Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Review: Allbirds Tree Runners (and an outfit!)

I'd been starting to look for a new pair of everyday sneakers and recently hung out with a friend who's a big fan of Allbirds. I've been curious about the brand so I checked out the site and decided to order a pair of Tree Runners, which, unlike the popular Wool Runners, are made from"breezy eucalyptus tree." I mean, okay? Sure. I ordered them and FedEx promptly lost them somewhere in Tennessee. Cool. I called Allbirds and they promptly send me another pair which arrived yesterday in a neat shoe/shipping box combo:

I love that the packaging is all recycled cardboard and there's no waste. The shoes were also pretty damn cute right out of the box:

They're meant to be worn without socks (if that's your jam) and the insole and inside of the heel is lined with the same soft wool as their wool shoe offerings. So comfy! They don't do half sizes so if you're between sizes, they suggest sizing down for the Tree Runners. I went with my usual shoe size 8:

I have narrow ankles but square toes so I was concerned they wouldn't be be wide enough in the toe box for me but I think they're fine! A size up would've been too big. The limited edition color I bought is "peppercorn" which is a dark grey with a hint of olive green. I love the color but I also really want a pair of high tops in this purple-red color. (Yeah, I'm already talking about buying another pair.) 

I'll be honest, this is an out-of-the-box review because I haven't had a chance yet to wear them out in the world. Does around the house count? So far they're really comfortable and I love how they look. They're very stretchy, so they do have some big toe-poke action, but I have large big toes, so I'm used to that. 

Anyway, I took an outfit pic because why not:

I usually start from the top, but first I want to talk about my jeans. I recently tried on a bunch of my jeans and mostly they fit but they're all feeling a little snug and I'm tired of skinny jeans, you guys. I just wanted some comfortable jeans that still looked cool. I am a big fan of the Madewell Slim Boyjeans but the current (non-high rise) offering wasn't quite what I wanted. Instead I found an older style on Poshmark and they are PERFECT. For something similar, check out these Levi's at Target

My striped sweatshirt is from BR a few years back and it's still one of my favorite tops. It's hard to find anything truly similar but this one has a similar vibe and this one from Boden is SO cute. Also, check out this cute striped number from Old Navy! Details:

I dusted off an old favorite - my Dean Davidson labradorite tassel. It's long sold out but this one is really pretty. I also recently upgraded my Apple Watch 3 to the new SE model and I love it. It has a slightly bigger face which is very welcome. (Read: I AM VERY OLD.) 

One last look as my new-to-me jeans and my awesome new Allbirds Tree Runners! I'm comfortable but don't feel like a slob, which is always the goal. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Bloomingdales on Sale.

 I bought something awesome recently on sale at Bloomingdales (it's a secret right now) and it made me really take a look at the sale section, because I don't usually shop on this site and I have no idea why. They have good sales and NICE stuff. Here's what I really like:

Friday, September 25, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: ALL The Fluffy Shoes.

The weather turned this week and it's been much cooler and rainy. Yay fall. I've traded my Birkenstock Arizonas for my shearling lined clogs and now I'm thinking about all the other shearling-lined shoes I don't own. THERE ARE SO MANY. Like these:

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Stuff I Like: This and That.

 I've had a crazy week and when I get busy the blog is the first thing to go (sorry, y'all) but I wanted to tell you all about a few new things I like real quick: 

The Phone Loop is a Revelation.
I was completely happy with my Love Handle until Marianne told me about the Phone Loop and I basically ordered one before she was even finished telling me about it. It's SO GOOD. It's readjustable so you can put it exactly where you want it and it's just the right amount of stretchy. It also sits really flat (the downside of the Love Handle) and comes in a bunch of colors. I currently have a clear case on my phone which means I can see the underside of the loop, which is fine but not very pretty, so I used it as an excuse to buy this new case. (It hasn't arrived yet so I can't say if it's good or not. Marianne's case above is by Burga.)

This Cleansing Balm You (Probably) Shouldn't Buy.
Ugh, you guys. I got a travel size container of Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm in my Allure box and I'm SO MAD AT IT. It's incredibly nice stuff but it's $64 for the full size. I am NEVER (okay, probably never) going to pay that kind of money for a cleanser but if you can get your hands on a sample (or the travel size, which they sell on the site), it's really so nice. It smells like an expensive spa (as so it should) and my face feels so good after I use it but nope. Get the hell out of here with your anti-aging cleanser. Ugh. 

This Show That Has Great Handbag Porn.
Have you watched The Duchess yet on Netflix? It's definitely one of those love-it-or-hate-it shows (like, do we need another unlikeable antihero show, probably not, but it didn't cause any pearl-clutching over here either.) It's not amazing but I was thoroughly entertained by the fashions and VERY much enjoyed irritating my boyfriend by shouting out the brand/estimated price of all her high end handbags. Watch it for the fashion alone, is all I'm saying. 

This Candle That Smells Like Autumn, For Real.
Marianne told me about this Urban Concepts Tobacco Vanilla candle and despite my suspicion that it would be too vanilla-cloying, it's actually really lovely. A good, rich tobacco pipe scent with a bit of creamy, warm vanilla and it's just cozy as anything. It has decent throw but doesn't knock you over and I like that it comes with a cork lid. Also, it's not crazy expensive! Just get it and lean into autumn. (I'm trying.) 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

We Discuss: Jacket Weather.

A: I have a confession.

M: You stole a pony?

A: I wish.

A: Don’t be mad.

M: Jeez, what??

A: I ordered your Madewell jacket.

M: Haaaaaaaaa

M: Of course!

M: 😂😂😂

M: Why would I be mad.

A: I’m a copycat.

A: Nothing I currently own fits so.

M: It’s a good jacket.

A: It arrived today and it’s cute AF but I’m not sure if the color works on me.

M: Oh yeah I hadn’t thought about the red hair with that russet color.

A: It’s cute, but the color is way different from the website pics.

A: I need to take pics for you. I also think it’s too big.

M: What size did you get.

A: A medium.

M: After much dithering I got a large.

A: By the way, be proud. I just threw away expensive makeup because it looked weird.

M: Hahahaa I am proud!

A: Jacket pics coming your way:

A: And, just for funsies, I tried on my Costco coat from a couple of years back:

A: Womp

M: Okay, I know that Costco coat may feel too small but doesn’t look it. The Madewell coat is too big and I don’t know if that’s your color :/

A: Oh, that Costco jacket is SO SO TIGHT.

A: But yeah, the pics made me realize the Madewell jacket ain't for me. I really hope you love it, though! I think it’s got potential.

M: I hope so too!

A: I wish I could find that Madewell Sezane jacket in a size up. Damn quarantimes.

M: I should just give you mine but I’m sentimentally attached.

A: No, hang on to it. It’s so good.

A: I’ll just get something else as a placeholder - maybe this one:

M: Cute

A: I just need a light, neutral jacket for in-between weather, which is now, apparently

M: Fall sure settled in quick.


M: Haha, Order another candle! I want this one:

A: Girl. I just ordered that Amazon candle you told me to get.


A: Okay, I just bought a Very Basic olive jacket with the Madewell discount. This one:

M: Good!

A: And sent back the other one.

A: I mean, I actually have a rain jacket so I just needed a fall layer that actually fits my ass.

M: Preach.

A: I don’t even know why I bother, I can literally wrap myself in fleece and nobody will even know.

M: Yeah but might as well get something you’ll wear after this is over.

A: I do go to the grocery store sometimes.

M: Haha

M: Live it up

A: I might go to WEGMANS. So fancy.

M: Put on a formal gown!

A: I should order one, right?

Monday, September 21, 2020

Marianne: I ordered six denim shirts *for science* and here's what happened.

A quick back story since this is going to be a long one. I am, as you might know, a tallish female human with big boobs and hips. And because I am a female human, I like to torture myself by wanting things that are hard to find for people with boobs and hips. There are several things on this list, but today we're talking button downs. More specifically, the "perfect" chambray denim shirt. I have bought so many denim shirts that miss the mark in one way or the other--too short, too tight at the hips, not the right weight. So this fall I decided to cast a wider net and order a variety of denim shirts from a variety of stores, including some I have never ordered from (and one I've never even heard of!). Want to join me on this journey? Giddy up.


This J.Crew denim shirt LOOKS like it's perfect, right? In that way that J.Crew clothes always look perfect because they are on a gorgeous model, or laying flat on a white background, looking perfectly rumpled. I knew this one wouldn't work on me, but I also knew I had to try it for myself. After reading a lot of reviews, I ordered a Tall 14, and here it is on my body:

As you can see, it's tight across the hips, but the arms are weirdly huge. Also the pockets are a little small, which isn't very flattering if you have a large chest. I do like the wash and weight of this one, but the cut is all wrong on me. Back it goes.


Okay, that's a little mean, but I honestly forgot Eddie Bauer existed? But like I said, I was casting a wide net here, so that meant ordering this denim shirt from them. I ordered a size large because it seems like their sizing is a bit more generous. And hey, I was kind of hopeful! Maybe this brand I'd forgotten about would cut things for a non-model body! Well...

This shirt depressed me. It is long, I'll give them that. But the side vents are really low, which accentuated my belly in a way that I haaaated. Overall it felt very frumpy. I could have sized up so it didn't pull at the hips, but then the top would be way too big. However if you are tall and straighter through the hips, this might be a great option on you, and the price is certainly right!


Always a glutton for punishment, I threw this J.Crew Factory chambray shirt into the mix. Because if the one that was twice as expensive didn't work, surely this cut rate redheaded stepchild one would?? When I opened the package I actually double checked the order because this really doesn't look like a denim or chambray shirt. The fabric os more of a woven texture. But how was the fit? 

Eh. I ordered an XL and the bottom button won't button. The shoulders and arms are cut better in this one, but the pocket is a little small and a little high, which again isn't cute if you have big boobs. And I wish the side vents were deeper because that's much easier to half tuck. But most importantly, it really doesn't read as a denim shirt in real life. 


This was a late night phone shopping order because I decided I needed to check Target. For whatever reason when you search "denim shirt" this is what comes up, and I ordered it without even looking at it all that closely. I guess I maybe thought it was *really* light blue? 

Nope. This is just a white shirt. HOWEVER, I am including it because I really like it! It's oversized (this is me in a size large), but cute and fits well. It buttons all the way down and has side vents (thank you!). I think it will be really cute with leggings and maybe a sweater blazer in the fall. I kept this one!


First off--I am sorry to say this shirt is sold out (this one is still in stock!), but I still wanted to include it. I have never heard of Maurices, but have since been told it's a fairly ubiquitous midwestern department store of sorts. While I was scouring the internet this short sleeved option popped up for a cool $7. I ordered it in two sizes because again, never heard of Maurices. Here I am in the size Large:

You guys this shirt is so great! It's a perfect weight, nice and long with with those deep side vents that are apparently very important to me, but it looks really cute half tucked. This shirt is everything I have always wanted a Madewell Central Shirt to be, but $7! I am giving the size XL away to a friend to share the love, because it's not really worth making the effort to return. MAURICES, WHO KNEW. 


Guys, I KNOW. I am a grown ass human woman with big boobs and hips and I found the perfect shirt at ABERCROMBIE & FITCH. Do you need a moment, because I need a moment. I really was trying to branch out, and seeing as I still associate A&F with half naked models and that aggressive cologne and jeanz for teenz, yeah. I was pretty sure this was going to lead to heartbreak. But instead:

IT'S SO CUTE. It's so super soft, fits great (this is an XL), the pocket is big and the side vents are perfect, it's just honestly exactly what I was looking for. I just noticed I have the bottom button unbuttoned in these pics, but it comfortably buttons all the way down. It even looks cute tied at the waist over a dress. It's so soft! The wash and color are perfect! My search is freaking over!

If you hung with me through all of that, I salute you, but I also hope this was helpful. Sometimes you just need to put $300 worth of denim shirts on your credit card, drink some wine, and figure some shit out. Now to return all the rejects...

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Um, Basically The Same One.

 Hahaha, you know what's funny? When you haven't done an outfit post in a while so you figure one out and then photograph it and then format it all up and then suddenly remember that the most recent outfit you posted is basically the exact same one. SO TOTALLY FUNNY. I'M THE WORST BLOGGER.

But also, this is real life, I guess. I wear the stuff I like a lot so it makes sense that I'd be excited to um, show you the joggers that I already showed you last month:

Yup, those Athleta joggers you already saw. But, here's the thing. I posted them with my Birkenstocks a few weeks ago and now look how cute with boots! It's in the 60s today so I suddenly was like, BOOTS NOW. I've been wearing these joggers a ton and the color is so perfect with nearly everything and they're comfy like pajamas but they're real damn pants. Also, they're on sale. You should buy them if you haven't already. There's also a cute utility version that's also on sale! Yay for comfy pants. 

I tucked my top in because I am trying to be all stylish or whatever but if we're being honest, I immediately untucked it afterwards, like so:

So much better. My top is an old one from Loft but this one is similar and probably much nicer quality. I also love this one by Lucky Brand and this one as well because it's so simple. Oh! And I really, really love this one by Joie because how pretty is that spice color? On to details: 

Big surprise, I'm wearing the exact same jewelry as last time because this is literally all I've been wearing. My beautiful moonstone earrings are from Three Flames Silverworks and my labradorite necklace was made by my friend Maryellen of Twist Style.

Here's another look at my leopard boots! I bought these at the end of last winter and only got to wear them a couple of times before the shut-down (outfit here.) I'd forgotten how great they are! They're still available in a few sizes and they also have this pair, but I don't like the print as much. For something similar, this Sam Edelman pair is cute and ugh, how great is this Kate Spade pair

So, that's it. You get the same outfit, more or less, but yay boots! 

Monday, September 14, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Sweater Weather.

Marianne and I both have decided that this year we're going to stop being bummed out about autumn and instead we're going to embrace it. We've both always been Summer 4EVR! people but this whole year has been such a downer that instead of being sad about the end of summer, we're going to be happy af about a fresh new season. TOTALLY SO HAPPY. Anyway, in the spirit of this new effort, I went searching for some good sweaters to get us all in the mood:

This turtleneck sweater is actually a fleece top from Alo Yoga so it's basically fawncy loungewear.

My friend Kate just ordered this and I LOVE IT. Looks good from the back! 

I'm still contemplating a cozy gin cardigan from Barefoot Dreams. So soft. 

This crazy fun zebra sweater is Banana Republic! I was also surprised. 

Okay, technically this is a hoodie but it's also a knit so it totally counts as a sweater. Plus, HOW CUTE.

My favorite J.Crew Sophie cardigan now comes in a delightful plum color. I'm taking it personally.

I love this Sanctuary camo/leopard print long cardigan and it comes in straight and plus sizes

This one is just plain mean to include, but it's the cashmere gin cardigan of my dreams. 

And finally, this cheap n' cheerful oversized sweater from Old Navy just looks easy to wear. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Fall Picks from Nordstrom Rack.

Like I said, that switch has been flipped and suddenly I'm all boots and sweaters! Decorative gourds! Woodsy scented candles! (It's still very much summer here, by the way.) Anyway, I checked out Nordstrom Rack and there is so much cute stuff. One thing I wasn't able to capture for my dumb widget was this cute rain parka:

It's by Levi's and it's on sale! I love this wine color so much. Here's what else I liked:

Thursday, September 10, 2020

A Few Things I Want (and one thing I bought)

Even though it's still basically summer outside I've suddenly started wanting fall-like things and it's as if a switch flipped. Always the way, right? Here are a few things I've been thinking about:

A friend of mine visited recently and was wearing a pair of wool Allbirds, which I'd never really considered until I saw a pair in person. They appealed to me because the style is so minimal and they seemed like a good segue shoe as the weather starts to turn. My current walk-around sneakers are showing their age, so I checked out the Allbirds site and was immediately much more into the Tree Runners than the Wool Runners. They just look so light and sleek. I really like the peppercorn color (above) and the lychee color is also really good. Does anyone have a pair? 

Next up, I was totally on board to buy Marianne's leopard sweater blazer but it sold out pretty much immediately because of course it did. However, I also  really love this one:

But it's sold out of my size. (Quick aside: I was pleased to see that my favorite from last year, the J.Crew Juliette collarless sweater-blazer, is on NR because it's so good! That's not a bad price, either.) There's also this one that definitely has it's appeal, but it's pretty similar in shape to a sweater I already own so, for now, my leopard cardigan dreams have been put on hold. It's fine, it's nothing I need RIGHT THIS SECOND but it's annoying when everything sells out so quickly. 

Even though it's currently 80 degrees outside I am thinking about fall candles (MARIANNE'S FAULT) and of course I want my stupid bougie Diptyque Feu de Bois candle because it smells like a French fireplace and isn't cloying in any way. (I can't handle cloying.) I am hoping I can find something similar that doesn't cost a million dollars. This one by Woodwick  looks promising and has that crackly wooden wick thing which is fun. I'm also open to suggestions if you have a fireplace candle you really like. 

Finally, while I've been enjoying my weird fake EVA Birks, it turns out you shouldn't do yardwork in sandals. Oops. Marianne suggested her favorite garden clogs by Calzuro so I immediately bought a pair. They are SO GOOD. Like, really, really good and surprisingly comfortable. You might be thinking to yourself, "Um, they look just like Crocs." But I am here to tell you that you are wrong! They are ITALIAN garden clogs which makes them far superior to Crocs. I don't know why, they just are. Don't argue. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

We Discuss: Fuzzy Sandals and Good Pens.

I have found my fall quarantine shoes.

M: Are you ready

M: I don’t think you are.

A: I don't think I am.


A: Listen, I once had a delightful pair of furry Ugg flip-flop slippers

A: I wore them until the fur was gone.

M: I feel like no one sees my feet any more and these feel right.

A: Cheaper than Birks!

M: Yes! And I really don’t need a THIRD pair of furry Birks.

A: Wait, if you have two pairs of shearling Birks why do you need these Uggs.

A: Sorry, that was rude. Need is subjective.

M: “Need”

M: Let’s not go down THAT road.

A: I already apologized!

M: Haha

M: Though the fur is much less furry on my Birks a year later and these are more like slippers.

A: I am not trying to KonMari you.

M: If I am going to survive the likely hellscape that is Fall 2020 I need FLUFF

M: I also bought a matching sweatsuit so I AM READY

A: I love that you bought a matching sweatsuit. How very early aughts!

M: At least it doesn’t say Juicy on the rear.

A: We can fix that.

M: My rear speaks for itself.

M: I am also about to embark on another round of SummerFoot.

M: I can’t believe we’ve been doing this long enough for TWO SUMMERFEET

M: (I’m very all caps today I’m sorry)

A: I have done zero SummerFooting.

A: I bought it, but never actually did it.

M: Come with me on this journey.

M: Tonight, we should FaceTime while we soak and wrap our feet in goo.

A: Oh god

A: Okay

M: I have so little to live for.

A: I have the new pens you recommended, so.

M: I love those pens.

A: They are really good pens.

M: I miss office supplies.

A: I also have a new Bowie notebook that I’m going to write in probably:


M: Write TO DO on the first page I mean it.


M: So pretty


M: Sir Bowie would want you to write in it.


M: Hey, look you’ve already checked something off. You’re welcome.

A: You are a mean lady.