Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We Discuss: Beauty-Related Disillusionment.

A: I’m gonna return that By Terry foundation

M: Oh really?

A: It’s nice enough but for $66 it should change my life.

A: It doesn't stay put and I’m SUPER SHINY by noon

M: Ah yes return

M: Everyone has me paranoid that I look like shit in my CC cream

A: I think I’m just used to my Smashbox foundation that does not budge

M: 😬

M: You’d tell me right

A: It just didn’t work for me. You always look great!

M: No I know but if you and other people have trouble with it I worry

A: I just couldn’t get it to set. I think my face is probably rejecting all attempts at betterment.

M: Hahaha

M: I definitely look more polished in the Smashbox foundation

A: Like, you know how people use Glow Tonic or Vitamin C serum or retinol and RAVE about how instantly amazing and glowy they look? Not me.

M: Me neither

A: P50 PIGM made my skin worse

M: Only thing making me glow is a filter

A: I am SO good about double cleansing and moisturizing and sunscreen and acids and vitamin C serum and all that shit and I still look kind of blotchy and spotty.

M: Sameeee

A: Also! All my makeup just vanishes.

A: Like, where do it go?

M: I wonder that

M: Do I absorb it

M: How

A: Maybe. Yes.

A: The other night at dinner I was sitting next to a friend of mine who wears nothing - not even mascara. Her skin is flawless

M: Ugh fuck her

M: I don’t understand how that works


A: I am 100% positive she probably washes her face with bar soap

M: And uses nothing no serums nothing

A: Oh, she is not a serum kinda lady

M: This is why I think most of this stuff is actually bullshit and it’s all genes

M: I mean acne stuff yes, that’s transforming

A: That is so depressing

M: I know I’m sorry


STOP CRYING YOU GUYS. I am having a bad skin month and I'm mad at some of my products. P50 is not for me so I should probably just go back to Good Genes and my PTR Peel Pads, both of which seem okay. I am happy enough with my rose hip oil from The Ordinary but I don't think much else is working. What works for you? What product gave you actual, noticeable improvement?


  1. I'm not a Glossier koolaid drinker (I mean I am insofar as I zombie-style purchase most of their products when they launch but I'm often disappointed by them), but I've been using The Solution for 2.5 weeks and my skin is DEFINITELY noticeably nicer (smooth, even and glowy). It kinda stinks and I'm going through the bottle pretty fast but it's cheap enough so maybe worth a shot??

    1. I am pretty sure The Solution is Glossier's stab at P50 but I'll check it out!

    2. You should read Caroline Hiron's review on Glossier's The Solution if you haven't already...

    3. Yeah I read it but it's working for me soooo..... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. My skin can't handle retinal or Vitamin C, but it loves AHAs. The Pixi Glow pads are my favorite. That IT Cosmetics CC Cream is my ride or die, but I have seriously dry skin.

  3. So funny: I'm that Noxzema and Olay chick. Blush, mascara and eyebrow pencil only. Although recently I purchased some expensive Philosophy eye cream, but I can't tell if it's doing anything. I don't think it is.

  4. My current end-of-winter regime is drunk elephant peekee bar cleanse, followed by the ordinary buffet, retinoid emulsion or resveratol antioxidant. I use drunk elephant moisturizer as needed. Face oils give me instant pimples. I rarely wear makeup so I can't comment on how well makeup would work with the above. I do want to try the ordinary lactic acid - supposed to be very similar to good genes! For context, I am 51 yo with fair, super dry skin! Good luck!

  5. I don't have a skincare routine per se (except Olay every day), but! You ENABLERS made me buy that $150 eyelash boost shit from Rodan + Fields and goddang if it hasn't shown *noticeable improvement* in just the few weeks since I got it -- so now I have to keep doing it forever. yay/boo!

  6. Have you tried the Hourglass Skin Tint? It's pricy but gives an amazing glow and is easy to apply. I like the IT CC cream, but this one has a bit more coverage, is less transferable, and has a beautiful finish.

  7. I went down a skincare k-hole when I clicked your link to Caroline Hirons and then went and dropped $$ on face crap. Bought P50 & Herbivore face cream. My skin has not been this bad with acne in years. Hmm...back to Cetaphil and Neutrogena face cream for me. Curious about that lash stuff. Also, thanks for the link to the Bagatelle Heritage suede jacket from TJ Maxx back in September. I bought it and I love it. Definite enabler.

  8. After all the buys and tries (I attained VIB ROUGE damnit), I'm using three relatively basic and cheap products, plus face wash and sunscreen, and my skin is digging the break. I'm really feeling Thayers witch hazel toner, slapped on like aftershave before eye cream and moisturizer/sunscreen. At some point I'll surely swing back in the direction of "SPEND IT SPEND IT ALLLLLLL" but right now the simple has been good. For any new product tries I plan to use these moderately-priced K-Beauty recs: https://slate.com/human-interest/2018/02/the-best-korean-beauty-skin-care-products.html. I bought the Make P:rem suncreen and it's really nice.

  9. I've never tried Pixi Glow tonic but my skin loves AHAs. Paula's Choice Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA is amazing, but pricey, so I started using The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, which is supposed to be a stronger dupe for the Pixi Glow, and I like it. Next I want to try The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. It sounds like something that would work great for me!

    I use Differin but it definitely does not make me glowy. And I've tried a few Vitamin C serums and they didn't do much for me either, but I may not have found the right one.

    It all comes down to genetics. I have a friend washes her face with a simple cleanser and just uses argan oil, and her skin is smooth, even-toned, and wrinkle-free. I've tried using nearly nothing, just a gentle face-wash and simple moisturizer, and my skin looked like crap. It takes a LOT of work for my skin to be okay. :\

  10. I've tried many AHA products that never did much for me. I recently started using the Drunk Elephant vitamin C serum in the morning and the AHA/BHA serum at night. I'm not sure which one is doing it but my skin seems brighter and smoother. They are pricy, but for now it's working for me. Also the vitamin C serum smells kind of like burnt cheese. Not terribly offensive but not ideal.

    1. That product really does smell burnt. WTF? I gave it a NOPE based on that alone.

    2. That smells like rotten meat to me! I had to stop using it, it was so horrible.

    3. I’m also on the drunk elephant train. My skin loves the vitamin c (& usually vit c irritates my skin). I also use the aha/bha serum plus the protini cream (which i LOVE). I use Marula oil in the evenings too (but def go for the Acure Organics brand). And if you like a strong chemical exfoliant, their baby facial minimizes the heck outta my huge pores.

  11. Birth control + a Retin A called Ziana. Only things that work!

  12. Cosign on the Paula's Choice 10% weekly treatment. I always notice a difference. Also since I started using Mario Bedescu's grapefruit toner, I haven't had any breakouts (probably also because I stopped using all oils, including cleansing oil). I don't wear makeup, though mostly because I don't know what I am doing, even though I'm 38.

  13. Elta MD Clear Broad Spectrum is doing an amazing job of both protecting my skin and keeping it clear. The formula has niacinamide, which does magic stuff in terms of preventing and tidying away the odd breakout. Plus, 46 SPF with zinc oxide, and no white cast. It is my unicorn.

    1. I've heard of this! I definitely want to try it.

  14. Biggest difference in my skin was after quitting Caroline Hirons and listening to some the skincare advice of Reddit.

    Oil cleansing to remove makeup and sunscreen - this can be cheap!
    Low pH foaming cleanser as second wash, love using water, easy and feels clean. Trick is LOW PH to not disrupt skin barrier - this can be cheap!
    Bensoyl peroxide against acne - it WORKS

    After that you can play around with hydrating layers and stuff to combat the dryness from the BP, sheet masks and what not. But not jumping on expensive bandwagons and instead looking at pH of cleansers was a real game changer.

  15. For your makeup staying put, I got a sample of this in my last Sephora box and I'm hooked. It feels a bit like glue but pores disappeared and my makeup stayed on and non shiny through a full day of meetings at half of a 9 hour flight home. I'm sold: https://www.sephora.com/product/jelly-pack-P408259

  16. I'm late to the game, but have super sensitive skin so have to be careful. I can usually use Kiehls products no problem. Their Precision Lifting & Pore Strengthening Concentrate has been a difference-maker for me. To the point of me not feeling I need foundation/cover up (highly irregular for me b/c I have fixed redness from rosacea). Here's a link (Canadian site): https://www.kiehls.ca/en/best-sellers/new/just-arrived/precision-lifting-pore-tightening-concentrate-598.html#start=16&cgid=face-serums