Saturday, December 23, 2023

A Few Dumb Things I've Bought.

My apologies for this being incredibly un-exciting, but I bought a few items of winter clothing that I've basically been wearing like a uniform and I thought I'd post about them. 

I actually posted an IG story about this sweater because I like it so much which kind of pisses me off. I boycotted Everlane successfully for several years and then started looking for the perfect slightly cropped striped sweater and goddammit, the perfect one kept popping up and it was stupid Everlane. UGH. FINE. I ordered it with a discount and it's really good. I'm sorry. I give up. Everlane, you win. It's just the right amount of cropped and boxy so it falls in that casual way without looking too oversized. I got a medium and that size works well for me. And, its nice, soft cashmere which doesn't hurt.

I also ordered another Quince $50 cashmere sweater because they had a nice moss green and I got a large instead of my usual medium because I wanted a bit more slouch in this one. It's so nice! The perfect green. Here's the thing about these sweaters - they aren't high-end cashmere and yes, the will pill. But, for $50 it's still softer and nicer than that $98 acrylic blend sweater that's tempting you at Madewell. I promise. And you can wash them! Handwash or wash on delicate, roll in a towel to get the water out and then flat to dry. 

Remember this Athleta Whisper jacket? I finally bought the parka version in black and Y'ALL. It is the perfect coat for the PNW winters and for travel because it's really lightweight yet still warm. Plus, it has a hood and it's water resistant enough to handle a little bit of rain. Athleta will be having a sale soon so hang tight and pounce on this when it's marked down. Also, I think it runs a size big but it depends on how much layering you want to allow for. 

Finally, I'm sure I've posted about these before but Uniqlo makes the best under-sweater layers! I can't wear wool or cashmere next to my skin so I always wear a Heattech top as a base layer. They disappear under a sweater and will also keep you warm. They have a ton of styles and colors and they're on sale right this second! 

That's it for now! Tell me what you've gotten lately that you love, even if it's that Madewell sweater (which is cute, I'll admit.)

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Stuff I Like: Not A Gift Guide.

Somehow it’s mid-December and I am, as always, shocked. Shocked! It’s like how PMS takes me by surprise every single month. (Hm, why do I suddenly feel like everything is doomed? *looks at calendar* Ooooohhhh, right.) Anyway, here we are and for the first time in more than 10 years I’m not posting gift guides. I mean, honestly, how many cute dang Anthro ornaments can I throw at you? (Apparently, at least one.) 

Okay, so instead of a gift guide you don’t actually want, shall I tell you about some holiday-ish stuff I’m enjoying right now? And maybe a few suggestions? Yes? Okay:

This Book Marianne Recommended
How did I not know about Sophie Cousens? Marianne recommended This Time Next Year which is delightful and funny in the manner of Mhairi McFarlane or Jenny Colgan. Light and easy to read, but also well-written. And, it’s going to be a movie with the hot guy from Emily in Paris which should be a good time. It’s not really a Christmas book (more of a New Year's Eve thing) so if you’re looking for that, I made some recommendations a few years back.

This Is The Only Candle You Need
Listen, if you want a truly amazing Christmas tree candle? You want the Thymes Frasier Fir candle. Trust me, this is THE ONE. It’s not super expensive it's pretty and it’s excellent quality. I bought this one which has a nice glow as it burns down but it also comes in a bunch of sizes and container options. It’s 100% worth it. 

This Thing I Bought Myself
While in London I spent a happy few hours at Liberty of London touching literally everything I could get my paws on. I bought a few gifts for other people and also bought this pretty Iphis print wallet for myself. I’m going to wrap it up and put it under the tree because I’m a weirdo like that. Anyway, it’s compact and beautiful and I love it.  

This Thing I Might Buy Myself
Okay, here’s a jaunty little cat that will hold my AirPods on my desk if I’m not using them. Um, but why tho. Also, I love it. But why. Do I need this? I absolutely do not. Do I want this? Of course I do.

This Thing Marianne Gave Me That I Still Love
I posted about the Dior Crème Abricot Strengthening Nail Care a while ago and wanted to give an update: I continue to love it. It's such a thing and makes a very luxe gift. The packaging is fancy-pretty and it's just a really nice product. Best of all, it falls in that excellent gift category of "thing people might not buy for themselves" and right now it's under $30!

Welcome to Adrien’s Sock Corner
Look, I know I just talked about Smartwool socks but I didn’t see this exact pair and now I want them (so pretty!) and I think you should know about them too in case you also want them. YOU ARE WELCOME. Happy Holidays, y'all!