Monday, September 30, 2013

Adrien: I'll Always Have Boots.

Ah, boots. The only thing that redeems the sad, slow decent into the winter months. I generally buy a new pair every fall after much research, Marianne-torture, and gnashing of teeth. This fall I found a deal on a pair of boots I've been eyeing for years - the Loeffler Randall Matilde. The very simple design really appeals to me and I love the look of a low wedge - it's a bit more flattering to the leg than a completely flat boot.

The issue was always price. The Matilde is really, really stupid expensive, though they do go on sale. In fact, they were recently very discounted on Amazon and I was considering a pair...until I checked eBay and found a great price on a pair in my size that was even cheaper than that. So I bought them, completely convinced they wouldn't fit, would be too big in the calf, teeth gnashing, etc. 

But they're great! Super nice leather, very comfortable. The dress I'm wearing is from the Gap (they have a fall version now and also this one is cute.) and my bag is, of course, my red MBMJ Hillier Hobo (similar red hobo here!)
Droopy cardigan! Of course.

I don't know if I've ever taken a close up of this craziness but man, I love this necklace. I recommend everyone have a big tassel necklace. It will complete you. (And ugh, this one is so pretty!)

One more look at the Matildes. If you love the style but not the price there are some good dupes available here and here.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: Leather Jacket.

It's that time, right? That time where you think, "THIS is the year when I'll find my perfect leather jacket!" And then you don't and you go through yet another fall and winter without your perfect leather jacket. That is so sad and we don't want you to be sad, so here are a few we like (with the understanding that some of what we like is ridiculously unobtainable. Not our fault.):

Making a Case.

M: Okay, I know you said he isn't your cup of tea, but tell me you saw this.

A: I did! I DID. I fell in love a little?

M: Thank you. THANK YOU. Because can we not agree on this?


A: He has shaped up real nice, yes. And he OWNED Tiny Dancer.

M: He has moves.

A: He does, yes. I feel I may have underestimated him. Plus:

A: It's like he attended the same Hot Suit Symposium as Gosling.

M: Yesssss. This feels as good a time as any to confess that I danced with him at a party when he was fresh off of Third Rock From the Sun and still looked like this:




M: I know. I KNOW. I punch myself in the face every day.

A: Between this and the Liev Schreiber story I am officially disappointed in you.

M: No one is more disappointed than I am, trust me.

A: But, he really had to grow up first so I think you can forgive yourself this one.

M: He was SO SKINNY. Painfully skinny. But still I should have sensed his potential.

A: Marianne, he's still a tiny pocket person. You know this.

M: He is taller than me. Not by a lot, but that's my only rule.

A: Well, so the Internet claims. I usually shave an inch or two off those heights. I mean, really, Tom Cruise? You're 5'7". Sure.

M: But I'm saying I stood NEXT TO HIM. He is two inches taller than me.

A: How tall are you?

M: 5'9" if I stand up very straight.

A: Internet claims he is also 5'9". Hmm.

M: I'd put him at a solid 5'10".

A: Fair enough. Not like it matters, you missed your chance.


A: Well, that's my day made.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marianne: Bootie Weather

Fine, it's fall. Fine! I don't like the cold but I will try to maintain a positive attitude! One positive: dresses with sleeves. I bought this old Tucker for Target dress for cheap on eBay and I love it (this collaboration was a million years ago, but you can spring for a real Tucker dress or pick up this less expensive, but similar dress). Another button-down, nursing friendly dress that's flattering to boot. I need to fill my closet with them.
And now, the other perk to this season: new boots! I found these Coclico booties (sadly unavailable, but these Coclico lace-ups are similar) on eBay over the summer and fell inexplicably in love. I thought they would be flattering, the color was great, and I love the wedge. And I was right, they are awesome and I'll probably wear them until you're sick of seeing them. Coclico is pricey (hence my eBay purchase), but these Dolce Vita Booties are under $80 and pretty dang similar, don't you think? And huh, these are even cheaper than that. Booties for everyone!
Enjoy my sock lines! I have to wear socks because it's cold in the mornings now. UGH.
So yeah, fall! Yay! Ugh. I do at least really like this outfit. I guess that's something.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): Gap Colorblock Leather Bag.

See? I always forgive the Gap. Marianne pointed out the Colorblock Leather Bag and you guys? UGH. I WANT:

Super perfect.
It is basically the perfect work tote and the colors. So many good colors. I would get the purpley-blue, personally. The little leather crossbody is also pretty damn cute:

AND, because this is how you do it, Gap is offering 40% off TODAY ONLY with code GAP24HR. I would also use eBates for an extra 2% back because why wouldn't I. (That's my referral link, as per.)


M:  This made me laugh. Even though I don't hate all those things.

A: God, I love her.

M: Me too.

M: Although, skinny jeans forever.

A: Yes! And leopard print shoes.

M: And a well placed stud.

M: "Did someone say well-placed stud?"


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Shopping Disappointment.

A: I went to the mall on my lunch break and tried on Disappointment.

M: Hahaha.

A: Seriously, I tried on a dress at Ann Taylor that was so synthetic it felt like a wetsuit.

M: Ewwwww.

A: And they wanted $150 for it! I had a similar experience at the Gap.

M:What are they smoking? Ann Taylor thinks they are J. Crew now? And J. Crew thinks they are...someone more expensive than J. Crew should be.

A: I know I know! I was just on the J Crew site and this sweater? That I like? $268.

M: WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? Your stores are in the MALL, dude.

A: And then! I was all, "Oh, but this cool t-shirt is only $50." And then I punched myself in the face.

M: That is precisely how they get you. The other day someone on twitter was SHOCKED over some $80 jeans (for only ONE PAIR! they said in an outrage) and I was like...$80 jeans are cheap. And then I set my house on fire.

A: $80 for jeans IS cheap, especially if you're a special thigh flower like me who can't wear pants from the any of the places that sell pants for less than $80. For example, I tried this pair on:

A: And they were too big in the waist and too tight in the calf. IN THE CALF. I ask you.

M: Dumb. Those are dumb.

A: I am definitely better than the Gap but apparently not good enough for J Crew. I quit.

M: The Gap is kind of winning me over these days. I don't know any more.

A: I'll love them again next week, never fear.

M: Those pants are still dumb, though.

A: I also tried on a dress that made me look bulbous.

A: Then I set the store on fire and left.

M: Well that's just sad.

A: But, just when everything feels ridiculous and hopeless, along comes this gem:

M: Well, I hate angora and I don't understand a sweater that gives me lunchlady arms.

A: Can you imagine wearing that? It's my worst nightmare in sweater form.

M: It's the sartorial embodiment of having hair down the back of your shirt.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: Tucker Silk Dresses

I recently bought a Tucker for Target dress off of eBay, and I like it so much that I'm scouring the internet for good deals on the real thing. These are all out of my price range, but sigh. Aren't they pretty? Perfect with suede wedges or booties now and tights and boots later. The silk is delicious.

This one is one sale, but eek! It's crazy:

Conservatively Hot.

A: Please to Google: Scott Eastwood.


Clint Eastwood has a son and he looks like a mean hot Republican in a good way? Somehow?

A: I mean, there is no way he's not a tool but, um, this:


M: Mean, gun toting, SUPER FINE Republican.

A: He falls deeply in to hate-fuck territory.

M: He's terribly pretty though.

A: Oh yeah, insufferably so.

M: Like father like son:

A: Nope. He still gives me the wiggins.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Too Easy.

M: pretty sure the SHobbit is wearing a cropped denim jacket!


M: He "had the waistband taken up" I mean. I MEAN.



We Talk About Beauty Things.

A: Dude, my hair dryer died this morning very completely. Do I upgrade or just buy another cheap one? I never know what to get.

M: Uh, you know I just bought the first hair dryer of my life, right? It's some generic from Sally Beauty Supply and it's fine.

A: Yeah, I'll probably just go to Target and get something similar to what I had. This is tempting though:

A: I'm convinced it will make my hair more fancy but the price!  My price point for a hair dryer is more like $30.

M: I find fancy hair dryers mystifying. I don't understand! But if we're talking fancy, I waaaaant this:

A: OoooOoooohhh. Pretty. Those actually all look like wearable colors.

M: Even though I love makeup I love the idea of one palette doing everything a whole lot.

A: I love a good palette but usually I only use half the colors. I just bought this one and I'm scared of it:

A: It was only $10! The eye shadows are so pigmented that I am having a hard time slapping them on my face in a non-whore way. I need to slow down with it.

M: Whore it up! I have trouble with those tones because they make me look bruised.

A: My new favorite thing is this weird Illamasqua hydrating gel primer stuff. I got a deluxe sample and now I'm actually considering buying a full sized container even though I know better.

M: You are making me want to try it! What does it do that makes it so awesome? Do you wear it instead of moisturizer? Are you also having to put on a separate sunscreen?

A: It just makes my skin all smooth and perfect for foundation without feeling silicone-y or sticky. It kind of melts in? But the true test will be this winter. I wear my usual moisturizer with sunscreen underneath.

M: God that is a LOT OF STEPS.

A: Three? Three steps.

M: It makes me weary.

A: Primer is exhausting. Remember before primer when we could just slap on foundation and then pressed powder and then more pressed powder and then blotting paper and then go?

M: I feel like I'm reaching critical mass when it comes to the layers I am slapping on.

A: I know, but the Smashbox 15 Hour foundation you reviewed? That stuff is amazing. AMAZING. I want to set my tinted moisturizer on fire. Fuck that stuff.

M: Right? RIGHT? I threw all my tinted moisturizers away this weekend. I had FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS.

A: You should have had a bonfire.

M: It felt so good to get rid of them all. Why do I keep half empty tubes of products I don't like?

A: You are talking to the girl who's been holding on to ten-year-old eyeshadow.

M: I want to throw it away so bad.

A: *hiss*

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Marianne: Buy This Old Navy Shirt Dress, Y'all.

I know we are always telling you to buy things, but you guys! Especially my nursing mom friends! Buy this dress!

Okay, looking at these pictures I realize that it looks really similar to this dress, but in person I promise it's not. It's a great dark grey with almost a tinge of olive green to it, in a silky material (and the skirt is lined!).

I'm not sure why Lulu is trying to re-womb here, but there you have it. I paired the dress with my favorite Chie Mihara curry yellow sandals (I found some similar ones for 75% off but I'm still pining for these), and yes, my "bad-ass mom bag", the beloved Alexander Wang Rocco. I have carried it every day since I got it (this plum studded duffle is under $80 and equally tough, don't you think?).

It's rare that I find a dress that I want in every color, but this weekend I used my Old Navy Super Cash and bought it in the teal and black as well. I might add a snap where it's pulling in the bust but I only noticed it doing that in these pictures. Overall, this one is a steal, it's lined, it has sleeves, and I'll wear it straight through until March. Go forth! Buy it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Buy This (But Not Full Price Like I Did): J Crew Downtown Field Jacket.

One of the very best fall purchases I made in 2011 was my J Crew Downtown Field Jacket:

I have worn it a ton for the past two years and look forward to wearing it an obnoxious amount again this fall. I actually paid full price for it (I know) but you shouldn't do that! Please don't do that. It is in stock right now in the mossy brown/green (and in navy) and J Crew is offering  25% off with code SHOPFALL. (Also, 6.0% back on eBates! That's my referral link! I can't stop with the exclamation marks!)

I really can't say enough good things about this jacket. It's casual but the shiny brass snaps keep it looking sharp and it's the perfect in-between layer for fall. Just go for it and thank me later.

The Best BEST.


M: I know. I KNOW. I saw it yesterday and it wins Fashion and Life.

A: It is so so so good.

M: I want him to hold me so tenderly.

A: This is what make the Nuclear Wintour crack - a toddler in David Beckham's lap. I would've passed out cold.

M: I like to think the picture is out of focus because the photographer was on her way down.

A: Oh yeah.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: Leather (Real and Faux).

We are seeing so much good leather and leather-trim clothing coming out for fall and are starting to get a little wanty about it. Here's a window shopping sample for you!

Good looking and the real deal:

Faux but awesome and inexpensive: