Friday, November 29, 2019

Black Friday Deals To Shop From Your Couch.

Happy Thanksgiving! I am currently in Ireland celebrating ThanksGuinness so this list was made in advance. I am POSITIVE there are some good sales and deals that are not reflected in this list (because, sadly,I am not a magical wizard), so please feel free to use the comments to post awesome deals you find, if you so desire. Here's what I know: 

Ann Taylor
50% Off Everything with code BLACKFRIDAY.  

30% off everything. (Discount In cart.)

Banana Republic
50% off Full price, 40% off sale. (Discount at checkout.)

BLKFRIDAY for 50% off everything, BESTEVER for an extra 10%.

30% off plus free shipping and returns over $49 with code H7N3

Neiman Marcus Last Call
40-80% off everything! Clearance included.

Take 15% off when you spend $100, 20% off $250, 25% off $400+.

50% off your purchase and extra 60% off sale styles now. Code FRIDAY. J.Crew rewards members enjoy free shipping on everything.

50% off your purchase with code FRIYAY.

20% off Black Friday Sale with code BLKFRI + Free Shipping at $49. 

30% off everything with code GIFTWELL.

Neiman Marcus
$50 off your $200+ regular price purchase with code THANKFUL. Beauty included. 

60% off with an extra 33% off select merchandise. Beauty/Fragrance excluded. 

$50 off your $200+ regular price purchase with code THANKFUL. Beauty included. 

Nordstrom Rack 
50% off clearance items.

Old Navy
50% off everything, no exclusions.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE up to 50% off (earlier in the day).

BLACK FRIDAY SALE up to 65% off (in the afternoon). 

Up to 25% off full-price items and up to 75% off sale items with code MORE19

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Outfit of The Day: On Fridays We Wear Jeans

We can wear jeans to work on Fridays and I always, always do because I CAN. This is what I wore last Friday:

This is how I do jeans and a sweatshirt at work! Heh. My fancy sweatshirt is from Banana Republic and I bought it last year. It's a really good one! I wasn't sure about the sleeves at the time, but now I love them. BR currently has this similar style but not with stripes. For a striped similar, I love this one from Mother and this Madewell version (via Nordstrom Rack) is awfully cute too. 

My jeans are Madewell and I thrifted them. I originally bought them to resell but tried them on and oops, they're mine now. They're an older version of this style and I love that they're just...jeans. Not too dark or too light a wash, no distressing or holes or whatever, just jeans. (That's not to say I don't want interesting jeans but these are a good, basic pair.)  My belt is also from Madewell and it's a belt. On to details: 

I wear this necklace a lot! It's everything I love, really. It's Dean Davidson and long sold out but this beauty is quite similar and on sale! I also love this labradorite charm pendant which I am trying to resist buying. 

I brought my Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir out this week because I needed a little color. I've been really pleased with this bag! It's just easy to carry and fits more than you would expect. It's available on sale in a really good dark pink or and I really like the red in the updated nylon version. I also found a darker red in the small size here. My boots are Madewell Lucien and this current style is probably the most similar. 

I've been wearing my new Helly Hansen Boyne parka quite a bit lately and it was such a good purchase. 100% waterproof and warm! The color I'm wearing is "beluga" which can only be found on the HH website. They also have a really nice deep purple color that I haven't seen anywhere else. Nordstrom Rack also has a decent selection of HH styles at great prices! I'm totally sold on this brand. 

That's it! I'm currently on vacation in Ireland (oooh, writing from the past) so I hope all my American readers are all gearing up for a good holiday! 

Monday, November 25, 2019

BUY THIS (Because It's Not A Gift Guide): Stuff I Like To Give.

This! Is! Not! A! Gift! Guide! (But, since we're talking about it - do you guys want gift guides? Do you hate them? Let me know.) This is, instead, a selection of things I tend to give as gifts because I genuinely like these things and have probably already talked about most of it on the blog at some point. None of this is groundbreaking, I know, but it's still good stuff:

Friday, November 22, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Leopard Print Everything!

Can't stop won't stop with the leopard print! I love it all:

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Stuff I Like: Listening, Wearing, Burning, Updating

Time for more Stuff I Like! Let's get this party started:

This Audiobook That Is SO FREAKING GOOD
Look, it's no secret that Ronan Farrow is just the best and Catch and Kill is a really damn good book about his exposing the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein and the lengths to which NBC was willing to go to cover it up. You probably know all that. I am here to tell you that the audiobook is the way to go if you haven't read this yet (or even if you have!) Ronan has an excellent voice for it and he does all the accents, which is...just adorable. There's no other word for it. I can't recommend this enough.

This Lipstick That Is Quite Cheering
I got this full-sized Tarte Color Splash lipstick in Yachting (the one on the left) in my November Allure box and it is now my favorite winter lipstick. It's a very pigmented lipstick but doesn't make my lips feel dry. Yachting is a fairly intense berry color but sheers out nicely with some blotting and gloss on top if you don't want a Serious Lip. I am kind of enjoying the intensity of it right now, tbh.

These Fancy Candles That Are Half The Price of Diptyque
Y'all know Marianne and I both love our fancy candles but man, Diptyque are SO expensive that it's pretty rare that I buy one. Recently I had a tipsy ole time at Need Supply and discovered Maison Louis Marie candles. They are really nice candles and the large size is $34 (the same price as a mini Diptyque.) The scents are luxurious and complex without being overpowering. I bought L’Etang Noir - an oriental fragrance with a tobacco flower top note enhanced by a rich spice blend of vanilla, anise, nutmeg, ginger & clove. Marianne was immediately like, I WANT ONE and she bought Bois de Balincourt - a sandalwood fragrance with a dominant cedarwood & sandalwood accord supplemented by a spicy cinnamon nutmeg complex with an earthy vetiver note.

Update - These Internet Vitamins I Still Love
I am now on my fourth (adorable) box of Care/of vitamin packs and I STILL LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Apparently the only way to make me take vitamins consistently is to package them up individually with my name on them. Also, I love the app! The Care/of app sends me a reminder every morning and also gives me "carrots" to use towards discounts and free stuff. My current selection (per the quiz) is working great and I've just added an elderberry supplement to ward off all the gross winter germs. If you're tempted to try Care/of you can use my code AATKQC to get up to $40 off your first order! (I also get a carrot credit.)

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Comfy AF

My last few outfits have all been pants and jeans because, if we're being honest, that's mostly what I wear these days. However, I do have a small arsenal of sack-like dresses that are great for when you want to wear a dress still want to feel like you're basically wearing pajamas:

This is the Juno dress which is currently available in a couple of different prints, neither of them leopard. However, Anthro has other leopard-y options including this cute tunic and this knit dress (with sleeves!) that I'm really into. For a bargain option, check out this cute leopard dress at Target! 

So, I know I'm all, I'M SO SUPER COMFY but I'm also wearing tights which are not really known for being comfy. So listen, I am going to tell you about Commando Ultimate Opaque tights which are not inexpensive but they are glorious -literally the opposite of Spanx, y'all. They have a nice big stretchy band instead of a traditional waistband and they more or less stay put without any pain. They are also very thick and opaque, which I require. I've had the same pair for 3-4 years now and they are still going strong. Now, details: 

This little nugget is still sparking joy. For something similar, I'd go for this Kate Spade bag because man, that is a beautiful bag! For a bargain pick, this one at TJ Maxx is pretty similar. My boots are from Madewell and are fairly similar to this current style

I'm wearing my usual favorites - my little Argento Vivo Labradorite necklace and my Soko paddle pendant (there is also a mini version) that Marianne gave me. And now: 

Guys. I don't know what to do with this BlankNYC jacket. I try it on with everything and it never seems like it quite works for me. I wore it here and I like it fine but if I try to wear it with anything that isn't skinny jeans and a t-shirt, it looks like it's eating me alive. It's a problem. Hmph. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Reader Request: Help Me Find a Winter Work Coat!

I love a reader request! Recently Amy reached out and asked for help in finding a work-appropriate winter coat, possibly wool, definitely "chic and Boden-esque." I thought this sounded like a fun challenge and I realize now I probably should've asked for more details - budget, climate, etc. But, I didn't, so I can pretty much do what I want. Heh.

NOW. I have Opinions About Coats. A winter coat is one of those things where I think you should buy the best one you can afford because a quality, well-fitting coat will last you a long time. I also think that if you buy a wool coat, you shouldn't buy it in black, especially if you have pets, because you will ALWAYS be covered in fur and lint and you will NEVER GET IT ALL OFF. Ever. Ever ever ever. Trust me, buy any color but black.

Also, black wool coats are boring and funereal and you don't need a coat that "goes with everything" because when you put it on, it's your entire outfit. Sure, a neutral color is more business-appropriate but if you don't work in a super conservative field, have some fun with your coat! This is what I mean:

Since Amy mentioned Boden, I am starting with Boden. This coat is BEAUTIFUL and has a colorblock surprise in the back that makes me like it even more. If that pale pink color worries you, it also comes in navy, with a very British surprise in the back:

So fun! So cheeky! It's pretty expensive but code G9F3 takes off almost $100, bringing it down to a slightly more reasonable price. Now, since we're still in the fun zone I went looking to see what I could find from Diane Von Furstenberg and found this one on TJ Maxx:

I sincerely love the cheer of a red coat and DVF makes really, really nice coats. Just trust me on this. Oh, and I also found this wonderful blue double breasted number:

This one is Sam Edelman and it's quite reasonably priced. Now, let's get a bit more classic and head over to J.Crew, maker of very tailored, classic coats:

The Lady Day coat is a best-seller for a reason. It comes in a bunch of good colors, it's super flattering and it's got thinsulate so you won't freeze to death. It's not currently part of a promotion but I'll bet you anything it will be on sale next week. (Black Friday is coming!)

There's also this really excellent "new" Lady Day coat: 

This pink color will boost your complexion and it'll cheer you up in the middle of January when winter declares itself the actual worst. Okay, one more of a more practical nature: 

This is Cole Haan and it's pretty conservative but it has that chic shawl collar that you can mess with to make it more fashion. I also love the swing shape which can be really flattering! Cole Haan is a reliable brand for coats (I've got several) and this one looks like a solid choice. Also, grey is an excellent neutral for a wool coat. 

Okay, let's move on from the solid colors and explore some of the really good plaids I'm seeing:

I found this lovely coat on TJ Maxx (sorry about the limited sizing) because I didn't want to torture you with this stupidly expensive Vince coat that I think is really beautiful. Plaid is timeless but the recent onslaught of plaid coats feels a bit trendy to me so I am not going to suggest you spend $800 on one. I am not a monster. I mean, check this out: 

This is so current and chic and it's from the Gap! It's also on sale! It won't keep you warm, but it'll look really nice for a winter or two. Same for this one: 

This is from H&M which is why it looks so cool, though it's potentially made out of dryer lint. I don't love the idea of a fast fashion coat but I also get that not everyone has a Serious Coat budget. This one also comes in a bunch of solid colors, including a very nice burgundy. 

Okay, a final note. If you live somewhere that gets super cold and you value warmth over business-appropriateness, this is what I suggest:

Just give in to the puffer and get one that's well-designed and sleek (and maybe has a faux-fur collar because why not.) This is another Cole Haan and I just love how streamlined it looks. And yes, I know it's black but cat hair won't stick to you, so you're good. 

If you have any good suggestions for Amy, feel free to leave a comment and help a girl out. 

Monday, November 18, 2019

We Discuss: Fancy Gin Carnigans

M: Well that Anthropologie kimono sweater thing only had two left in stock so I panic ordered it

A: Ooh! Remind me what it looks like?

M: I had a $25 gift card and I had it shipped to store to save shipping so I am pretending it was on sale:

M: I mean, I needed it

A: Ah! Right. Yes, that is Very Marianne

A: And you have been rocking the beret of late

M: I need that turtleneck TOO


M: But yes, it’s such a “me” outfit that I’m surprised it’s not already in my closet

A: I really love this cardigan:

A: But I am not willing to spend full price dollars on it

M: Now THAT is an animal print

A: Yup

A: But, I am trying not to shop except when necessary

A: Related: two of the three Uniqlo base layer tops I bought work, which is nice

A: I stupidly bought one that’s a ballet neck

M: Heh

M: I love a ballet neck in theory but WHITHER BRA STRAPS

A: Oh, it’s worse than that

A: I forgot a ballet neckline requires actual shoulders

M: ah

A: It just slides right down off my narrow shoulder nubs

M: Very flashdance

M: Not really the look I’m going for

A: But the other two are great and work perfectly under sweaters

M: Your vacation is so soon!

A: I know! I am excited and really glad I bought that HH coat. Phew.

A: Does your new cardigan qualify as a gin carnigan?

M: A fancy gin carnigan

A: yoo guys

M: I still have this:

A: icannntevin! 😭

M: My queen


Friday, November 15, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie Sale!

Yay it's Friday! To celebrate the weekend (I assume) Anthropologie is offering an extra 40% off sale items (discount in cart). Here's what I really like from the sale section:

Thursday, November 14, 2019

TJ Maxx Clearance Report: The Best Under $100 Buys!

Every so often I'll troll the clearance section of TJ Maxx to see what's good. In this case, I was alerted by Nina that there were some Lulu Frost pieces on clearance for $20 so I scurried right over to look and then kept on digging. Here are some of the best clearance bargains I found, all of them under $100:

Lulu Frost! $20! I mean, that right there would make any basic dress or top a party, right? So pretty! 

It also comes in a single pendant version that I think is a lot of fun. $20! I can't get over it. 

This is Kenneth Jay Lane and it's a bit crazy, but that agate is gorgeous and it's all of $22. 
Now, time for bags: 

Oh, hello. This is a dead ringer for my Miu Miu bag, isn't it? Cole Haan, $80. Go get it!

I also really like this Radley crossbody which look super high end and is also $80. 

Of course I'm going to hit you with some Frye. This little wristlet is $32 and would make a great gift. 

Final bag - this cute nylon backpack is Rebecca Minkoff and it's $32. I know. 
Now, clothes: 

This beautiful Hannah Rose wrap is cashmere and it's marked down to $43. I feel like I'm doing your holiday shopping for you. You are welcome. Also: 

This beautiful Rebecca Taylor dress is only available in two sizes but I love it and want one of you to buy it because I can't. 

Finally, this Vince tuxedo jacket is juuuuust under the $100 mark but it's an investment piece that will look amazing thrown over anything - graphic tee, silk blouse, whatever, this jacket will make it cool. (I'm not sure why the model hates it, but I sure love it!)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

BUY THIS (Because I Did): Travel Favorites.

Quick story: I've always wanted to travel and a few years ago I met a great guy who also wanted to travel and we've spent the last couple of years making up for lost time together. In a couple of weeks we'll be on our way to Ireland (for ThanksGuinness!) so I've been pulling out my travel stuff and thinking about what to bring with me. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned all this on the blog before, but what the hell, here are my favorite travel items:

This is my Calpak 24" suitcase I bought from TJ Maxx because Marianne has one and really likes it. That's good enough for me. It's sturdy and the wheels are very spin-y and it's pretty lightweight. Mine is the checked luggage size and it's perfect for a week's trip. Also, it comes in odd colors that are easy to spot on the carousel. It won't charge your phone but it is under $60! 

I don't own this adorable set of packing cubes but isn't it CUTE. I might have to buy them anyway. Listen, there are two schools when it comes to packing - the cubers and the haters. Marianne thinks they're dumb but she's more organized than I am. I, personally, really like them (especially the smaller ones) because it keeps me organized and my suitcase doesn't turn into a free-for-all mess. But seriously, do I need pink leopard cubes? I might. 

Last year I bought this Dagne Dover Hunter Toiletry bag in the large size to use as my travel makeup bag. I love it so much I want to buy the small size too! The large comes with two removable pouches so you can keep your stuff organized and it's roomy without being dramatic about it. It squishes well into a suitcase but you can unsnap the end bits to really open it up and see all your stuff. It's not inexpensive but it is excellent quality and really well-designed. Plus, you can get 10% off your purchase through my link. (Full disclosure: I get a shopping credit if you make a purchase.) 

Okay, now onto one of the best travel purchases I've ever made. This is my toiletries bag from LL Bean and I love it until the end of time. I have the medium which, with careful planning, is plenty big enough for a week's trip. It fits all my skincare and shower crap and I love the removable shower caddy which I have, so far, managed to not leave behind in a hotel shower. Amazing, really. It's a well-made bag that doesn't take up a ton of suitcase real estate and it has a spot for all your shit. It even has a waterproof plastic zip compartment that's great for those mini serum bottles that always leak. Ask me how I know. Ha. 

That's it! I would love to know your travel MVPs, especially if you have a travel pillow you love. I have one of those Trtl things (the first gen, not the new version) and it's fine, I guess. If you have a pillow you like better, let me know! (And if I asked this before and you left a comment, forgive me and lay it on me again.)

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Outfit of The Day: Autumn Uniform

This happens every year - I figure out what things I really like and then wear them over and over again until it feels like a uniform. Like, these photos were taken last week but guess what I'm wearing today? Literally this exact outfit because I love it and want to run it right into the ground:

Hey, remember when I wasn't sure I was going to keep this Everlane sweater? HOW COULD I EVEN THINK THAT? It's so good you guys. I mean, I love all my Everlane cashmere but this loden color is just so perfect with everything. It's also warm and light and ugh. Go get one. Wear it into the ground. (Remember that you can hand wash cashmere!) I have my sights set on this heathered indigo sweater as my next purchase. We shall see. 

I am also wearing my new size-down pair of Madewell tencel jeans which I like to pretend are totally black work pants. I mean, you can barely tell they are jeans, right? I am also wearing my new Perfect belt from Madewell which is a good belt but would be more perfect if they'd included a second keeper loop for the flappy part. (I'm pretty sure that's the correct terminology.) Anyway, it's nice to have a belt and it pulls everything together and I am glad I bought it. I in no way wish I'd bought this tortoise print belt instead. Hush. Details: 

I am, as always, wearing jewelry that's long sold out. This is my Argento Vivo labradorite necklace (check out this one for a spendy similar and this one an different AV option) and my Giles & Brother fish hook pendant which I can't find anywhere, but this anchor pendant is pretty great. 

The Miu Miu bag is still hanging in there as a favorite. It's just so satisfying with the pebbly leather. For a similar vibe, this Donna Karan bag looks like pebbly goodness (those studs!) and this pebbled leather bag at TJ Maxx is a damn steal. I also like this Cole Haan bag, which looks like really good leather. My boots, incidentally, are Cole Haan Landsman, a sold out style, but if you're looking for Chelsea boots maybe check out this pair.

Of course I put my leather jacket on over all this and added my favorite Barbour scarf. Speaking of, there are some really nice Barbour scarves right now at Backcountry! Stay warm, y'all. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: Sephora VIB Sale.

I didn't do any shopping this weekend but I did place a very boring order to Sephora on Friday because I needed to restock a few things and can't resist the lure of the (very lame) 15% off discount. (It ends today! Code HOLIDAYSAVE.)  I bought stuff I actually needed which is so lame:

I have been using this Smashbox foundation FOREVER and every time I try something else I'm angry that it isn't as good. I finally just stopped looking and will use this until they discontinue it, which always seems to happen to the products I love. 

I had been having issues with my foundation (see above) and don't really love using primer every day so I dug out my old Beauty Blender and started using it as a finishing step. It helps! It really does help to give a flawless finish rather than a my-foundation-is-settling-in-my-pores finish. It's seen better days though, so I decided to replace it and was happy to find this fun holiday set. Look, I know there are cheaper makeup sponges that probably work just as well but do they come in a festive, pointy little box with a jewel-like tiny sponge soap? I thought not. 

I don't really do "holy grail" products but It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye is the best serious concealer I've found for under eye and dark spots. It stays FOREVER and you only need a tiny amount so it also lasts forever. It's been so long since I ordered a tube that the packaging has changed, which is kind of scary. Move it along, nothing to see here. 

I also used my points to get mini sizes of:

Sunday Riley Good Genes which, even though I'm using The Ordinary's lactic acid, I still hoard tiny tubes of Good Genes because it's better. It just is. 

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana body cream which I will probably hate because I found the Bum Bum cream to be WAY too aggressively scented. I'm fun. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is not exciting but it is a very good, basic moisturizer and the sample size it great for travel.