Monday, November 18, 2019

We Discuss: Fancy Gin Carnigans

M: Well that Anthropologie kimono sweater thing only had two left in stock so I panic ordered it

A: Ooh! Remind me what it looks like?

M: I had a $25 gift card and I had it shipped to store to save shipping so I am pretending it was on sale:

M: I mean, I needed it

A: Ah! Right. Yes, that is Very Marianne

A: And you have been rocking the beret of late

M: I need that turtleneck TOO


M: But yes, it’s such a “me” outfit that I’m surprised it’s not already in my closet

A: I really love this cardigan:

A: But I am not willing to spend full price dollars on it

M: Now THAT is an animal print

A: Yup

A: But, I am trying not to shop except when necessary

A: Related: two of the three Uniqlo base layer tops I bought work, which is nice

A: I stupidly bought one that’s a ballet neck

M: Heh

M: I love a ballet neck in theory but WHITHER BRA STRAPS

A: Oh, it’s worse than that

A: I forgot a ballet neckline requires actual shoulders

M: ah

A: It just slides right down off my narrow shoulder nubs

M: Very flashdance

M: Not really the look I’m going for

A: But the other two are great and work perfectly under sweaters

M: Your vacation is so soon!

A: I know! I am excited and really glad I bought that HH coat. Phew.

A: Does your new cardigan qualify as a gin carnigan?

M: A fancy gin carnigan

A: yoo guys

M: I still have this:

A: icannntevin! 😭

M: My queen



  1. I am ashamed to admit that I do not know the origin of the gin cardigan.

    1. I think this is where it started:

      But, if you click on that "drinking gin in a ditch" tag at the end of the blog entry, it should pull up every weird mention. Basically, a gin cardigan (or carnigan) is our version of a wine cardigan per the Fug Girls.


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