Friday, October 30, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: More Boots I Absolutely Do Not Need.

Boots are one of my favorite things about the fall and winter months. If it has to be cold and gross and dark, at least I can stomp around in really great boots. Even though I just bought a pair of Dr. Martens boots that I DID NOT NEED, I still want more. We'll start with this pair:

A blog reader sent these to me and I can't stop thinking about them. 

These are J.Crew and I just love the black and white contrast with the laces. Cute! 

These Docs are not for everyone but I freaking love them. So late 70s punk rock! 

Tall boots are back and this Frye pair made me gasp. They are perfection.

I really, really love my Cole Haan booties and this pair with the buckle and the block heel? So good.

Another pair of really good tall boots. These are Madewell and I love how streamlined they are.

This pair follows me around the Internet like a little creeper. Aren't they beautiful? 

Listen. I own Uggs. I own slippers. I own leopard boots. WHY DO I WANT THESE.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Stuff I Like: Creepy/Cozy Edition.

It's currently dark and pouring rain out but here I am, still trying to get with the hygge and lean into fall. I AM TRYING, OKAY. I mean, yes, Halloween is fun and I am still mad about missing a lot of the John Derian collection at Target (seriously - if anyone can find me those eye coasters you will be handsomely rewarded) but I've got a few other creepy and/or cozy suggestions for you:

This Show That Isn't Only About Chess
If you've scrolled past The Queen's Gambit on Netflix because you don't care about chess, go back and watch it. I'm about halfway through and I love it so much. It's dark and unexpected and deeply weird. Plus, it's visually stunning and the mid-century costumes and sets are amazing. If you want a show to really fall into, this is it. Go get a mug of Marianne's favorite fancy tea and settle in. 

One Hoodie To Rule Them All
I've talked about this before but it bears repeating:  this pile-lined hoodie from Uniqlo is THE BEST. I'm wearing it right this second, in fact. It's warm and cozy and has held up through repeated washings. I also love these sweatpants (I have two pairs) and they're still my favorite cozy lounge wear. Both of these things will go on sale but are honestly worth full price. 

Can You Handle One More Candle?
The last time I went to Target I grabbed this Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine candle and it's pretty great. It smells like Christmas trees in the best, cleanest way. Pine with a touch of clove and cedar? What could be better. I like to burn this along with one of my warm-spice/firewood scented candles to get the full hygge effect. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Outfit of the Day: Oh, This Old Thing?

 Do you ever throw on some clothes and then walk by a mirror and think, "oh, this looks pretty good!" I did that last weekend and decided it would make a good outfit post. I wore it all again today and realized that nearly everything I'm wearing is secondhand. Go me! It makes me happy that I'm successfully changing my ways and now a decent chunk of my current wardrobe is thrifted or purchased on Poshmark. I'm practically an eco saint over here. Or something. Anyway:

Okay, so I didn't promise it would be a glamour lewk or anything. This is just my usual work-from-home jam. The top is Lou & Grey and it's thrifted. I don't know that it's super flattering but I loved the color and the floaty goodness of it. There are a bunch of these available on Posh but if that's not your thing, this tee looks like a good substitute

I'm usually freezing so I added this cardigan which was a very nice gift from my friend Nina! It's an old J.Crew cashmere cardigan (circa 2011) that she passed on to me and I love it so much. So soft and warm! The perfect cozy work-from-home option. For something similar, this one is a dead ringer for my cardigan and this one is a bit more drape-y and looks nice and I love this ombre cardigan as well. Your cheap and cheerful option is here

Sometimes you just gotta admire your clogs, you know? I'll talk about those in a minute but first, my jeans. These old Madewell Boyjeans have been THE BEST. I wear them an obnoxious amount and they just get better. I definitely suggest seeking out a secondhand pair! (But get measurements - they can run big.) I prefer the mid rise style but the high rise version is super popular. Madewell just really does this style amazingly well. 

I'm still carrying my Lo & Sons Pearl crossbody more than any other bag and I'm still really digging my Madewell camera strap as well. (Y'ALL. Check out this Kule strap! Ahhh!) Now, details:

I'm wearing one of my Twist Style necklaces, made by my friend Maryellen. Her jewelry is really pretty and wearable! Definitely check her out. (And just to be clear - I purchased this with my own money! This is not a sponsored item,  I just really like her stuff. Support your creative friends!) 

Finally, my clogs. I have never been hugely into clogs but Birkenstocks are a slipperly slope to Clogtown and that's where I live now. I got these Sanita professional clogs at my favorite thrift store ($4!) and they're great. Super well-made and clompy AF. I mostly wear them around the house and now declare them perfect quarantine shoes. The end. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

BUY THIS (Because I Want To): J.Crew on Sale.

J.Crew is having a...pre... Black Friday sale(?) which is weird, but whatever. Really it just means that current things are 50% off right now, not just bathing suits and shorts. It's a good sale! Here are some things I'd love to purchase (and one that I already did):

This tie-neck tiered dress in leopard crinkle chiffon is slightly more ruffle-y that I would typically go for but something about it is so witchy and good. This dress is a power move, y'all. 

Why, yes. I am going to suggest you need a little red bag. The Devon camera bag is a great little crossbody and you can replace the strap which makes it more fun. 

Ahem. This Snake-embossed leather bag strap is what they suggest for funning up this already cute bag and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

I am not a turtleneck fan but something about this cozy turtleneck in vintage cotton terry is really appealing. It's a turtleneck/sweatshirt hybrid and I am here for it. 

Speaking of cozy, these waffle joggers get great reviews and I can see myself living in these...which could be problematic. 

Ugh. Okay, I don't really need a serious winter coat but this Chateau parka  is KILLING ME in the bright red. It comes in a bunch of other great colors but the red is just so perfect. Ugh ugh ugh. 

Oooh, clogs. Something about these Leather clogs with the gold studs? Love. They also come in black but I'm trying to branch out and consider other neutrals. 

Okay, so this Lock-and-key necklace set is technically back-ordered but I had to include it because it's really freaking good. I love charms and layered necklaces and keys and this chain and that little lock! I just really like it, okay? Sheesh.

WHO WANTS TO BE A MUPPET? ME, THAT'S WHO. I'm  not sure why this Teddy sherpa topcoat in leopard makes me want to yell but dammit, I really love this coat. 

If you're not into sweatshirt turtlenecks perhaps this oversized cashmere wrap is more your thing? It's DEFINITELY my thing. Who wouldn't want to be all chic and swaddled up in cashmere?

What, you thought I wouldn't make you want some boots? These Crepe-sole Chelsea boots are just the thing for looking cool and not falling on your ass when it's a little icy out. 

Hi! It's me, the Lightweight utility jacket from a few weeks ago and I'm now 50%! (Note: I, erm, failed to return this coat so yeah. It's a keeper.) 

Friday, October 23, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: Ah, Target.

I went to Target to get a flu shot (plus $50 of rando stuff I don't even know what) and did a quick spin through the store to see what looked good. So refreshing to actually see things in person! The only thing I couldn't find is the amazing John Derian for Threshold collection but it looks like a lot of it isn't available anymore, which is a bummer. I mean, these plates? These coasters? I WANT THEM. Anyway, mostly I looked at clothes. Mostly: 

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Outfit of the Day: I Got New Boots, Y'all.

I am literally just posting an outfit because I got new boots and want to show them off. Did I need new boots? No. No I did not. However, I recently sold a couple of pairs so I had unnecessary boot money burning a hole in my pocket. Anyway, let's start here:

Pretty basic jeans 'n tee outfit going on so I'll get that out of the way. My t-shirt is the Madewell Whisper slub v-neck that I love, even in weird sale colors. (I really want the long sleeve version too but I'll wait for a sale.) My jeans are also, you guessed it, Madewell. They're an older version of the high rise skinny crop, which I like because they're a good length to wear with ankle boots. There is a light wash version on sale here and a few sizes left in this medium wash.

We're gonna add a big cardigan and a bag as if I'm going somewhere. My sweater is by Design History and I bought it last year, maybe? Time has no shape anymore. It's great - heavy and warm but not itchy. It also apparently comes in a mock neck version which would look terrible on me, but maybe cute on you. For a cheap and cheerful leopard cardigan option, this one is pretty cute

Okay, the boots! They're Dr Martens Leonore Sherpa Chelsea boots and I've wanted them for two years. They weren't available in my size last year so I got a different style instead. (Don't do this! Just wait for the thing you really want.) They're so freaking cute, you guys. They're sherpa lined and very cozy and have a great Chelsea shape with classic Doc styling. I can't wait to wear them all winter until you guys are like, PLEASE WEAR ANY OTHER SHOES.  I bought my normal size (UK 6/US8) and they're perfect, though, as with most Docs, they will require a bit of breaking in. Anyway, they're cute as hell and very good for winter. The end. Not really, here are some details: 

I'm wearing my favorite labradorite tassel pendant because I like how my weird green shirt vibes with the green in the stones. For other fun tassel necklace ideas, I love this one by Alexis Bittar and Target has a cute one too! My earrings are my amazing moonstone drops from Three Flames Silverworks. 

Here's a better look at my awesome new boots! If you love the idea of a sherpa-lined boot but prefer it in a classic 8-hole laced style, they make that too. I'M SORRY OKAY. I just want you to have warm feet this winter. I'm also carrying my very old MBMJ hobo bag, which is still one of my favorites. It's only available now secondhand, but NR has a really similar style in a pretty wine color and Off Fifth has it in a few more colors


When I take outfit photos I take a LOT of them and easily half of them look like this because remote timers crap out a lot. It's pretty much the expression I have on my face most of the time anyway, so bonus! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): What's Up, TJ Maxx?

 I haven't trolled the TJ Maxx website for bargains in such a long time! I started looking and then remembered why - there's SO MUCH STUFF and you can't search by brand. Ugh. But I powered through and found some really good things for really good prices and I basically want all of it. Oops. Anyway, take a look:

I immediately clicked on this balloon sleeved cuteness and was not at all surprised it was by French Connection, maker of my favorite red sweater from last year. 

This necklace is by Shashi and I just thought it was really cute. Something about little clusters of charms has always appealed to me. 

I think we're all going to be spending a lot of time this winter in our gin cardigans so it might as well be Vince and a cashmere blend, right? 

These Frame jeans are such a nice skinny-jean-alternative! They look very current and are perfect to
wear with booties. 

I am historically Not Into Overalls but Marianne looks so cute in her pair and this pair (also Frame) Is really similar in cut. 

I've been dying for a paperclip chain and this one also has a labradorite pendant! All my favorites! 

I'm not going to stop until everyone has a leather jacket. I like that this one isn't super cropped. 

This also appeals to me in that paperclip way and it's from Allsaints! 

Oh, hey, just a cute af Minkoff crossbody that's under $60. It comes in tan as well for even less.

Now I'm going to be practical for a second with this well-priced The North Face rain jacket. It's not fashion, but it'll keep you dry. 

On the other hand, with this adorable Chelsea rain boot you can be dry AND fashion! How cute are the  little gold buckles?

If you're weary of carrying your little crossbody all the time, maybe what you need is a bright red leather satchel? I'm just saying. Like, maybe what we all need right now is a cheerful, structured red bag. I'll bet you could fit a whole bottle of gin in that thing...

Monday, October 19, 2020

Beauty in the Time of Quarantine: An Update.

 I think all of our beauty routines have changed a lot this year and I thought maybe it would be a good time for an update from this post I wrote at the end of March.  

These days I wear a lot less makeup but I still do my face most days because it makes me feel good. Generally it's CC cream, concealer, mascara and brown gel and sometimes I'll add eyeliner and brow pencil if I'm feeling fancy. I only wear lipstick for blog pics and some video meetings and I rarely wear blush anymore. 

Because of masks, I don't see the point in doing much to my lower face these days but I love a dramatic eye/brow combo if I'm going out in the world. I've linked my current products above but wanted to mention how much I like my current mascara:

I got this in an Allure box and it's quite good. It actually holds a curl and is a reliable, non-clumpy volumizing mascara. It's not super messy and it doesn't flake. Yay! Speaking of my lashes, I haven't given an update on my GrandeLash serum progress! Here are some pics comparing June to September:

I mean, damn. I actually have longer lashes! They aren't crazyballs long, but they are definitely longer and a bit thicker and I am pleased. The other day I walked by a mirror late in the afternoon and was surprised that I could actually SEE my eyelashes still. Some of this is because my Wander Beauty mascara actually holds a curl but also, GrandeLash works, y'all. 

As well as wearing less makeup, I've also fine-tuned my skincare game. One thing I wish I'd gotten a photo of is my face before I started using Differin every night. I know I've talked about it a few times but, you guys, nothing else has ever made such a visible difference in my skin. I still have melasma (though it's lighter) but the overall clarity and smoothness in my skin is visible. It's inexpensive and it works - can't ask for more than that. I'm also still using my Avene moisturizer and the occasional serum from The Ordinary. 

One new product I've added is Topical C from Nue Co. It's a powdered form of vitamin C that you mix in with your moisturizer or serum. I've been mixing it with The Ordinary's Marine Hyaluronics which seems to work well. I just started using it recently so the jury is still out, but so far, so good. 

Your turn! What's changed in your routine? What products are working for you right now?