Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Thank You.

M: this is the most hilarious thing I've seen all day:

Image: Refinery 29

A: I. No. What?



M: I want to talk to that guy.




M: The blazer really ties it all together.



M: He's so sullen.


M: I don't even know what to do with you right now. How is this condition treated?


M: Liberal application of Daniel Craig? Art therapy? Interpretive dance?


M: I think they are Missoni Hammer Pants. Can't touch this INDEED.



A: I'll just be over here rocking in the corner. Drinking gin.

M: Hey, need a poncho?

image: Sartorialist
A: I hate you.

M: Nighty night!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marianne: Too Cool.

Yes, it's pretty much Spring, and I bought some boots.
I've been silently coveting, no, longing for some Swedish Hasbeens clog boots pretty much since I first laid eyes on them. But, sadly, the $400+ price tag is Not happening. Not now, not ever.
And so, when my friend Lili pointed out that Piperlime had these boots marked down 60%, I sold some stuff that I haven't been using, and I pounced. And y'all. They are some cool boots. So cool. Cooler than me, I fear. First of all, I am having trouble thinking of how to wear them other than with this outfit. Second of all, they came with directions that included the phrase "Don't be mad!" Because there is a major breaking in period.
I ended up with only a tiny blister on one toe, but otherwise they were okay. But I still felt a little like I was playing dress up in my much cooler older sister's closet. Am I alone here? Or do you own an item of clothing that just might be cooler than you? Lastly, how would you wear these? I might brave them with a dress next.

jacket: Doki Geki (similar here)
legging jeans: LOFT (similar here)
cashmere socks: J. Crew 
sweater: Limited (similar here)
scarf: eBay (similar here and here)

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Miz Mooz Review and Giveaway

Hey, check out my review of the Miz Mooz Hilary sandals and enter our giveaway for a pair of Miz Mooz of your very own. Get clicky here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Adrien: Bright.

So, I got another one of those blouses from Old Navy and wow, it is BRIGHT. A little out of my comfort zone but I love what pink will do to a girl's complexion, so there you go. I realized right before photo time that it goes well with my my work tote, a fun Nanette Lepore bag that Nina gave me for my birthday. It's so springtime fresh, right? I think so too.

top: Old Navy Charmeuse Top
pants: Gap slim crop
shoes: Frye Lisa t-strap (Frye Lois is similar)
bag: Nanette Lepore ikat tote (kinda similar)
necklace: J.Crew locket (similar)
bracelet: Giles & Brothers railroad spike cuff (also here)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marianne: Nothing to see here.

Oh. Right. I have this internet blog thing, and occasionally I am supposed to post outfits? I'll admit, since badly spraining my wrist, typing, getting dressed, LIFE has been hard. But anyway, here. Here is an outfit. Unfortunately, immediately after taking this picture?

The camera died. Of boredom? We'll never know. But there is my adorable wrist splint, don't you love the pop of cobalt? So fresh.

So I'm back, a day or so later, in another pair of stretchy pants because you know what's impossible to put on one handed? Tights.

This is basically one step away from wearing pajamas in public and dangerously close to "leggings as pants". Forgive me. I did at least try to accessorize.

And I was given permission to ditch the splint during the day! Here's a gorgeous picture of my Dark Mark. Just like a sunset, isn't it?

Okay, that was gross. I'm sorry.

Outfit #1--
cardigan: Guinevere/anthropologie (similar here)
top: Velvet (similar here)
belt: anthropologie (similar here)
socks: J. Crew (similar here)
shoes: Frye Lisa T-Strap (similar here)

Outfit #2--
jacket: Doki Geki (similar here)
sweater: Limited (similar here)
infinity scarf: Roxy (similar here)
boots: Uggs (similar here)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Downton Baggy.

Our conversation continued on Twitter: 

(This is what you're all missing if you're not following us individually on Twitter. Just saying.)

@Amblus and @Mariannecanada

Downtown Abby.

M: Preeeetty sure if I had bangs they would look like O'Briens.

A: Do you have any idea how much I want this to happen? My hair is more along the line of Bates most days.

M: Oh it is NOT. Besides, Bates wold look awful as a redhead.

A: I stumbled across this while googling "Downton hair" and i cannot stop laughing:

M: OMG, that totally looks like Matthew! But minus the piercing blue eyes.

A: PEE ESS I have not finished watching the finale. If you spoil I will be full of rage.

M: OH! Oh. Good to know. We...probably shouldn't talk for the rest of the day.

A: I'm a little surprised that Twitter hasn't already wrecked it.

M: Me too, actually.

A: Derp.

A: Most of my feed was watching that zombie show instead. I can't.

M: Lavinia is the embodiment of Derp.

A: Right? She's such a Mary Sue.

M: A lot of my FB feed was watching Celebrity Apprentice. Really, people? Really?

A: People watch that? Are they the same people who Love Raymond?

M: Total Mary Sue. I called her being the only victim of the Spanish Flu at Downton.

A: Derp derrrrrppppp. So sad. So convenient.

M: Let's not forget that Two and a Half Men was a ratings juggernaut. Most of America is probably wondering who Downtown Abby is.

A: She's Uptown Abby's goofball twin!



M: I love that someone made that, and also find it more than a little creepy.

A: It is so deliciously creepy.

M: But back to O'Brien's hair. And her sideburns!

A: That actress got the the worst look ever. Even worse than the cooks. I mean, holy shit?

M: Oh, totally. All I can figure is it really helped her tap into her inner rage. Because it would for me.

A: It is remarkable what a terrible hair style will do to a girl.

M: I was just going to send you this!

A: Dang.

M: Seriously. I get a little weirded out seeing the actors in modern clothes. I mean, this is just wrong.

A: Hee! I love that one. But yeah, it's very strange to see them all sexy and modern.

M: He's so cute! But very un-Bates-like.

A: Now, can we talk about Daisy's waist? Because it is just unfair.

M: I think Daisy had ribs removed. That's all I can figure.

A: She's also 12 years old. Or something like that.

M: I kind of want to give her a stern talking to about this dress:

A: Oh sweetie! NO.

M: She's 27! Old enough to know better.

A: Oh, dear.

M: Bless her heart.

To be continued...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adrien: Foggy.

Hey, it's foggy out and I went with a very creative all-black kind of thing. The last time I wore this dress to work a co-worker asked if I was going to a funeral. Soooo, to avoid that I added a non-funereal red cardigan and some leopard shoes that I wish were comfortable. Sadly, they pretty much crush my toes into submission. (Respect the Shoes has the same pair and she wears them all the time! So cute on her but I have no idea how she stands it.)

dress: Target (similar)
shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar)
tights: Commando 
cardigan: Ann Taylor
necklace: J Crew locket

Monday, February 20, 2012

All of the Things.

A: My face hurts.

M: What's wrong?

A: My skin is all sad and tight and dry. I hate.

M: Ooooh, I thought maybe someone hit you?

A: Why would you think that? Wait, don't answer that.

M: Ahem. ANYWAY. Do you know what you need?

A: I am using argan oil AND the Bobbi Brown extra stuff and lately, coconut oil. Still dry.

M: You need this:

Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

A: I WANT THAT and I don't even understand it. I did get a sample of the Extra Repair foundation because I think my current oil-free foundation is making things bad.

M: I don't know what it is either, other than made of magic. And yeah, you shouldn't have oil-free ANYTHING.

A: I mean, I am cooking with coconut oil and putting it on my face. At the same time.

M: That's so...earthy of you.

A: LIKE A CAVEMAN. Anyway, I love my Bobbi Brown lady. (Hi, Gina!)

M: Cavemen don't wear fancy makeup. And I love MY Bobbi Brown lady (hi Claire!).

A: Fuck that then. Oh, I bought your fancy gel eyeliner:

Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

I lurve it. I want more.

M: Isn't it so good? Did you buy the brush, too? Because that brush is amazing.

A: I did not, because I have, um, three eyeliner brushes. They work just fine. This one is the bomb

M: Now I'm all distracted by this:

Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

I think I secretly want to be Sophia Loren.

A: I have not mastered the cat eye thing. Yet.

M: it's on my life list.

A: I also want new lipstick. Specifically this one:

I realized that one of the lipsticks I still wear is something I bought in Chicago. Four years ago.

M: That's pretttty. I can't wait to get these braces off so I can wear bright lip color again. For now, Brown Sugar is my #1 most favorite nude ever. It feels wonderful on, as well:

A: Ooh, that looks nice. I want all of the things.

M: ALL OF THEM. I also really, really want this perfume:

A: Ooh, nice. I got a sample of this shampoo and conditioner and OH MY GOD SO SHINY. But not cheap. Of course:

Alterna at ShopStyle

M: I want shiny! Real bad!


M: ANYWAY, do you like the mascara I made you buy? Because I want to have its babies. It's coal black, lashy babies. Wait, that got weird.

Maybelline at ShopStyle

A: Um, yeah, creeper, I like the mascara.

M: Oh, hush.

A: I'm not the one talking about sooty lash babies.

M: Don't make me take before and after lash pictures. I'LL DO IT.

A: Nobody asked you to sing, lady.

M: Well, let's leave it to the three readers still with us. Do YOU want before/after pictures of the amazing mascara? Or the amazing eyeliner? Or Adrien's hair? Do tell.

Disclaimer: we weren't paid to shill any of these products, though if someone wanted to we'd be ALL OVER IT. We just like makeup and stuff. xo

Friday, February 17, 2012


So, hi there! When Marianne and I had our little blog conference a few weeks ago we spent some quality time trying to make videos for you guys. And, um, it went really well. TOTALLY DID. 

We're having issues getting the actual videos uploaded, so instead we're posting the outtakes. THESE ARE OUTTAKES. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT.

A: Clearly drunk.
M: Note to self, try sitting up straight when doing this.

A: Breadbox tried to get in on the action.

A: The way my face looks here? Makes me want to die. I just wanted to put that out there. Also, DRUNK.
M: Drunk on the worst wine in the world. Worse than homemade jail wine. Trust.

Thursday, February 16, 2012




M: I love that it's clearly freezing and miserable and she's like WHAT.

A: The weather as we know it does not affect her.

M: Hats are for losers and don't get me STARTED on scarves. This pelt suits me fine.

A: That is a pelt of snarky blogger hair.

M: Meep!

A: BEST BEHAVE. You have extremely nice hair.

M: It's very warm.

A: I have been instructed to grow mine out.

M: Red is soooo de rigueur.

A: If Lanphear wants it, she must have it.

M: It's an honorable sacrifice.

A: I am scared of her. And also want to be her BFF real bad.

M: I can't picture her having...friends. In the human sense of the word.

A: Minions? Followers? Brethren?

M: Minions seems apt.

A: Aw, I don't know. I see this and think she might be fun:


M: Downright warm and fuzzy.

A: Wait! Sorry, she still wants your hair. Snip snip:



A: Betta run.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adrien: Purples.

I wear this dress all the time and was surprised that I hadn't posted it recently. It is kind of A Thing with the mixed patterns, so I tend to keep the accessories pretty basic. The drape-y cardigan probably isn't the best option but everything else I tried on over it looked awful-er, so too bad. I kind of love that I'm rocking three different shades of purple with the dress and the bag. 

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Look, here's my waist! I totally have one:

Purple details: 

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The cute bracelet Marianne made me last summer:

dress: BCBG (similar from BCBG)
cardigan: Gap (similar from Gap)
boots: Camper (similar from Camper)
bracelet: handmade
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Look at Me!


image: The Sartorialist

M: This picture makes me laugh uncontrollably.

A: whaaat, no don't look at me. i'm just a little ole nerd over here. stop looking at meeeeee.

M: Don't make me hide behind the clothes rack.

A: Slouch some more and nobody will notice you.

M: Judging by that storefront she's about to go shopping for a balaclava. then her transformation will be complete.

A: She will just faaaaaade back into dorky obscurity. Or rob the store.

M: If she's turning to a life of crime, she should pick better stuff to take.

A: She is rolling her eyes at you for being so caught up in consumerism.

M: I have no patience for hipster ennui today.

A: Every time I look at that photo I get mad.

M: Let's look at some All American abs holding a dog instead.

A: Who is that? Wait, I don't care who that is. Pretty.

M: I have no idea. Don't care.

A: Word.