Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Art of Subtlety

A: I'm just hanging out with my giant man necklace. And clutch. And bangle bracelet. And giant watch. And.

source: The Sartorialist

A:  God, I'm tired. 

M: Everything about this says "effortless".

A: The jaunty half-tuck, the giant belt, the arty sunglasses, the...zzzzzzz...

M: The 27 pounds of accessories.

A: Turtleneck! I'm done. 

M: I find myself filled with longing to see his shoes.

A: Oh! No. Please no.

M: I am certain they are magnificent and weigh in at no less than 42 pounds.

A: Embellished. They are embellished. 

M: Perhaps even...bedazzled?

A: I was thinking more something like:

M: Okay, what in fresh hell are THOSE. They made me gag a little.

A: Oyster shell boots! I'm dying inside. 

M: And feathers! Evokes that dirty-seagull-on-a-wharf feeling I am always trying to attain.

A: They smell awesome, I'm sure. 

M: Gagging again. Oyster feathers.

A: I'm sure they cleaned the. Before they. Never mind. 

M: We've gone terribly off course.

A: Ewan McGregor.

M: Whew. 

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