Monday, July 31, 2017

Adrien: More SHORTS.

I know a lot of people are very anti-shorts and I'm going to assume those people do not live in the south. I love a breezy little dress, of course, but sometimes I just need a good pair of shorts and nothing else will do. These Loft shorts have been making me real happy:

Loft has been such a game-changer for me this summer! When they marked the shorts down to $12 last week I ordered another pair in the pomegranate color because yay for red shorts. The price is now arbitrarily $24.88 but give it a day and I'm sure they'll be half that again. (I don't understand their pricing AT ALL.) The shorts come in a bunch of solid colors as well as a zebra print which I think is absurdly cute, and this fun floral which is also really cute even though it's pink. 

I'm wearing the shorts with one of my favorite Old Navy tanks from last year. I have two of them and they're just super comfortable and floaty because of the split back. The only split-back tank they have this year is a yoga/workout tank but I found this sweet linen split-back tank from 7FAMK that's a really nice upgrade. Old Navy does have some other simple swing tanks and one cute striped tank.

It's breezy! So nice when you want to wear something floaty but still want to wear a regular bra. Here's a close-up of the Loft Riviera shorts in putty blue (they're not blue): 

They are super comfortable with a nice, wide waistband. I went with my usual size but they do run a bit big. I prefer a bit more room (and can throw them in the dryer without worrying about shrinkage) but if you're between sizes, definitely size down. On to details:

Both my necklaces are from Madewell from last year, but I'm currently in a long distance relationship with this Treasure Pendant Necklace which needs to go on sale so we can be together. The Curvelink Pendant Necklace is fairly similar as well. For my tiny star necklace (which I just realized has flipped up), you could definitely do worse than this little star at Express or this more delicate version from Gorjana.

Still loving the dark grey/gold hardware look of my new MBMJ hobo. Who says you can't have three of the same bag? I am absolutely not stuck in a rut. Nope. Nordstrom Rack still has this bag in several colors and they also have a Joie flash sale which has nothing to do with bags, I just thought you'd want to know. My sandals are, of course, my Birkenstock Gizehs in copper which is all I apparently wear anymore. It's a sickness, I'm sorry. Asos has the Gizeh in a dark silver metallic and you can still get the copper in the Arizona style, which is damn cute. OR, if you want a copper sandal but refuse to Birkenstock, go for this pair by Urge. I'm all about the options. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Hurting My Feelings.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has be A TEST, you guys. I haven't (yet) ordered a thing but there's lots of stuff I have my hairy eyeball on. Boots! Pretty things! Beauty exclusives! Ahhh! It's frustrating. (In other sale news I should mention that LOFT is also clearing out a bunch of stuff and my very favorite shorts are now $12, which is a steal. Just saying.) NOW, back to the Nordstrom sale. Here's a sampling of what's torturing me:



Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stuff I Like: Marianne's Pajamas + Reading, Watching and a Whole30 Update.

Marianne Wants To Tell You About These Pajamas
PAJAMAS. I am a Clothed Sleeper, y'all. More power to you nudie patooties, or even you undies and a t-shirt sleepers, but I sleepwalk and have small kids and I just like to be covered. However, I also like to sleep under a heavy down comforter and it's hot. Let's not think too hard about how it took me well into adulthood to figure this out, but: short pajamas! They are so cute, so comfortable, and have a way of making you feel like maybe you have your shit together. I have two pairs that I currently love.

First up, these Loft pajamas are my FAVE and 50% off! I bought another pair, because they are perfect. Crisp, cool percale and a cute cute pattern. Here's a super dorky picture of me in them:

Second, these Nordstrom pajamas that are completely sold out and you can't even see the pattern I bought because the anniversary sale is stupid. They are a super soft jersey rather than crisp percale and very comfy, though I find the percale a little cooler to sleep in.

I took a large in both of these because that's closer to my size on the bottom and I would rather have a looser top than tighter bottoms! Your mileage may vary! But get on the short pajama train this summer either way. Toot toot!

1Q84 Is Taking Some Time 
My friend Ann recommended that I read Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 and I'll admit that at first it was slow going. It took me a few chapters to really fall into it and the pacing is a bit slow and quite deliberate but now I'm super intrigued by the story and am committed to finishing it. I will say it's not an "easy" read but I'm really curious how the two stories (because it's really two stories, told in alternating chapters) about two characters experiencing a parallel existence, will come together.

I Don't Care About Pro Wrestling But Glow Is Amazing
After a third person asked me, "Have you watched Glow yet?" I finally gave in and binged it on my vacation last week. Initially I wasn't interested because pro wrestling was never something I was into but damn, this show is really good! It's fun and awkward and Alison Brie is a freaking cameleon. It will also suddenly make you care about women's pro wrestling and how badass and groundbreaking these ladies (the real ones) really were. Plus, the show's got some great 80s moments that fellow GenXers will appreciate.

Bonus - Whole30 Update In Which Nobody Has Died
A few people have asked me how my Whole30 has gone and I thought I'd give a quick update. I am officially on day 23 and for the most part it's gone really well! It's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be but I think it helps that I already eat in a fairly healthy manner. Plus, I like to cook, I don't drink soda and I rarely eat fast food. Still, it's been a huge adjustment to making sure that every single thing I eat is compliant. You have to read every label. EVERY LABEL. It gets real boring.  So, three weeks in and here are the physical benefits I've noticed:

  • I am sleeping like a baby without the aid of any kind of of drug. This is huge for me! I've been having trouble with sleep for the past 7-8 years and lately I've been falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night.
  • My skin suddenly looks really nice. I haven't had any rosacea outbreaks for the past couple of weeks and very few breakouts. Overall my face looks better than it has in a while.
  • My GI issues are definitely much improved! I won't go into details but things are better.
  • I'm pretty sure I've lost a little weight. I'm not allowed to weigh myself until after it's over, but my pants are definitely looser.

I have more to stay about the mental benefits but I figured I'd do a wrap-up about it next week.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BUY THIS (Because I'm Poor): TJ Maxx Clearance Finds Under $20.

Hi! I am feeling poverty stricken lately because of a bunch of not-huge but definitely unexpected expenses. Yay. When money is tight but I'm feeling shoppy, I go all super-bargain and look for cheap thrills. I've pawed all over the Summer Clearance Event at TJ Maxx and found a bunch of good stuff that's all under $20.

Now is the time to stock up on cute summer tops. This one by Chelsea and Theodore is only $15. 

This embroidered top by RXB is $12 and damn, so cute. Sleeve tassels! 

I love my Lisa Freede hinged bracelet and this one (in three colors) is now $12. Retail was $103!

There's also a pair of Lisa Freede Starburst earrings that match. $10! 

How pretty are these Louise Et Cie earrings? Why aren't they mine? Originally $98, now $15. ($10 in pyrite.)

How's your cardigan game? Is it weak like mine? This $15 striped cardi solves that problem. 

My favorite dress is still available in small but this one by Cable & Gauge is available in more sizes. Both $15. 

This Cynthia Rowley tank dress is such a good basic and the hem gives it interest. Only $15. 

Another Lisa Freede find! This Open Pave ring is ridiculously fun and only $12, which is how it should be. 

Want one of those fun strappy bras but don't want to pay $60? This X by Gottex bra is $10! 

This one is also pretty damn cute! Ugh, I want both. $10! I can't even.

PS. There is a bunch of high-end makeup in the clearance section - NARS, Vincent Longo, By Terry, YSL, Cle De Peau! There's also some good makeup deals in the regular section, including Jane Iredale and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I am going to take a nap, now.

bye bye

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Beauty Review: LashStash To Go.

Mascara is just one of those things, isn't it? If you wear it you want it to be All The Things and there are so many different kinds and who knows if it's THE ONE. And, if it is The One it will absolutely be discontinued and then you have to keep looking.

My current favorite is still FairyDrops Platinum (reviewed here) mostly because it stays on through everything - workouts, eye rubbing, all of it. It's basically impossible to remove but I just deal because it's otherwise perfect. It's also really freaking cute.

That said, my current tube of FairyDrops is nearly empty/dried up so I thought I'd cheat on it with some other options by way of Sephora. I was quite intrigued by this LashStash To Go sample set:

I'd already tried the Buxom and the Lancome but not the other three. Plus, I love mini mascara because you can actually use them up before they dry out. The best part - it comes with a voucher to get a free full-sized tube of your favorite from the set! That's just good math, so of course I bought it.

Now, if I were a good beauty blogger I'd be posting closeups of my eyelashes but every time I've done that they all end up looking exactly the same. My lashes are the saddest. So! Instead I'll just give you my thoughts on each:

BUXOM Lash Mascara  
This one is fine. It's not groundbreaking but it's a decent mascara with one of those rubbery wands. The formula is very black but a little thin, so two coats are crucial. It's fine and I'll use it up but it didn't wow me.

Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara 
This is good stuff! I've used it before and really like it. The wand is pretty traditional and has a curve to it, which I think helps to get that little wing out on your outer lashes. The formula tends to be a bit clumpy (I have to wipe the wand a bit before applying) but it's super black, very volumizing and holds a curl.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara 
This one! Totally my favorite of the five. It's surprisingly great - makes my lashes longer and fuller and the formula is just right - not too thick or too thin. If you're like me and have a hard time applying mascara correctly, this is the mascara for you. It's easy to work with and looks great. My only wish is that it came in a waterproof formula because it ends up flaking off by the end of the day.

Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara 
What a crappy mess this one is. The first time I pulled the brush out it was so super-coated with mascara that I thought something was wrong with the tube! I had to stick it back in and scrape some of it off to even come close to being able to apply. The brush is huge which makes it difficult to apply (forget using it on your lower lashes) and I kept getting mascara all over my brow bone. It's just awkward af. Maybe this is better in the full size but I will never know because I'd never buy it.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes  4-in-1 Mascara 
This one is okay but nothing to get super excited about. I like the formula but it flakes off and ends up under my eyes at the end of the day. Definitely not one to wear if you have a workout. The brush is standard and the packaging is cute.

I am pretty sure I'll use my voucher for the Urban Decay mascara as it's definitely the winner of this bunch. Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Adrien: One Dress, Two Ways. Sort Of.

Not long ago I talked about a trip to Loft and a dress I bought while I was there. This dress:

This is the Crochet Yoke Dress which I am super happy with. I am a fan of wearing black in the summertime and I've decided it's unexpected and therefore chic. Plus, this is one of those great low maintenance dresses that can easily go casual or dressy, as I'm about to show you. Blog Science! 

If you missed this dress, there's always a similar option or ten. I am dying for this Embroidered Split Neck Dress. So great! And this Lace Yoke Swing Dress is similar and so is this pretty Floral Lace Yoke Dress. I should also mention that the Ruffle Back Dress is really flattering and is crazy cheap on clearance. (Regret!)

You might have noticed I kicked off my Birkenstocks and decided to wear this dress like a grown-ass lady in my fancy blue suede sandals. Blog Science: Wear fancy shoes with a casual dress. I'd definitely wear this to a party or dinner out. 

Haha, j/k the Birkenstocks are totally back on my feet as I'm just going to meet a friend for lunch. I am really, really tired of my sad-ass droopy cardigans so I threw on my Old Navy chambray shirt instead:

It's pretty flattering if you knot it up and will keep you from freezing to death when the a/c is too cold. You could also do this with with something a little nicer, like this linen oversize boyfriend shirt from Gap. Blog Science: Wear a shirt as a cardigan because nobody has ever thought of that before. Details: 

I'm wearing this fun little Luv AJ necklace that I got in a Box of Style last year. They have a few similar styles of lariat necklace but I really love this Rebecca Minkoff version and this delicate Gorjana version that's on sale!  My leather cuff is an old favorite - handmade by Fisticuffs Leather.

I just talked about my copper Birkenstock Gizehs last week but I'm still wearing them nearly every day. Money well-spent! I do highly recommend the Gizeh in leather with the soft footbed - they are way more comfortable than my Birko-flor pair (which are still pretty damn comfortable.)

My bag is, of course, my MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo in cement! Nordstrom Rack has a bunch of bags in this color still, including a couple of hobos. 

I also recently talked about my new Kenneth Cole Harriet sandals which are currently on sale on Zappos. They are a delight, plain and simple. Wear them with any old thing and you'll instantly look more fancy. I mean, blog science, right? 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: Madewell Sale!

FINALLY. Right now Madewell is giving an extra 30% off sale styles (online and in store) with code THINKBIG plus 1.5% cash back with eBates! Here’s a list of what I like, with the addition of the Prague satchel which I couldn't get to show up in the widget, but it was too beautiful to exclude!



Wednesday, July 19, 2017

PSA: These LOFT Pants Are A Revelation.

M: I literally just panic shopped a new wardrobe for Texas. It's going to be so hot.

A: It hard to dress for humidity!

M: These Loft pants are surprisingly great btw:

A: Oh, so cute! I need to hit up Loft soon.

M: They are as comfy as pajamas and not jeans. I have too many jeans.

A: I don't have any pants that aren't tight. I might order them.

M: I have it in my head that tight is more flattering but I think I might be wrong.

M: Oh and I got these Anthro shorts for $20 to wear with an oversized linen t-shirt.

A: Anthro is dead to me. Ordered a pretty silk dress and they send me droopy pants. Nope.

M: I like the pants.

A: They aren't even my size!

M: 🙈

A: I hate Anthro tbh. Your shorts are cute, tho.

M: #victim

A: #ipaidforthis

M: The shorts are super comfy.

A: The Loft pants just arrived! Can I get an opinion?

M: Sure!

A: They are very, very much outside the zone of what I usually wear.

Turrible photo type I inflict on Marianne.

M: Oh I think they are super cute.

A: They're crazy comfortable.

A: Pants that don't try to cut me in half? The idea!

M: It's a revelation.

PS. Get 40% off everything at LOFT with code SUMMER17 plus 4% cash back with eBates

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Says It's Fall Now.

Because I am the creeping creeper than I am I have been busy rooting through the new arrivals at TJ Maxx to make sure no good bargain goes undiscovered. Thank God I'm here or you might miss out on this Charging Pom with Eyes. (But seriously, can someone please buy that? It's giving me the sads.)

Things over at TJM are confusing right now because the fall stuff is starting to roll in and my body is recoiling from the very idea. IT IS JULY RIGHT NOW. IT IS VERY HOT. BUT! WHAT ABOUT THESE RAG AND BONE LEATHER LEGGINGS:

I actually would love to own a pair of leather leggings and, while they seem wildly expensive for TJM, check out the original price. I mean, right? You are saving a bundle and owning those leather leggings will basically mean you're a French fashion magazine editor now.

There are a couple of bags I want to talk about, both of which are non-leather options. This is a Foley + Corinna satchel that initially confused me because I didn't know they made non-leather bags:

It's a really nice looking satchel and under $40, so hard to beat that. There's also a nylon version of the MBMJ Natasha for $99.99:

This seems seems slightly overpriced to me (the leather version was $144) but it just got listed so I'll keep an eye on it for future markdowns.

The other items I saw that I thought worth some thought were two really damn nice looking leather jackets by BCBG. This blush suede jacket is very on-trend and could be worn any season:

...when it's not 100 degrees. So, like, not right now but later for sure. I am personally eyeing this burgundy moto jacket which is my heart's desire, or will be in October when it's completely sold out everywhere:

PS. In other shopping news, if you download Shop Spring's new app you get 20% off with code SPRINGAPP20.

Don't Forget me.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Adrien: Vacation Mode.

I'm off work this week which mostly means nothing except I might sleep in instead of posting. It happens. Luckily I remembered to take pics from the outfit I wore last Saturday when Kate and I went to see the YSL show at the Virginia Museum. (If you live nearby you really should make an effort to see this show! So incredible.) ANYWAY, I wore this:

Not fashiony at all but nice than cut-off shorts, right? This dress is my version of Jeanz 4 Teenz!  I bought it in the teen section of Marshalls because of course I did. The brand is Thyme & Honey which is basically only a thing in discount land so I scampered over to TJM and immediately found the sister wife version of my dress. Huh. Well. 

Wait, come back here! I can do better. What about this cute space dye dress at Zappos? Or this Aster dress at Eddie Bauer which looks crazy flattering. Or, if you desire a little sleeve (though I agree with Marianne that we should just stop feeling bad about our arms!) I really love the simplicity of this cute t-shirt dress at JC Penney. And, if you are not a fan of space-dye but still want cute weekend dresses, check out Joe Fresh for under-$30 options. This lace print is cool, I adore this sweet floral and y'all know I love a stripe. Play clothes for everyone! 

Real talk for a second. Even though I'm always telling you to wear a slip under dresses, this one is really too short for that. I generally wear Hanky Panky thongs but without a slip it can lead to the dreaded thong-suck. You know what I'm talking about, we've all seen it. So, my solution is the Vanishing Edge underwear by Soma. They have some cute options but mine are mostly this un-sexy style in a neutral color. You have to kind of place the edges but once you do they do not budge and do not show. (Note: these are not the undies to wear when you'll be sitting all day because those little silicone lines will eventually hurt you.) Details: 

I'm wearing my favorite Giles & Brother fish hook pendant which is long sold out but this beautiful little version by Miansai is on sale! I also dig this G&B Cortina necklace at TheRealReal. My bracelet is Lisa Freede and is really similar to this Vita Fede version but man, that is expensive. I'd go for one of these Lucky Brand bracelets instead.

Shoes and bag! OH MY GOD THESE BIRKENSTOCKS. They are the Gizeh in copper and by the time I'd saved up for them they were all sold out. You can still find the copper in the Arizona and Madrid style but sizing is really limited. I ended up buying my pair (new in box) on eBay which thankfully worked out great. You can also still find them a few places in silver, which I dig. Anyway, they are a revelation. The soft bed leather Gizeh is REALLY nice and I have basically worn them daily since they arrived. I love them.

My bag is an old MBMJ and it's still the bag that gets the most compliments. There's still this bright blue MJ hobo at Nordstrom Rack! Just saying. You could also be fiscally responsible and buy this Liz Claiborne version instead.

That's it for today! Have a good Monday everyone.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekend Window Shopping: That Nordstrom Sale.

Look, I know. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale hasn't even technically started (unless you have a card, though please see my pro tip* at the bottom) and you're already tired of it. I KNOW. But, if I don't talk about it then I'm not doing my job, so I'll just talk about the stuff on sale that I have bought myself or at least have have tried out. Solid recs, I promise!

First, the main thing I buy at this sale is underwear because that shit is expensive and doesn't always go on sale except in weird colors. Everyone except me loves this Natori bra but this one is more my speed:

Also, if you want a pair of pretty underwear that is just nice underwear, the Natori Bliss Perfection are nice and quite comfortable. I also stock up on my favorite Hanky Panky thongs because they are NOT CHEAP BUT I LOVE THEM:

I know, I know. But I love them. There is no substitute. There are also many fine Spanx products included in this sale, including these faux leather leggings that Marianne loves to death:

I bought a pair at the end of last winter and found them a bit challenging. Maybe you should buy a pair while they're on sale and we can figure them out together? I also have these Spanx denim leggings which work great with tall boots and y'all know that Spanx tights are the absolute best. I have four pairs.

Speaking of Marianne, she bought this amazing Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack last year in a really nice tan with fringe and now it's back in a crazy metallic, an unspeakable velvet, a really gorgeous olive nubuck and this dreamy, dreamy grey color:

It made me gasp, I won't lie. I just freaking LOVE IT. WHY. YOU GUYS. UGH. I will move on. 

There is a bunch of Madewell stuff available including jewelry! I don't have this particular pair of earrings but I love all the Madewell jewelry I own and I would very much like these hoops in my life:

Now, let's talk about these Zella high waisted leggings. They are black leggings. They do not have mesh, they are not fancy. They are, however, very good quality and very comfortable and I wear my pair to the gym but also in life because that high waist just holds alllll my winter fluff in and I appreciate that:

There are some fancy Zella leggings and crops included in the sale if you need more excitement in your legging wardrobe but my eye was caught by these Zella Soul 3 pants because they look so comfortable! Not everything has to cling, you know? 

In the beauty section I got really excited about the Jo Malone mini sets though this one is by far the best one:

You get Wood Sage & Sea Salt and it's my absolute favorite! The other set is all about florals which are lovely, but not for me. 

Finally, if I got you all curious about Diptique candles, this little set is a really great way to try some out some of the most popular scents: 

(Or, you could gift them out at the holidays but what fun is that? Dammit, it's July. Treat yo self.)

*PRO TIP: I saw this posted on a couple of blogs last year and it worked to get me access to the sale early: A generic code you can use: 3012, last name as NORDPRD and billing zip code of 80111 and then you can use another method of payment.

Hopefully it still works! I was able to put things in my basket and I don’t have a Nordstrom card so give it a try if you don't want to wait for July 20th Good luck!