Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adrien: Black Monday

 I didn't so much do the Black Friday thing this year and I pretty much skip it every year, to be honest. I just don't like crowds and I really don't like getting up at the crack of dawn. Instead, I wait until Monday and paw through the dregs. Great strategy, Adrien! But in this case I think it paid off. I combed the sale racks at Ann Taylor to take advantage of the extra 40% off they were offering and got this wrap dress for practically nothing. They were giving clothes away, you guys. The color will probably work best for spring, but paired with charcoal and gold I think it winterizes pretty nicely.

 Did you score any great Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals? Do tell.

Vintage necklace c/o my mother

dress: Ann Taylor Wrap Dress (in winter colors here)
cardigan: Gap (similar)
tights: Spanx Tight End
shoes: Chie Mihara Serpan (similar)
necklace: vintage (very similar)
bracelets: Giles & Brother skinny railroad cuff
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review (and some other stuff)

I can't really believe I'm reviewing this because I feel like everyone has reviewed it, though mostly on YouTube. (Am I the only one who can't sit through a YouTube makeup review? I get booooored.) Anyway, I finally got grossed out by my ancient collection of eye shadow and ordered the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. (With a code! And Ebates! It's the only way.)

Naked 2 palette

First of all, this thing is substantial. They were not fucking around when they made this palette. It has a pleasing weight and a very satisfying *click* when you close it. It's made of metal! Very fancy. I like packaging, can you tell? It comes with a double sided brush which, eh. I'm picky about brushes. I like the crease-end but the other end seems kind of stiff and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be using it for.

Now, the colors. You GUYS. If you have brown eyes especially, you need this. ALL of the colors in this palette please me and that never, ever happens.

There is a nice mix of matte and sparkly and the colors are all neutral without being boring or muddy. I am especially fond of Pistol and YDK. I love that this palette can give you a neutral work-appropriate look or a pile-it-on-like-a-sparkly-whore night on the town look. It's everything! I haven't used anything else since I bought it.

Now, the first Naked palette (which I don't own) came with a little tube of Primer Potion, which is great stuff. The Naked 2 palette came with a little tube of...lip gloss. This makes no sense to me, but I like the gloss okay. It doesn't offend me but I'd much rather have a tiny tube of Primer Potion.

We don't do gift guides around here but if we did I'd put this on it for the BFF in your life because it is really pretty fantastic.

The other thing I recently bought was the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring foundation brush.

Good Karma Optical BlurriZzzz
(Man, Urban Decay, that is a lot of words for a foundation brush.) It got over-the-top CRAZY rave reviews so I was convinced it was going to change my life. It has not, as yet, done so. It's a nice brush and all but I don't think it optically blurs me as promised. Also, it's a lie that you can use it with any foundation - I tried it with my Bobbi Brown Extra whatever whatever foundation and WOW that did not work, it kind of...ground the foundation into my pores individually. But, it works fine with my LM tinted moisturizer and I should probably try the Urban Decay Naked foundation it was meant to be used with and see if that is magical or what. Otherwise, if you're not generally using a foundation brush but are super tempted by this one, I'd pass.

Laura Mercier Creme Compact
Finally, I got a deluxe sample of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme compact and I really like it a surprising amount - decent coverage and feels like nothing on my face. I worry it won't be moisturizing enough in the dead of winter, but nothing is.

Have you tried any of this crap? What did you think?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Marianne: Repeat.

***new stuff in the shop! Issa London! Vince cashmere! Run!***

I have a secret: leopard skirts trick people into thinking you've put effort into your outfit. It's true! For example, this is the winter (meaning: add tights, boots, and a scarf) version of an outfit I wore a lot this summer. The skirt has a stretchy waist and I felt like I totally phoned it in. But thanks to leopard, and hot pink lipstick (it's Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Smitten, fyi) people seem to think I made an effort!
Lulu really wanted to show you her new coat and sparkly furry boots, and since I only managed one outfit shot today, I figured why not. Hi Lu!
skirt: unknown (fancy similar here and inexpensive similar here)
denim shirt: Gap (similar here and here)
cashmere circle scarf: Isabella Oliver (similar on sale here and covetable similar here)
tights: Spanx Tight End Tights
boots: Frye Lisa (similar here and here)
lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Smitten

Monday, November 26, 2012

Not Optional.


source: The Sartorialist


M: No no, I remember getting dressed this morning and it went: top, belt...oh fuck.

A: I'm sure the stripper heels with ankle socks will distract people from your lack of pants. Wait.

M: Men keep muttering things to me. Asking me "how much". WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

A: I...really like your bag? Is that Mulberry?

M: Sure, it accents my Drinking Gin In A Ditch sweater nicely, don't you think?

A: I thought I smelled something odd. Now, listen.Your legs are completely amazing but it doesn't matter. You HAVE to wear pants. Ever day.

M: But.


M: I'm confused.

A: Your ass cannot be hanging out in public.

M: Except on Tuesdays. Right?

A: Duh, obviously. WAIT. NO. Tuesdays are not pants-optional! GIRL.

M: I have a headache now.

Friday, November 23, 2012

In Which We Quit The Gym.

A: That StyleMint dress I was forced to buy is such crap. It's really thin and has big pockets sewn in right at the hip. WTF.

M: Oh what the hell. I am SO DONE with StyleMint. We need to be brave and quit them.

A: I want to quit! But they make you call them. On the phone.

M: I knoooooow. What if they transfer you to one of the Olsen twins? I am scared of them.

A: I think the twins are more scared of you than you are of them. Those girls haven't answered a phone in never.

M: I think you're confusing Olsen twins with field mice.

A: I don't think I am.

A: Now PLEASE show me where it says this crappy dress has big bunchy pockets.

M: NOWHERE. Nowhere does it say, OR SHOW, that!

I wanna quit the gym!

A: But... I won't have access to thin, poorly made, droopy t-shirts!

M: We need to do this. WE NEED TO QUIT.






M: Skeert.

A: Hold me.

M: Dammit.

A: And by that I mean I'm on hold.

M: Are you really?

A: Being brainwashed by weird new age-y music.

M: Adrien, I am scared for you.


M: Goddammit, I just knew this would happen.


M: Sigh.

A: Can I interest you in an E-meter? Only $29.99 a month, whether you like it or not.

M: I don't know how it always comes back to Scientology, but there you go.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adrien: Thrifty.

I'm going to tell you this right now: I don't thrift shop. Not because I am weird about secondhand things (of which I have many) but mostly because I'm laaaaazy. I like to dig but thrift shopping is just overwhelming and there's so so SO much garbage to dig through. Plus, I don't have the magical eye like Nina does. So, this is where I tell you that the cashmere sweater I'm wearing is a thrift find. Nina thrift store find. The sweater is Lands' End and I believe cost $4. The jeans are Joe's Jeans Wide Leg Muse. I can't take credit for it but I will wear the hell out of it. 

sweater: Lands' End (similar)
jeans: Joe's Jeans Wide Leg Muse (similar here, updated version here)
boots: BP Trolley
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo (similar)
scarf: Ann Taylor (similar here, this year's version here)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marianne: Many Drugstore Makeups

Oh my god, I know! More makeup talk. What can I say, we are obsessed. ANYWAY, thanks to Kim France, who it is no secret Adrien and I have borderline inappropriate love for, I bought L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. Y'all. This stuff is gooood. So good that I took a creepy comparison picture for you, putting it up against my standby as of late, Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Black Drama (and yes, specifically the Black Drama, which is superior to the other versions).BEHOLD:
Top: L'Oreal False Fiber; Bottom: Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama
Okay, that picture would be a lot better if the bottom one was in focus, and if I didn't look like I wanted to murder you, but I think you get the idea. The False Fiber Lashes mascara is great stuff, and you can layer it to make it even more dramatic. It lasts all day with no smudging or fading, and it removes as easy as most any other mascara. True love, you guys.

I also continued the stalking of Kim France by ordering an old favorite, Labello lip balm. This stuff was my absolute favorite in college. I would load up (seriously, I'd buy upwards of 20 tubes) in Europe when I went in the summer (I know, I hate me too), and then I would wear it religiously all year. Now you can buy it in the States, which makes it far less insufferable and still the best lip balm ever.

While on the subject of lip stuff, I mentioned here that I picked up a new Lip Butter. I'm generally a fan of the Revlon Lip Butters, they feel nice on and aren't a huge color commitment. For fall, I bought the Fig Jam and my first instinct was to cringe. It looked SO brown. Like, Monica and Rachel on Friends in the 90's brown. You know:

But surprise, it's very nice! Warm and glossy and fall perfection. Totally worth the $5 or whatever I spent on it. I'm wearing it in my past couple of outfit photos, if you want to see it on me.
So, those are my new favorite drugstore standbys. Have you guys tried the Lip Butters? What about that amazing mascara? And can one of you start a support group for Adrien and I? Kim France makes us want to Buy All The Things and it's getting embarrassing.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Marianne: Fancy Homeless

Oh, this sweater. I wish you all could see this sweater in person, because in photos (and, well, probably in person too), it reads a bit on what I call the "fancy homeless" side, but it is cut so interestingly and as soft as a pile of baby bunnies.

I think the genius in this Vince sweater is that the body is very loose and slouchy, but the arms are fitted, which (in my addled brain) makes it look a bit more sophisticated. Plus, SO SOFT. So soft and SO warm. I basically want to wear it all winter. I slept in it this weekend. I need an intervention.
Loves her sweater too much.
It's officially Real Coat weather, which is such a DRAG, but I do love this plaid coat so I guess that's okay. Whatever. My makeup looks good, too. I owe y'all a post about that, I think.

sweater: Vince (similar on sale here and inexpensive similar here)
pants: Gap Skinny Cords (this years version here)
scarf: J. Crew (similar)
coat: BB Dakota (similar here and super cheap here)
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs "Mag Bag" (similar here and cheaper here)

Friday, November 16, 2012


M: I think Matthew McConaughey has forgotten part of the deal with us liking him is not doing shit like this.




A: This:

A: Makes me love that second photo a little bit more. Also, I accidentally clicked on a half-naked photo of Lance Armstrong and now I feel all grody.


M: Here's the deal, Matthew. We don't expect a lot from you. No one thinks you are the best actor in the world. What we want is to be able to imagine hanging out on a beach with you, drinking some beers, and laughing. THIS IS WHAT WE WANT:



M: And the skateboard! He looks like so much fun! WHITHER FUN MATTHEW?

A: Hey, remember when he was caught all high and naked and playing bongos? THAT was when I knew he was okay by me.

M: That really endeared him to me. So much.

A: Aw, he's so much fun. Kind of smells bad, but who cares?

M: No one! No one cares. He always has good snacks.

A: SUCH good snacks. And look how cute his mugshot is:

A: Only, I think he has more hair now and that was taken in '99. Oh, Hollywood.

M: Oh, he definitely has more hair. At least it's well done.

A: He's such an exception for me. There is no way I should like him but I really, really do.

M: Me too! I can't explain it. I just find him terribly charming.

A: You just know he's genuinely fun and probably dumb as a post. But fun! So much fun.

M: I'll get my intelligent conversation elsewhere.

A: That why we have Ewan.

M: #duh

Thursday, November 15, 2012


(Mascara is here if you are curious.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adrien: Frye Melissa Back Zip Review (aka More Boots)

I bought boots! Rather, uh, more boots. I had a gift card for Zappos burning a hole in my pocket and I was torn between buying fancy cycling shoes or boots. Guess which won? Boots, always.

I've had my eye on the Frye Melissa Back Zip since last year when Kate bought herself a pair. They appealed to me by way of simplicity - no crazy hardware, no annoying center seam, interesting back zip details, and a narrow enough calf,. Most Frye boots are way too big in the calf for me and I'm really picky about this. (A little gape is fine, a big gap is a deal-breaker.)


I ordered them in cognac in my usual size and they arrived before I'd even hit the "submit order" button because ZapposVIP is fucking magic, you guys. MAGIC. Right out of the box I knew I had a winner. The boots are beautifully made and cognac color is the stuff of dreams. Exactly what I wanted - a rich golden brown color that looks good with black.

The fit was slightly less of a winner. They fit, but were maybe a bit long in the foot? And the calf gap was just on the edge of being too much. I stewed, I fretted, I tried them on with everything. Finally, I tried on Kate's 7 1/2 pair to make sure I didn't need to size down. Hers were definitely too tight, so I just went for it and wore mine out. I wore them for an entire day and had zero issues. Zero!  They were comfortable - no rubbing, no blisters, no weirdness. And they looked really nice, I think:

They are not inexpensive, but I'm hoping I can wear them forever and ever. The end.

boots: Frye Melissa Back Zip in cognac
blouse: Pippa/Tegan (in a different colorway and similar)
cardigan: Banana Republic (similar)
leggings: Joe's Jeans Leggings
bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Prettttttty Laaaaaaaydeee.

A: I have been makeup shopping like a crazy person. I got hold of a Sephora code and bought the Urban Decay foundation brush all the kids are raving about and finally got the Naked 2 palette. My justification: I realized one of the eye shadows I've been using is easily seven years old.

my precious

M: Girl, you need new eye shadow! I forgot I had a gift card and just bought some stuff too.

A: Yay! I just looked at all my makeup and got so grossed out. I'm going to be throwing away a lot of shit. I'm just sad that Sephora wouldn't let me use the discount code and the fancy sample bag code. Jerks.

M: Sephora is code stingy. I got the fancy sample bag.

A: Ooh, which one?

M: The Classic.

A: That's the one I would've chosen. Good stuff.

M: I think so! I like samples.

A: I'm a sample whore.

M: I like them in theory and then rarely use them. I guess that's why I haven't gotten on board with Birchbox.

A: It's a questionable use of $10, but the last one I got was pretty good and I have used everything except the nail polish. I should probably give it to you.

M: You know I love nail polish.

A: I only love it when someone does it for me and so far nobody has shown up at my door and offered to put this polish on my nails. Total bullshit.

M: That is total BS. I got a shellac manicure before Disney and it's still going strong but I kind of want it gone now please. I need to buy the special polish remover.

A: I need a manicure but I'm so hard on on nails that it's not worth spending the money. They get so sad in the winter. All breaky and ragged.

M: I have to say, this shellac business is insane. I mean, it lasts forever. Almost 2 weeks and no chips, but the regrowth is bugging me. And I love that it dries instantly.

A: That is crazy! Is is hard on your nails? I kind of hate the way polish feels.

M: Well, if you don't remove it right, it's terrible on your nails. Last time I did it I peeled it off like an idiot and I had to grow out the damage. I think if you use the right polish remover it's fine. I hope! I could see it being really good if you have thins, brittle nails, because it's pretty thick. It takes getting used to but it really does look nice.

A: Nail polish makes my fingers feel heavy.

M: Delicate flower.

A: It just feels weird! And I'm lazy.

M: I hear that. BTW, I'm wearing that Fig Jam lip butter in the post today, the one I worried was too brown? I really like it. I'll do a drugstore makeup post this week.

A: Yeah, you look awesome in that photo! All glowy. I got a Pacifica lip tint hoping it would replace the Fresh Sugar stuff and no. The tube is really big, like, over-sized Lipsmackers big? I do not need to apply liptint to my entire face area, Pacifica.

I am huge.

M: Ha! I am picturing you with crazy lady lipstick. Pretttty laaaaady. Claire gave me some Bobbi under eye concealer and spot concealer and I have to say it's awesome.

A: Dammit Marianne.

M: The concealer is the Face Touch Up Stick and I think it might be magical? It matches my skin so perfectly that I have trouble seeing where it is, that's how well it covers zits and red spots.

I am awesome.


M: I'M SORRY. You aren't going to like this any better, the corrector?  You layer it under the creamy concealer?  And then dust with loose powder? And Adrien. PEOPLE ARE TELLING ME I LOOK GLOWY. AND RESTED. Neither of which is frankly true.

A: Actually, I've done the BB corrector/concealer and it looked really good, but creased on me. They all do.

M: Yeah, I have to touch it up mid-day. I don't think there exists in the world a concealer that actually works and doesn't crease. It's like either/or.

A: Oh, it creases on me in five minutes, but again, they all do. I actually have to pat down the creases before I leave the house. Sometimes I wait until I'm in the car. I'm weeping now.

M: No! Don't cry! Don't cry pretty lady. Just smear more lip goop all around your lips. There. Muuuch better.

A: Mean.

M: Really, it's a great look for you.

A: I hate you.

M: Shhhhhh. So pretty.

A: I'm leaving now.

M: Don't forget your lipstick! Byeeee!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Marianne: Opinions needed.

So. I did it.I found myself the Perfect Leather Jacket, and for a price I could stomach (thank you eBay), and it's everything I had dreamed of,'s maybe the teeniest bit too small?
I mean, I don't know. Is it? It's the Mackage Catey jacket, which is of course sold out but this one is quite similar. Looking at the product shots, it fits me more like it fits the first model, very fitted through the torso, whereas the second model it's looser. I guess the question is, which do I prefer?

And honestly, I'll probably wear it unzipped most of the time, so perhaps it doesn't even matter? What do you guys think? The whole leather jacket thing is kind of a new look for me, so maybe I just need to get used to it.
Also worth mentioning is the top I'm wearing underneath my dreamy new jacket. I picked up a couple of these Old Navy tops and I am kind of in love with them. They are perfectly floaty and flattering and look more expensive than they are. Also excellent? The camisoles Old Navy is selling in a million colors for all of $3 a pop in store. I bought several.
top: Old Navy 3/4 Sleeve Top with Old Navy Camisole underneath
jacket: Mackage Catey (similar style here and inexpensive here)
scarf: Virginia Johnson (similar colors here and inexpensive similar here)
boots: Charles David Rowdy(similar here and here)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hot? Guys with Ink. Maybe?


A: I think we need to talk about the definition of "hot" here.

M: I just appreciate the effort is all.

A: The effort is good, but I cannot get on board with forehead tattoos. Or neck tattoos.

M: Forehead, no. But I feel like someone out there is rocking a neck tattoo and it is my job to find it. In the meantime:

M: For instance, I have NONE problem with this:

A: Eh. Neck tattoo. This? However? Yes:

A: But I had to scroll past 800 adorable gay dudes to find him.

M: Honey, he might be an adorable gay dude, too. I'm okay with that.

A: I'm pretty sure they're all gay but that is not really a problem.

M: Nope.

A: But wait, how did he get included?

M: Oh, Chicken Little got some tattoos!

A: He's so little! His glasses are so big!

M: That...thing in his ear! Who finds him hot? He weighs 78 pounds!

A: I'm sure there's a teeny-tiny little hipster girl somewhere who wants to know his deep thoughts.

M: Unless she is 11, I don't buy it.

A: Haaaa. MEAN. Okay, I have a request:

A: Please stop with the ironic mustaches, boys. Get off my lawn.

M: That mustache makes me tired. If you spend more time waxing your facial hair than I do on my makeup, we have a problem. Nice eyebrows, though. Seriously.

A: They are! Very Justin Theroux.

M: Let's end with good looking, shall we? This guy has a Ben-from-Felicity thing that appeals to my inner 19-year-old:

A: I didn't watch Felicity (shut up) but I APPROVE.

M: ADRIEN. I am driving to Virginia this instant and we are going to pop popcorn and have a Felicity marathon. THIS INSTANT.