Friday, October 30, 2020

Weekend Window Shopping: More Boots I Absolutely Do Not Need.

Boots are one of my favorite things about the fall and winter months. If it has to be cold and gross and dark, at least I can stomp around in really great boots. Even though I just bought a pair of Dr. Martens boots that I DID NOT NEED, I still want more. We'll start with this pair:

A blog reader sent these to me and I can't stop thinking about them. 

These are J.Crew and I just love the black and white contrast with the laces. Cute! 

These Docs are not for everyone but I freaking love them. So late 70s punk rock! 

Tall boots are back and this Frye pair made me gasp. They are perfection.

I really, really love my Cole Haan booties and this pair with the buckle and the block heel? So good.

Another pair of really good tall boots. These are Madewell and I love how streamlined they are.

This pair follows me around the Internet like a little creeper. Aren't they beautiful? 

Listen. I own Uggs. I own slippers. I own leopard boots. WHY DO I WANT THESE.


  1. I think you should buy those lightning bolts boots right away! They're so perfect for you and I've never seen anything quite like them. About the boots with the laces, I bought a pair of black lace up boots last year that I thought looked a little bit too much like cop shoes, so I ordered black-and-white herringbone laces, and they look really interesting now!

  2. I just bought fake Uggs off Amazon to clomp around in in my house. No regrets.

    I also firmly believe that every person should have at least one pair of statement boots. You need that lightening pair! :)

  3. My child has white Docs and she laced them with silver chain yesterday. Super cute with black jeans. Those Bowie boots as I have declared them scream YOU!!


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