Thursday, September 5, 2019

Stuff I Like: Supplementing, Coifing, Listening, Reading

That title just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? I am maybe taking this too far but whatever. Hello! Welcome to another edition of Stuff I Like! I have finally found more stuff to like and now I'm going to tell you all about it:

These Internet Vitamins I Really Love.
Ugh, you guys. In an effort to be a healthier person with less migraine headaches, I fell for the hype of Care/of vitamin packs. You take an online quiz and they make suggestions based on your answers. You pick what you want and they individually package them in (compostable) little packets with your NAME on them. (I am such a sucker.) I'm almost through my first month's box and you know what? I really like them. I haven't had a single migraine! I feel pretty good! ALSO, yesterday I was like, "when did my eyelashes start getting so long?" I have always had stubby little eye lashes but apparently the B-Complex vitamin I'm taking has actually been doing something. If you're tempted to try Care/of, you can use my code* AATKQC to get your first month free (up to $40, not including shipping.)

This Pomade That Is Amazing.
When I was searching for a product to make my new haircut all piece-y someone suggested a Davines pomade and I was like, of course! I love Davines! They have five different kinds of pomade and I finally settled on the This is a Forming Pomade. You guys, it's a dream product. It holds like gangbusters but never makes my hair look greasy. It also smells really nice! Davines is just the best. If you've never tried any of it, I personally love the Minu line for colored treated hair and the Oi line for it's amazing scent.

This Great Podcast Series About Clothing.
I can't remember how I found this series but it's so well-done. The 99% Invisible podcast created Articles of Interest, a six part series about all the different aspects of clothing. My favorite episodes are Pockets (a feminist issue!) and Punk Style. Just a really good series about the history and meaning of clothing. If you know of any similar Podcasts, please send them my way! I should've been a fashion historian. Next life, for sure.

This Book That Is Pure Comfort Reading.

I know we've talked about Jenny Colgan on the blog before but I just read her latest and it was SO needed. As Marianne said, her books are very cozy and unchallenging. I wanted to read something comforting that would also make me want to move to the Scottish Highlands and take up baking. I don't know, Anyway, if you are looking for a cozy read, The Bookshop on the Shore will definitely fit the bill. It's kind of a sequel to The Bookshop on the Corner, but works fine as a stand-alone story. It's not my favorite of Colgan's books and it won't change your life, but it doesn't pretend to be anything it's not, which I appreciate.

*full disclosure: if you buy vitamins with my code I get a credit towards future purchases

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