Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Outfit of The Day: Autumn Uniform

This happens every year - I figure out what things I really like and then wear them over and over again until it feels like a uniform. Like, these photos were taken last week but guess what I'm wearing today? Literally this exact outfit because I love it and want to run it right into the ground:

Hey, remember when I wasn't sure I was going to keep this Everlane sweater? HOW COULD I EVEN THINK THAT? It's so good you guys. I mean, I love all my Everlane cashmere but this loden color is just so perfect with everything. It's also warm and light and ugh. Go get one. Wear it into the ground. (Remember that you can hand wash cashmere!) I have my sights set on this heathered indigo sweater as my next purchase. We shall see. 

I am also wearing my new size-down pair of Madewell tencel jeans which I like to pretend are totally black work pants. I mean, you can barely tell they are jeans, right? I am also wearing my new Perfect belt from Madewell which is a good belt but would be more perfect if they'd included a second keeper loop for the flappy part. (I'm pretty sure that's the correct terminology.) Anyway, it's nice to have a belt and it pulls everything together and I am glad I bought it. I in no way wish I'd bought this tortoise print belt instead. Hush. Details: 

I am, as always, wearing jewelry that's long sold out. This is my Argento Vivo labradorite necklace (check out this one for a spendy similar and this one an different AV option) and my Giles & Brother fish hook pendant which I can't find anywhere, but this anchor pendant is pretty great. 

The Miu Miu bag is still hanging in there as a favorite. It's just so satisfying with the pebbly leather. For a similar vibe, this Donna Karan bag looks like pebbly goodness (those studs!) and this pebbled leather bag at TJ Maxx is a damn steal. I also like this Cole Haan bag, which looks like really good leather. My boots, incidentally, are Cole Haan Landsman, a sold out style, but if you're looking for Chelsea boots maybe check out this pair.

Of course I put my leather jacket on over all this and added my favorite Barbour scarf. Speaking of, there are some really nice Barbour scarves right now at Backcountry! Stay warm, y'all. 

Monday, November 11, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: Sephora VIB Sale.

I didn't do any shopping this weekend but I did place a very boring order to Sephora on Friday because I needed to restock a few things and can't resist the lure of the (very lame) 15% off discount. (It ends today! Code HOLIDAYSAVE.)  I bought stuff I actually needed which is so lame:

I have been using this Smashbox foundation FOREVER and every time I try something else I'm angry that it isn't as good. I finally just stopped looking and will use this until they discontinue it, which always seems to happen to the products I love. 

I had been having issues with my foundation (see above) and don't really love using primer every day so I dug out my old Beauty Blender and started using it as a finishing step. It helps! It really does help to give a flawless finish rather than a my-foundation-is-settling-in-my-pores finish. It's seen better days though, so I decided to replace it and was happy to find this fun holiday set. Look, I know there are cheaper makeup sponges that probably work just as well but do they come in a festive, pointy little box with a jewel-like tiny sponge soap? I thought not. 

I don't really do "holy grail" products but It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye is the best serious concealer I've found for under eye and dark spots. It stays FOREVER and you only need a tiny amount so it also lasts forever. It's been so long since I ordered a tube that the packaging has changed, which is kind of scary. Move it along, nothing to see here. 

I also used my points to get mini sizes of:

Sunday Riley Good Genes which, even though I'm using The Ordinary's lactic acid, I still hoard tiny tubes of Good Genes because it's better. It just is. 

Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana body cream which I will probably hate because I found the Bum Bum cream to be WAY too aggressively scented. I'm fun. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream is not exciting but it is a very good, basic moisturizer and the sample size it great for travel. 

Friday, November 8, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: Let's Stay Warm, Y'all.

And, just like that, it feels like winter outside. Sigh. In order to help keep us all from freezing to death, here are some lovely warm options to consider: 

Starting off strong with this amazing cashmere oversized wrap from J.Crew. It comes in a bunch of colors but I like the olive best because of course I do. 

Thes Madewell jeans are made of Insuluxe which means there's cashmere woven into the denim. 

Check out this Helly Hansen parka! It comes in dark purple and black but I really love the poppy red. 

Okay, this won't keep you warm but it will keep your face from having that awful tight feeling. 

TJ Maxx has some cute scarves right now! This is by Christian Siriano and it's cashmere. Duh.

Kate and I saw a lady trying these on at Nordstrom last week and we were both VERY into them. Bonus: they're waterproof! 

Who needs fleece-lined leggings? YOU need fleece lined leggings. We all do. 

I love a pom-pom hat but I didn't realize that what I really need is a pom-pom BERET. Yep. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Stuff I Like: Listening, Reading, Wearing

It's time for another episode of Stuff I Like! Here what we've been digging lately:

This podcast that is an excellent escape from politics
At some point I realized that nearly all the podcasts I was listening to were related to politics or news or other serious stuff. My brain needed a break so I downloaded Dolly Parton's America, which I'd heard good things about. Now, I am a Dolly fan but more a fan of her than of her music. Who doesn't love Dolly Parton? But, this podcast is so much more interesting and richer than anything I expected. You just fall into her world and off you go. I don't want to say anymore and ruin it but highly recommend.

This book which was, as Marianne promised, is a good read
The Gown is a good comfy read, though the characters are sometimes a bit flat and the language overly sentimental. What I really liked about it was the true story part. It taught me about about a world I knew nothing about - the fashion house that designed then-Princess Elizabeth's wedding gown and the talented seamstresses and embroiderers who actually made it. The book is obviously set in post-war London which is a favorite of mine. (Also, anything about London during the war except for those Connie Willis books which, holy shit. And ha, I just realized I already bitched about that.)

These socks that are perfect with ankle boots
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I ordered a couple pairs of the lightweight ankle socks from Bombas to see if they'll be the perfect no-show option for ankle boots. I am happy to report they're excellent in that capacity. I really like a no-sock look with my ankle boots (unless it's really cold out, I'm not an animal) and these are the perfect length. They also stay put and don't slip down your heels as you walk. If you've never tried Bombas, you can go through my link for 25% off your first order. (Full disclosure, I also get a shopping credit.)

This Apple Watch band that Marianne recommends
Marianne and I both have Apple watches and I am that boring person who never changes her band. Marianne, on the other hand, always has a cute band and her most recent purchase made me want one too. She got this band in the tortoise shell and it looks so good! She said she had to remove a few links but she really loves it. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

We Discuss: The Tyranny of Glossier Boy Brow.

M: I know you have Good Brows now but did you ever try Glossier Boy Brow before microblading?

A: No, but I want to. I’ve been using some rando brow gel I got in a box, but it’s pretty much done.

A: I also have Ka-Brow but it’s overkill so I save it for when I am feeling dramatic

M: Yeah I am wanting something more “casual” and I generally think Glossier is bullshit, BUT Tracee Ross used boybrow to give herself a Halloween mustache and it looks really good and realistic

A: People freaking love Boy Brow - the only complaint is that it’s really small

A: I still really like the Glossier cheek stuff I bought

M: Hm I may have to give it a try

A: You know what really works for brows but is much more expensive?

M: Do tell

A: Microblading

M: Dammit

A: Listen, there are days when I have no makeup on but think I look okay and it’s because my brows are Good.

M: Fair

A: You might just have to make two inconvenient trips to Richmond.

M: Sigh

M: So for now, brown or black?

A: I personally would go for brown

A: but you do you

M: Yeah I think so

A: Imma buy some too

A: We can do dueling reviews

M: I’m trying Lidstar too because what the hell

A: right on

M: I mean what could go wrong with green eyeshadow

A: seems legit

M: The taupe would have been safer but I have a ton of taupe eyeshadow so let’s live a little

A: Go for the fun one, absolutely

A: I am going to get the taupe, despite what I just said


M: So I tried Boy brow today and I feel like my eyebrows just look messy

M: But Lidstar is great

I really like the Lidstar too - just a pretty sheer wash of shimmery color that STAYS PUT

M: And the sample of cloud paint was good but the wrong color for me

A: I think that might be the thing with Boy Brow is that it gives you full, fluffy boy brows. But yeah, I don't love it either

M: Full I would be fine with, but it doesn’t really fill in the patchy areas and I felt like I had to keep adding to it and I don’t know if it works for me

A: Its fine for what I need but I don’t know that I’m super impressed

M: I might use it on the weekends when I want a little something

A: Ka-Brow is still the best

M: It is

A: I feel like I should come up with a better review of Boy Brow than “eh” but it’s really pretty basic.

M: I just don’t get it. It’s just a brow gel really. It doesn’t fill in anything

A: Are we being gaslighted?

M: I mean WTF

M: These people all have pretty good brows to start with

A: Truly

A: I will definitely use the Boy Brow but it doesn’t do much for the gaps

M: I just want ONE PRODUCT

A: ugh

A: Maybe try Gimme Brow again?

M: Ka-Brow works great I just still need a brow gel with it because my brows are unruly little bitches. Same with any pencil,

A: Ah, gotcha

A: PS. I hate whoever names the products at Benefit

M: heh

A: I feel like I get dumber every time I type them

M: Yeah they are all pretty stupid

M: I still have and use Ka-Brow, and I should just stop looking. It works great!

A: I get it but I am also always looking for Something Better

A: See also: concealers

M: I might return and get Cloud Paint

A: I love Cloud Paint!

M: I liked the sample I tried. Wrong color though. But I have a second color that I think will be good.

A: I have storm and beam

M: I need to check my colors

M: Dusk and dawn

M: Dawn is very pretty but on darker skin

A: Yeah, storm skews a bit more brown than I was expecting but I still like it - more flattering than bronzer!

A: And now I want haze

M: I am optimistic about dusk


A: If you're curious and want to try Glossier you can get 10% off your first order with my link. (Full disclosure: if you go through my link I will get a $10 credit and buy more shit to review.)

Monday, November 4, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: A Hit and a Miss.

It's Monday and that means a shopping report. I recently ordered a few things from Madewell, which I mentioned in this post. I was really excited to get the Stovepipe Fatigue pants in such a good, saturated cranberry color but this is what they actually look like:

Compared to this on the website:

Hmph. I don't hate the more casual faded color but they were still pretty expensive and weren't what I wanted, so I returned them. While I was at Madewell making the return, I tried on my black jeans in a size down (WAY better) and also tried on the Roadtripper jeans in black:

The Roadtripper are quite a bit less expensive and much more stretchy - definitely more of a jegging than skinny jeans. They were super comfy but had a very strong dye smell. I know it will fade with washing, but I really hate that smell. I went with my tencel jeans in black, in a size down. (You'll also want to size down with the Roadtripper style.)

The other thing I ordered was the Perfect Leather Belt and I don't know that it's perfect but it's a nice belt (that you will see in an upcoming outfit post.) I did stop by Banana Republic to check out the stag beetle brooch and try on the color-block gin cardigan but they didn't have either one in store. Jerks.

Friday, November 1, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: F&F at Banana Republic

Banana Republic used to be my go-to but in the last few years I haven't been that impressed. However, I got an email about the Friends & Family sale this weekend so I took a look at the website and...I stand corrected. I am really digging the fall collection! Here's the deal (these codes should stack):

Friends & Family Event: 50% OFF reg. price with no BR merch exclusions. Code: BRFAMILY
Plus, FREE 3–5 DAY SHIPPING on $100+. Code: BRSHIP
10% Off Your Purchase When You Use Your Banana Republic Card. Code: BRCARD

And here's what I love: