Friday, March 30, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: More Target Picks.

It's no secret that Marianne and I both love the Universal Thread line at Target. It's just really good and has an easy, casual summer vibe that make us long for summer. We both have and love the denim jacket and Marianne has the cutest earrings that I keep thinking about. Here are some other picks from the line that I think would be great for spring and summer:



Thursday, March 29, 2018


I have these lovely new short-sleeved tops to wear and the weather has not been cooperating but finally I am able to wear these things that have been collecting dust in my closet for an entire week. I KNOW. So here you go:

This is my new Pleione top in cobalt blue and isn't it pretty? I bought it at TJ Maxx but the website seems to be perpetually down (it's not just me, right?) so I can't see if they have it online. This other Pleione top appears to be the same blue and is awfully cute and the Pleione Kim blouse is pretty similar, as is the double pleat version. (But really, just go to the store and find it - $16.99!)

I'm wearing it with my blog-wearying Mossimo moto jeggings which are still so freaking good. This color is gone from the site but there are lots of similar things. This faux suede pair at Zulily looks pretty cute and I love these army green moto jeans from Vince Camuto. And how cool are these camo moto jeans? Or is that too far? 

By request, here is the Madewell Ultimate leather jacket worn without the belt. It's a bit more streamlined and much less jingly this way but I still like the cool factor the belt adds. 

I AM SO COOL, RIGHT?? I really do love this jacket, though, in case you hadn't noticed. Details:

Okay, so remember how I bought those tassel earrings at Target and did not buy the labradorite necklace? Well, I returned the earrings (they looked odd with my haircut) and bought the labradorite necklace. (Note: they have the names mixed up - mine is the one labeled sodalite.) It's so cool and also comes in a tiny version though I'd recommend going to the store and picking one out - some had fire and some were duds. 

Same old bag and boots - my MBMJ Too Hot Hobo and my Cole Haan Landsman boots. So practical, so boring. What can you do.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Marianne's Exhaustive (and Exhausting!) Fun Denim Recs

For a while Adrien has been sweetly complimenting me on taking fashion risks, especially when it comes to denim. Now, I take that as she likely means it, which is as a compliment, but I know some people look at my jean choices with a wary eye. What can I say? Nothing edges up a basic jeans and a top outfit like those jeans being Fashion. And no, I don't mean like those clear plastic window jeans.

Sometime in the last year and change I got really tired of skinny jeans. I still have two pairs I wear sometimes, and my fave Target moto pants are a very skinny cut, but for the most part I'm just not feeling it. So I asked Adrien if she would like me to do a post on some fun jeans and she said duh, so here we are!

My absolute favorite jeans for over a year now are from H & M and man, I wish I could go back in time and buy a second pair of them in my size, instead of what I actually did which was buy a second pair in a size smaller which is JUST MEAN PAST ME.

Anyway! H & M is a good place to have some fun with denim. When I'm looking at cuts, here's what works best for me: I have a big butt and wide hips but skinny calves, so often times when things fit my butt they are naturally looser in the calf. So for me, straight styles look looser/more flared in the calf. I know for some of you straight styles fit closer to skinny jeans so take these recs with a grain of salt, etc. I like the look of these distressed jeans:

(I love these WITH that floral top and I also love her hair so maybe I just want to be her.)

(A lot going on here I know but these are outfit makers. I'd wear with a simple white top and slides on the weekend like some goddess of the farmers market.)

That said I continue to try and find a wide leg jean that works on my particular body. I feel like I'm getting closer! I need them to fit very snugly in the hip and the crop is key--in general if I'm not using a skinny jean to highlight the skinniest part of my leg (calves/ankles) then I need a crop to show a good 2-3 inches of ankle estate. These aren't exactly super wide legged, but they are the Conscious line and look like good quality:

Now let's talk white jeans! White jeans are not exactly groundbreaking, I know, but my favorite pair are again--not super skinny, have some distressing, and the perfect crop. They are from the Gap and yes I wish I had bought more than one pair. And I wear them allll the time without spilling all over myself, including when I'm traveling. I like to live dangerously (and I keep Tide pens on me, they work). I'd like a backup pair, so I'm currently eyeing:

(These look the most similar to my current pair, down to the raw cropped hem.)

(These are challenging for sure and not likely to work, but if they DO work they will be amazing.)

Can't do distressing? I personally am fine with distressing and obviously still wear distressed jeans, as evidenced from the above. However, there are times that I want to wear cool jeans to work but don't want them to literally have holes in them, because while my workplace is creative and casual there are times when you don't want holes in your jeans! This is a good time to consider patches. They give your jeans a little something without that something being your leg skin showing. My current fave are these:

which I got for cheap after Christmas. They have a lot going on and NO stretch so they are a challenge to get on and move and have organ function in...but they are COOOOOOL and I feel cool in them. These are an easy way to try this trend:

And these aren't from H & M, but Pilcro just fits me so well and I think they are fun without being CRAZY. I might have to buy these:

WOWWWEEE That was a lot of denim talk and I didn't even get very far. But I want to know--where are you guys on denim these days? Are you clinging to your skinnies? Did you never give up bootcut? Are you full-on normcore mom jeans? I am not lying when I say I really want you to tell me. I love talking about jeans.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

We Discuss: Our Underwear. Yes, Again.

A: What is Everlane even doing.


M: I was so ready to want to buy their stupid underwear.

A: I was sure they’d do something interesting but…no.

M: I think the bras make me even angrier.


M: I thought they would at least do something that doesn't look like you buy your underwear at a natural food store.

A: Next we’ll all be eating carob.

M: I kind of like carob. I don't want to talk about it.

A: Hippie chocolate


A: My mom used to put wheat germ on my cereal.

M: Mmmmm

A: Jesus

M: Mine made lentil loaf and bulgar wheat gravy.


A: I just read the comments on Everlane's IG post about the odd new underwear launch and now I need a stiff drink.

M: Haaaaaaaaaa

A: "Are they period friendly?"


A: Like, are they so boring you won't care if you bleed on them? Then yes.

M: Technically everything is accepting of your period.

A: Correct

A: Related: I bought yer Aerie pannies.

M: Yasss

A: They just shipped. 7 for $29!

M: Awesome

M: I feel compelled to buy more.

A: I just want to have a drawer full of wearable unders.


A: I got my Aerie order last night!

M: Pannies!


A: My favorite by far are the seamless boybrief:

A: I got two pairs of them and they’re so comfy and slightly weird.

M: Haha just like I like em.

A: They have this open pattern on the sides that makes you feel like you’re poking holes in them when you put them on, but they’re basically perfect and cute.

M: Awesome

M: I think I need like seven more pairs.

A: You do. I also got these which are actually florescent orange 😬 but I still like them a lot:

A: This pair is also a favorite and they’re cotton:

M: Well there's your cotton underwear people.

A: Exactly

A: But it’s really nice to have a drawer full of underwear I can actually wear.

M: It's the best!

A: Who knew that was a thing? Doesn’t everyone have an underwear drawer full of sad old things that don’t fit correctly?

M: Throwing all that out felt so good, even newer stuff that just wasn't right.

A: I need to do another sweep get rid of everything that doesn't fit me.

M: Throw it awaaaaaaay:


Monday, March 26, 2018

Review: Madewell Ultimate Leather Jacket.

I've wanted a leather jacket for a while but recently, because of that damn Veda jacket, I decided I couldn't continue on without one of my very own. The Veda jacket wasn't going to happen - it was way too expensive and had fit issues. Plus, I decided that I really wanted a classic black leather motorcycle jacket - something that would look better with age. I narrowed it down to two:

The AllSaints Balfern:

The Madewell Ultimate:

They are incredibly similar and exactly the same price and both get rave reviews. The AllSaints jacket appealed to me because it looked slightly more badass and I liked the matte black hardware on the lapels. The Madewell jacket appealed because the belt is removable and there's a store nearby if I have issues with it. Neither jacket was available for me to try on in person so I had to pick one to order first. I ordered the Madewell jacket mostly because they had a 15% off code going and that was enough for me. Here it is:

It's so good, y'all! I mean, right out of the box good. It's a weighty jacket and feels like quality. The leather is soft but seems like it'll hold up and will look even better when it breaks in. I decided to keep it because it fits well. I'm wearing a medium and it fits snugly (which I think a leather jacket should) but the shoulders hit at the right spot and  I can still zip it up no problem. The sleeves are a good length and it just felt right. Here are some detail shots: 

The belt is not attached and can be removed for a more streamlined look. The sleeves are perfect: 

And the leather is just so nice. Buttery but not thin or delicate. I want a jacket I don't have to worry about wrecking: 

Here it is all zipped and bucked: 

I don't intend on wearing it this way but it's nice that I can if I need to. And there's this:

Heh. For the rest of my outfit I'm wearing an old Bowie t-shirt but this is the one I want next! I can also recommend this one which I have and love. I'm also wearing my Mossimo moto jeggings and my Everlane Street Ankle Boots.

I tried on a bunch of jackets before buying this one just to get an idea about how I wanted it to fit. I feel leather jackets are meant to be close-fitting but it's a personal thing. You just really want to make sure the shoulders hit at the right place and the sleeves are the right length. Leather jackets will stretch, so don't worry if it feels slightly snug at first. I am quite happy with my choice but it was a big purchase for me! Hopefully I'll have this jacket for a long time.

If you're thinking about one, I know AllSaints does sales a few times a year and I was pleased that Madewell's code worked on this jacket. Other less expensive options:

Happy hunting!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Beauty That Isn't Bullshit.

Despite my recent whining I do have some good products in rotation right now that are absolutely working for me. Here's what I love, in case you wander into a Sephora or Target this weekend:



Thursday, March 22, 2018

Outfit of the Day: I Guess I'm a Backpack Person.

Yep, still sweater weather. I am SO TIRED of my winter clothes and I'm ready for some short sleeves but I do like that I can still wear my boots a little bit longer. Here's what I got going on:

 My giant camo sweater is Sofia Cashmere and I got it on Amazon super-cheap. It's no longer super cheap and, while it's a nice enough sweater, I would never pay those kind of prices for it! For other options, I dig this bell sleeve version and this one looks cozy and the price is great. And really, let's just go for something like this that we can wear a few weeks from now. Sweater are dumb.

I'm wearing my giant-ass sweater with my beloved Mossimo moto jeggings that Marianne thinks is perfectly appropriate for work and I argue are basically Jeans for Teenz. (I still wear them to work. They're awesome.) If Target isn't your thing, this pair by Abbeline looks really cute and Gap has a legging version that I'm curious about. We're just going to pretend I didn't accidentally click on this amazing pair by Isabel Marant. HEAVY SIGH. Details:

I included my glowy-ass face (thanks, RMS Beauty) so you could see my new earrings but they're still hard to see. They're Luna Norte and are probably most similar to this style. Check yer TJ Maxx! They had all kinds of cute stuff. My short necklace is a labradorite pendant by Argento Vivo and I'd say this one is pretty similar but, ugh, how pretty is this one? And this one on Etsy also looks really pretty. My long pendant is from Madewell and is probably most similar to this current style

This is the backpack I just talked about in my shopping post on Tuesday. Marianne loves a backpack (and I'll admit I've long wanted a Minkoff Julian) but I wasn't sure it was something that would work for me. For $39 on clearance, though, I was willing to give it a shot. And you guys, I love it. It's so nice to be able to go hands-free! And this particular style has a slip pocket in the back that fits my phone perfectly so I have easy access. If you're curious, go to TJ Maxx and see if you can find one. 

Hi, weird boots! These are my Everlane Street Ankle boots and they get more comfortable each time I wear them. They aren't my easy, everyday boots but they're special and always fun to wear. Something about that white sole just gets me. There really isn't much that's similar, so I am not even going to try. Everlane does make a shoe version of this style so that might be something I consider for the future. We see. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): It's Springtime, Dammit.

It's the first full day of spring and I don't want to get bitter about it, but it's snowing here and I'm not happy. That doesn't mean we can't start planning though, right? I dug up some good springtime deals so we can at least start thinking about warm weather things. 

First up, Madewell is giving 25% off select springy things with code HISUNSHINE (plus 1% cash back with eBates). Thank you, Madewell. You really get me. I mean, how cute is this:

I can think of a bunch of ways I'd wear that top but I really love it with the shorts she has on. Ugh. Shorts, I miss you. I also think this top is super cute with the star print:

I can't really pull off wearing yellow but I love how unapologetically cheerful it is. And oooh, a few bits of RMS makeup are included in the sale:

I just recently bought the RMS Living Luminizer (so good) and I'd love to try the lip2cheek color too. Finally, I'd very much like to own these delightful orange slingbacks:

Wouldn't these look great with a pair of cropped jeans and a simple striped tee? I think so too. 

Old Navy is basically always on sale (plus 2% cash back with eBates) but today only they're offering 50% off all shoes. I thought these  silver d'orsay flats were seriously cute:

In other silver shoes news, Marianne bought this pair from Target and they are SO good but not actually on sale, sorry. I also liked these lavender sneakers which surprised me:

Who even am I? However, this Old Navy dark floral sundress looks like exactly my thing and I'm totally not surprised to like it: 

Finally, Gap is also having quite a good sale! Up to 50% off almost everything plus an extra 20% off with code GOBIG (plus 2% cash back with eBates). I mean, y'all know I like a striped shirt and they got plenty:

I love the ballet-back on this one, especially. I also love these mid-rise distressed girlfriend jeans:. 

Now all I need is those orange slingbacks, right? And look, I'm not a monster. I might bitch about ruffles and off-the-shoulder disease but even I think this dress is perfectly adorable:  

Deep sigh. Once more unto the winter breach, dear friends. Spring is coming. Any day now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Knoxville Shopping: It Was Fun and Now I'm Sad.

Oh, y'all. I went to visit Marianne this past weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN and now I'm home and it's raining ice and it's going to SNOW tomorrow and I am VERY SAD.


I mean, this pretty much sums up the weekend:

And this:

Of course we did some shopping because when do we ever not? We went to, um, three different TJ Maxx Stores and also Target AND Anthro and it was glorious. Wanna know what we bought? I'm going to tell you:

Marianne loves her Julian backpack but it's starting to get a bit worn so when she found this Aimee Kestenberg backpack for $39(!) in the clearance section she immediately claimed it:

Such a bargain considering it's still on the brand's site for full price! I liked it a lot but didn't want to be a copycat. (I can't find it on the TJ Maxx site but there were several in each store we went to.) I tried on a bunch of clothing and bought a couple of inexpensive short sleeved tops by Pleione. I can't find the exact one online but it was a cross between this one and this one. I got it in bright cobalt blue and in emerald green for $16.99 each. They're simple and flowy and have nice details. Perfect.

We also bought candles after sniffing pretty much all of them. It's weird how we both went from hating scented candles to being obsessed with them. I also bought a pair of Luna Norte earrings which, spoiler, I can't find online. THIS IS SO HELPFUL. Then we went to another TJ Maxx and I found this:

Yes! The same backpack in blush pink leather. You're probably thinking, "that really looks like Marianne's color" and you'd be right. I bought it and we traded because of course we did. This backpack is really nice quality and the perfect size for everyday. For $39 it is a STEAL. Go find one!

We moved on to Target because Marianne had these earrings on from the SUGARFIX by BaubleBar line:

I wanted to explore the other options because they are SO CUTE on her. I bought this pair:

I don't know if they work with my haircut though, so we'll see. I also contemplated this labradorite necklace but I didn't buy it because you can't get everything:

Marianne also got another pair of these earrings since she lost one from her last pair and loves them:

I think I mentioned we went to Anthropologie too but we didn't find a thing we couldn't live without. The end!