Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Stuff You Forgot You Bought.

I'm in a weird place with jeans right now. I decided to be brave and try to make boyfriend jeans my new thing and bought a pair of Madewell slim boyjeans that I (mostly) really loved. Then I wore them to work all day and OMG eleven inches of rise is TOO MUCH RISE. So I sold that pair and bought these: 

These are Banana Republic "girlfriend" jeans and they're super comfortable with a reasonable mid-rise. I bought them and then completely forgot all about them which doesn't bode well. They're cute ...but they're not Madewell denim. The wash isn't quite as cool. Something about them just isn't quite perfect. I'm still definitely thinking about that mid-rise pair of Madewell boyjeans at Nordstrom Rack. Loft also has a cute pair on sale but that's just complicating things. Speaking of Loft, I'm wearing my jeans with my favorite Loft utility blouse which, I am going to be honest, I mostly wear like this:

Awww yeah. Untucked af. I do really love both my Loft utility blouses but they're starting to get stained and look a little sad. I checked to see what's new in utility blouses and I am definitely into this  blue print and I think this one looks like a Liberty print. They also have a couple of solid colors with a wide cuff and this petite peacock print is damn cute. 

Here's an old friend - my J. Crew Downtown Field Jacket. I still really like this jacket though it doesn't get as much use as it used to. It now comes in an uncoated version which looks really comfortable and aw, damn. The striped whale shirt is back! I still want that. I know it's not a jacket. Details:

This is a pretty lame closeup because I'm not wearing much jewelry, just my little labradorite pendant. Mine is sold out but this one by Shashi looks really pretty and oooh, check out this one by Mad Jewels! I also love this one on Etsy.

I'm so boring - look at me with a different version of the same MBMJ bag I always carry. This one is "cement" and it's my perfect neutral. This little MJ crossbody (and it's big sister) are the same color and so is this one! It's a great "goes with everything" color. My Chelsea boots are Cole Haan Landsman which I got at Costco and they've been great. Next fall I'll find a fancier pair but for now these are doing the job just fine. 

That's all for today! If you have a boyfriend jean style you love, do tell. 


  1. Ugh, ach, denim conundrums! After a decade of Skinny Jeans domination, I too am ready for a new silhouette. But I don't remember how to wear other cuts, apparently, because it's harder than it seems it should be! I recently got a pair of Madewell slim straights, with a 9" rise (I can't do the 11" thing -- too short-waisted) and they feel fresh and cool. But all my flowy looks-good-with-skinny tops seem wrong, so apparently I have to remember how to tuck things again? Or buy tops with waists again?

    1. This is my struggle too! I am not really big on tucking but apparently there is no other choice.

  2. My go to boyfriend jean is Current/Elliott The Fling. I get mine on Poshmark so I don’t pay full price.


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