Monday, September 30, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Report.

I don't have a shopping report for you because I spent the weekend racing my bike, so instead, I've dug into the TJ Maxx website to find you some deals on bags, boots and jackets (aka My Favorite Things.) First:

I posted this Frye tote in August when it was new to the site and now it's on clearance! It'll go fast. 

This gorgeous plum Aimee Kestenberg hobo is also on clearance! That color, y'all. Now, boots: 

While there are a mess of Frye boots on the site, this Marc Fisher pair is what caught my eye. I dig the big zipper. 
And, call me crazy but I really love these KorkEase boots! The grey leather with that wood heel looks really modern. Ready for jackets? 

Oh man. This leather jacket is Rag & Bone and it is REALLY COOL. SO FREAKING COOL. Ugh. 

For a leather jacket that's a bit more grown, this one by Theory looks buttery and expensive. And...

since it sometimes rains in the fall (sigh) and we should be practical, how about a really well-priced navy trench from Cole Haan? Orrrrr....

LEATHER JEANS. YES. Who cares about practicality when you can have leather skinny jeans? Thank you that is all. *bows*

Friday, September 27, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: A Little More Everlane

Ah, Everlane, my favorite bad boyfriend. When it's good, it's really good and when it's bad it's SUPER boxy. But, I still keep an eye on the new arrivals and there are quite a few things right now that I think would be great for fall:



Thursday, September 26, 2019

Outfit of the Day: Everlane The Cashmere V-Neck.

As a follow-up to this entry, I did indeed buy the Everlane cashmere sweater in loden! And it arrived and I was like, looks pretty grey and very similar to my charcoal sweater:

Eep. I took this at night, so just bad lighting? I wasn't sure so I decided to do a blog outfit and see:

Okay! It actually looks pretty green in the photos. Also, it's lovely - slouchy and soft and has the perfect not-too-deep v-neck. I am a big fan of Everlane cashmere in general and this sweater did not disappoint. I bought this in a size medium, just for reference. 

So good and slouchy! Look at me doing the blogger half-tuck. I am wearing my Very Favorite Madewell jeans which never disappoint me. If my black pair ever ships I fully intend on loving those just as much. Also, holy shit, Madewell has leather jeans (!!) and I might cry right this second. STOP IT, MADEWELL.

*Deep breathing*  Back to the sweater. It falls just right, doesn't it? Now I want another one in black and maybe also this cashmere shrunken sweatshirt even though I know better. (But with high-waisted jeans? Maybe?) I also love the cashmere crew sweater in indigo. So many sweaters, so few dollars. 

Here I am holding my charcoal grey Everlane cashmere sweater. THEY ARE TOTALLY TOTALLY DIFFERENT, RIGHT? That's what I thought. Now, details: 

Ooh! I'm wearing a pair of really great earrings I bought at a great locally-owned gift shop in Sacramento. They're made by Amano Studio and I have been wearing them a lot. Not heavy, very jingly and pretty. I'm also wearing my little Argento Vivo labradorite pendant which is sold out but this one is really pretty. Oh! And the lipstick I'm wearing is new! It's by MAC and I can't remember the color because I'm the worst. I'll review it next week. 

Still carrying my Miu Miu bag a lot! Mine is long gone but this Vince Camuto bag has a similar feel and this black leather Frye bag also seems like a sure thing. Also still digging my Vince Newlyn sneakers though lately it's been too hot to wear them. (I swear I'm not complaining! It's nice to have something to look forward to when the weather turns cold and gross.) 

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We Discuss: Ads I Was Served On Instagram

M: Today in “ads I was served on Instagram”: hair edition (apparently).

A: Ooh! I'm in.

M: Target has decided I need some hair things. Starting with these leopard barrettes:

M: I don’t really wear barrettes but should I?? These are pretty damn cute.

A: I like them!

M: Up next:

M: What. No. I am not a fortune teller.

M: I have almost black hair, so all tinted shampoo is going to do for me is make a mess in my shower. Lulu would probably love it though.

M: What the hell is this?? It looks like a torture device destined to have to be cut out of my hair while I cry.

A: Nooooo. Hard pass.

M: Another tinted thing that will do zip for my dark hair.

M: I have no idea what this is but I try to avoid silicones in general

A: But, it’s a MIX, Marianne.

M: Okay the turban hat was too much, but this is really cute. Could be great for a bad hair day.

M: Okay Jesus I am not Miss Cleo this is a lot of turbans.


A: Target REALLY wants to get you into a turban today

M: Target is aggressively pro-turban

M: I do like the barrettes though

A:  I keep getting served up stuff like this:

A: Reasonably okay pants!

A: Oh...$174

M: Sheesh

A: I know

A: Internet underwear:

A: Which, I’m sure is fine but I already have underwear. Also, Tommy John.

M: I just don’t like the name “Tommy John." Stay out of my pants.

A: RIGHT. It’s dude underwear and then they were like, ladies too, I guess.

M: Pass

A: Also, your cute sneakers are served up to me multiple times a day:

M: Oh yeah they won’t give up

A: How about now

M: They are basically the land shark of Instagram ads




A: I truly love Land Shark

M: Me too

A: I could watch Land Shark all day

M: Me too let’s do that


M: After I buy a bunch of turbans

A: I mean, Target says so

M: Goddammit they are not the boss of me

M: Just the barrettes

M: That’s IT


Monday, September 23, 2019

Weekend Shopping Report: Hits and a Miss.

I did a little bit of shopping this weekend! Not much, just a little. On Friday I went to Sephora to get a sample of Kosas Tinted Face Oil and, apparently, to buy the new Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturizing Cream. Oops. I have a lot of points so I got a few 100 point rewards, including a mini of the Tatcha The Silk Canvas Protective Primer

First, I'll talk about this primer. Mostly I think primers are a bullshit extra step but... it also sucks to have your makeup disappear right off your face by the afternoon. It's a struggle. I love Tatcha products and this stuff is next level:

Aside from the beautiful packaging, this primer glides on like nothing and really help gives a flawless look. I've used it two days in a row and it is definitely helping my foundation stay put but also just makes my face look crazy smooth. Highly recommend. (Also, this little kit has three of my favorite Tatcha products, including this one, if you're tempted.) 

Honestly, I didn't mean to buy this. It's just that once I had it in my grubby little hands I couldn't let it go. It is is super luxurious-feeling and smells kinda weird in that Sunday Riley way but so far my face loves it. Also, the glass jar with it's own little scooper tool makes me forgive the tub packaging. It's early days, so I'll report back on this one. It's definitely a moisturizer for dry skin and cold weather. 

The jury is still out on the Kosas Tinted Face Oil but I think maybe it's not for me. I was skeptical about a tinted face oil and it definitely feels like a face oil going on, but it has a sheer, dewy coverage, which I like a lot. However, it never seemed to set, it just sat on my face all, I AM OIL HI HI HI! It also doesn't play well with chemical sunscreen and moisturizers with silicones - I really think this is meant to be put on bare skin. I am not going without sunscreen, so I don't think this is a win for me. 


I also went to Madewell this past weekend and checked out a few items that I've been obsessing over /linked on the blog recently. To start, the Abroad Shoulder Bag:

Ugh. Love. I can't really justify this as a purchase right now but y'all. It's so good! It's minimal in a vintage Coach kinda way, the leather is really nice and it's just the right size. I am definitely keeping an eye on this bag.  I also tried on the Stovepipe Fatigue Pants I've talked about recently:

They only had the faded olive green color in store, which looked pretty casual/summer to me. I personally like the look of the dark red for fall so hopefully they'll go on sale soon. I think they'd look really cute with flats or ankle boots. I also tried on the black version of my favorite jeans and, surprise, I totally love them. 

Spoiler alert: I did buy them, but on Poshmark. I am the worst. They're the best, though. Super black with no distressing and they fit perfectly. (At least, the pair I tried on did. Who knows what I'll get from Poshmark...) 

Friday, September 20, 2019

Weekend Window Shopping: These Are All Totally Different.

I am so happy with my recently purchased Vince high top sneakers because they're the best of both worlds - the sleek coolness of an ankle boot with the casual comfort of a sneaker. The best! Because I think we should all have a pair, I found eight different options, all TOTALLY DIFFERENT I SWEAR. Check it out:



Thursday, September 19, 2019

Outfit of the Day: A Little Droopy.

You guuyyyyys.  I got a great, droopy utility blouse from Anthro recently (way, way on sale and unfortunately sold out in the color I bought) and I have already worn it three or four times even though the style doesn't really suit me. I DON'T CARE. It's so comfy and floaty and sack-like that I just throw it on over some skinny jeans and get on with my life. Honestly, I love this style of oversized drop-shoulder blouse (see the very popular Madewell Central shirt which also doesn't suit me) and will just keep wearing it because sometimes I just want a comfy sack-shirt:

See? It looks like a hot mess in this pic but it's still kinda cute, right? (Right?)  It's better with a bit of tucking:

In generally I like a blousy top and the deeper neckline on this one helps to keep it from being too covered up. For something similar, this H&M version is really cute and a bit less droopy and this more tailored J.Crew version would be great for fall. 

My jeans are my thrifted black Madewell pair which, I'm going to admit right now, are slightly too high rise for me. I have my eye on this pair, the black version of my super-favorite Madewell jeans. The heart wants what it wants, y'all. I didn't do a close-up but I'm wearing my monogram necklace from Anthro, which always gets compliments. 

Same ol' MJ hobo which is still hanging in there, being a really good bag. This new MJ hobo is probably the most similar. I'm also wearing my excellent Madewell Reid flats which are much more comfortable than the old sidewalk skimmers ever were! That's it for today, thanks for hanging in with me.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We Discuss: Everlane Stockholm Syndrome, Part II

M: Have you ever tried anything from Cuyana?

A: Nope, I haven’t.

M: I feel like this might be My Turtleneck:

A: That’s beautiful and is making me itch just looking at it.

M: Ah yes but you are the princess and the pea and I a mere peasant with rough skin 😂

A: I am a delicate flower.

M: Def

M: I’m going to keep looking but I do like that one.

A: It’s beautiful!

A: I still have a credit at Everlane and might get another cashmere sweater for winter. Loden green or black?

M: Ooh I love the loden but if you don’t have a black sweater that’s a classic.

A: That’s my struggle - I don’t have a black sweater but I do have two in grey - light and charcoal.

M: Hmmm

A: Like, how cute would the loden be with black jeans?

M: Very!

A: But, a black cashmere sweater is CLASSIC.

M: Also yes

M: But you have two grey sweaters which is close.


A: And black is always available. That loden color is new and will certainly sell out.

M: There you go

M: And you do wear black jeans a lot and have a black leather jacket.

M: Loden offers more contrast.


A: There, you talked me into it by evoking the leather jacket.

M: Hahahah

A:  Related: ⁠We Discuss Everlane Stockholm Syndrome.

M: Haaaaa

M: They got you.

A: Every time.


A: PS. They have a cashmere turtleneck


M: Oh wait I’ve looked at that and it’s way more fitted than I want.

A: I like the Cuyana one better.

M: Me too

A: Everlane Crisis Averted.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Madewell Again. I Know.

Look, I’m sorry, okay? I know I’ve been posting a lot of Madewell but it’s the only store that’s catching my interest and this latest collection is making me actually look forward to cooler weather. They're offering 25% off Fall Essentials with code PUMPKINSPICE (really, Madewell?) and here's what's catching my eye: 

This poet blouse is not quite my style but I love the color enough to forgive the ruffles. 

Oooh, navy blue suede handbag? How could anyone not want this beauty? 

I do actually need a new striped shirt and I love that the stripes on this one are olive green. 

Here are my favorite Madewell skinny jeans in blackest black. You cannot go wrong with these. 

My friend Kate bought these last year and every time she wears them, I want them too. 

This is a staple, y'all. If you don't have an olive jacket yet do you even go here? 

I have two pairs of the Reid flat and they are really good (and less expensive than Rothys.)

Awwww, yeah. The Whisper Tee in an autumnal purple. You really get me, Madewell.