Thursday, November 19, 2020

We Discuss: Kidnapping Harry Styles.

 A: So, I listened to this:

M: Oooh I need to listen

A: And then immediately bought his album. It was involuntary.

M: The album is very good

A: It’s literally just Hamish Bowles reading the interview which was disappointing but the article is great

M: lol Hamish has such a crush

A: He’s def got a crush, who wouldn’t?

M: Seriously! It’s just cute

A: The album isn’t 100% my thing but it’s growing on me

A: Were you the one that posted that story about Harry Styles and the telescope?

A: Oh, wait, was it on the celebs IG?

M: Yes Overheard Celebs

A: Yes! That was SO CUTE


A: Like, can you Imagine

M: Indeed I cannot

A: How has he not been kidnapped


A: By some middle aged lady

A: Hahaaaaaaaa

M: lol jinx

A: He’d make an excellent pool boy for our future Golden Girls retirement plan

M: Indeed


A: This Harry Styles album is musical Ativan

M: mmmhmmmmmm

A: Also, it is such an insane stretch to be offended by Harry Styles in a dress. 

A: Like, you have to WANT to be offended.

M: Oh lord, I was going to say WHO is offended but of course someone is offended

A: Apparently people are SO offended because never in the history of music has a man worn a dress

A: I mean, except for David Bowie 40+ years ago

M: lollll

M: Think of the children! They will grow up to think they can wear whatever they want! Horrors!

A: That is crazy! Next, women will be wearing pants

M: Remember when that dude called me a cross dresser because I wore jeggings

M: #neverforget


A: That was one of the single weirdest moments in our blog history

M: Truly incredible

A: Where have all the weirdoes gone?

M: Tiktok probably

M: Anyway, Harry Styles


M: It’s not on this album but have you listened to the song Sweet Creature?

M: Le sigh

M: What a lil dreamboat

A: I’m listening to it now

A: The comments seem to think it’s about Louis Tomlinson

M: Oh they always do

M: The One Direction obsessed are just certain they are deeply in love

M: It’s a whooooole thing

A: The Internet cannot seem to decide which way he leans

A: And honestly? I just think he’s darling and no curr

M: Exactly!

M: I mean I think he’s pretty solidly into women but also doesn’t feel like it’s anyones business

M: He says the song is about his little sister btw

A: Awwww

M: See? He is just delightful

M: I am glad you are with me here

A: I am way too old for this but maybe it’s what I needed

M: It’s the one bright spot in this beshitted year

A: Yes, yes it is

M: I also love his band and the women in it

M: I watched a whole Howard Stern interview with him and his bandmates clearly just adore him and he them and it’s SO sweet

A: He just seems like a nice person

M: yes

A: And, he seems to actually LIKE women

A: We always know when they don’t

M: Yup

M: agree

A: Now I’m watching his tiny desk concert:

M: Oh so good!

M: I am watching Golden again ha

A: Hee

M: He really seems to be enjoying all of this so much. It’s nice to see someone just ENJOY being successful

M: Instead of acting all tortured or whatever

A: Plus, he mentioned David Bowie twice in that Vogue interview which is truly the way to my heart


M: Now fully in a Harry Styles wormhole AGAIN even though I have so much work

M: Sorry/not sorry

M: Goodbye forever:


  1. Um, he is ROCKING that dress. And people who are freaking out over another human wearing a dress are mystifying to me.