Monday, November 2, 2020

BUY THIS (Because I Definitely Have): Athleta New and On Sale.

Athleta just released some new markdowns but I'm more excited about some of their newer arrivals. Here are four items I have and love and four that I'd love to have:


  1. Okay you gotta get a space heater for the office then. Truly makes a huge difference! And put a blanket on your lap. I was puzzled by your "hate the fall" attitude, but if it were freezing and raining all the time I would also be unhappy. I hate weather, which is why I live in S. CA. We have clear and dry and crisp=fall. But it is going to be 84 today.

  2. I ran in my new Rainier tights for the first time today and they're great and DAMMIT now I need the reflective leopard print.

    1. They seriously LIGHT UP. Nobody is gonna miss you at night!

  3. I honestly am going to get the reflective tights. It is getting dark earlier and need to be seen when I walk/run later in the day.


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