of people wear my favorite Jo Malone perfume - it’s not a secret.

M: Exactly! So I will wear it forever and there will be other trends and eventually it will be Mine.

A: You just need to wait it out.

M: And my kids will be like my mom always smelled amazing when I am very old and die.

M: It’s good to have long term plans.

A: I really like that you’re planning your scent memories now.

M: Better to focus on that rather than the world going down in flames.

A: So true.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Stuff I Want: Summer Edition

You guyyyyyys. I want to shop for summer SO BADLY but I'm moving in a few weeks (did I mention this?) and I'm really trying to be financially frugal because the moving guys kinda expect money or something? I don't know. So, other than the amazing sale boots from Madewell and a pair of awesome silver Birkenstocks I really haven't bought much of anything new for summer and I TOTALLY REALLY WANT TO. I have a running list, obviously. Here's what I wish I could buy right this second:

White boyfriend jeans. I have, um, mentioned this a few times already. This is getting kind of sad that I keep talking about it and not doing it but I haven't found them yet! I am scouring Poshmark for a Madewell pair but I am also considering these from BR:

And these from Old Navy:

Denim jacket. Okay, this next one is a want not a need but I have gotten so much wear out of my Universal Thread denim jacket that I kind of want another denim jacket. I am in love with this one from Madewell:

It's the copper buttons and the wash. I just can't stop thinking about it. I am also quite interested in this white denim jacket from Old Navy:

The added benefit of this one is that it can be worn with jeans without being all Texas Tuxedo. (Right? Right.)

Summer dress. I also want one cute new summer dress and Loft is usually my go-to for such things. I think it might be this one, which I've posted before:

 But then I saw this one and was like, YES THAT TOO:

I think it's technically a bathing suit coverup? Who the hell knows. Don't care anyway.

Fun top. I want another fun summer top that I can wear with my fictional white jeans or with jorts. This one from Anthro is so cute:

But knowing me, it'll probably be something like this from Loft:

I mean, that tiny star print? Please. I must have that, right? I am filling up online shopping carts right and left but buying nothing. YET. UGH.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Rough Week.

This has been a rough week, right? I am just feeling sad and tired today and I figured we could all probably use some cheering up, so I picked a bunch of stuff from Anthro that's ridiculously cute or fun because the world is dark enough as it is:



Thursday, June 7, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Listening, Eating.

Hi! I have recently liked some stuff so here you go;

This RMS Palette That Didn't Disappoint Me.
So, listen. I ordered this palette even though the reviews weren't glowing and one of y'all was like, "it will disappoint you." I FULLY expected to return it. It arrived and, indeed, it was pretty small and lacks a mirror which is almost unforgivable but I decided to give it a try and you know what? I fucking love it. I have used it every day! The Magic Luminizer is a bit warmer and creamier than the Living Luminizer so it's great for summer. Both the Lip2Cheek colors make great blush and the Buriti Bronzer is pretty nice as an eye color. (I haven't tried it as a cheek color yet.) The plain lip balm is the only thing I don't love. It's fine, just not special. Anyway, I am happy I bought it and it's been a nice way to try out some of the other RMS products.

This Podcast Episode About Kate and Andy Spade.
I listened to this episode of How I Built This last fall when it came out and it made me really like Kate Spade and her husband. It's such an interesting interview! I'm glad they reposted though in retrospect its really sad, too. You just never do know what people are going through.

This Summer Recipe That Is Delicious and Cheap.
I made this Lemony Cucumber Couscous recipe pretty much as written and it was great! Super easy  delicious, and inexpensive. I had it over some salad greens with Trader Joes jalapeño chicken sausage and have been eating the leftovers for lunch. It's pretty simple, so I think I'm going to add chickpeas next time (and maybe some fresh dill or basil.) So versatile! I love pearl couscous and this recipe is going to be my summer go-to.

This Body Oil That Smells Like Summer.
Kate bought me this Nuxe oil when she went to Paris a while back and it's really quite wonderful though the the "fancy suntan lotion" scent is one of those love it or hate it things. (I love it.) It's a bit strong by itself but I recently discovered that if I mix a little bit with my unscented Aveeno lotion it sheers it out just the right amount. And my skin glows! I am basically a French lady now.