Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Marianne: Buy This Old Navy Shirt Dress, Y'all.

I know we are always telling you to buy things, but you guys! Especially my nursing mom friends! Buy this dress!

Okay, looking at these pictures I realize that it looks really similar to this dress, but in person I promise it's not. It's a great dark grey with almost a tinge of olive green to it, in a silky material (and the skirt is lined!).

I'm not sure why Lulu is trying to re-womb here, but there you have it. I paired the dress with my favorite Chie Mihara curry yellow sandals (I found some similar ones for 75% off but I'm still pining for these), and yes, my "bad-ass mom bag", the beloved Alexander Wang Rocco. I have carried it every day since I got it (this plum studded duffle is under $80 and equally tough, don't you think?).

It's rare that I find a dress that I want in every color, but this weekend I used my Old Navy Super Cash and bought it in the teal and black as well. I might add a snap where it's pulling in the bust but I only noticed it doing that in these pictures. Overall, this one is a steal, it's lined, it has sleeves, and I'll wear it straight through until March. Go forth! Buy it!


  1. LOL at re-womb. The dress portion of my closet is already stuffed too full, so I can't bring myself to do it. But that is a really cute dress! I love the color.

  2. I sure like this on you, Marianne. And I really like Lulu.

    p.s. Wish I had as much restraint as Rebekah. Unfortunately, I love to overload my closet with dresses (some of which I will end up never wearing) and will probably go to ON on my lunch hour today. Heh.

  3. Okay so shirt dresses. You don't have the issue of the buttons gapping on the skirt when you sit down? And what about the fact that the shirt tail isn't buttoned so one shows quite a bit of thigh when you sit also? Shirt dresses always seem like a whole lot of adjusting to me... you don't find these things to be so? Maybe I'm picking bad sizes or versions??

    1. All good questions! Even though the skirt is lined I always wear a half slip for this very reason. I just try to be aware of it but haven't had too much trouble with the gapping, I think it helps to size up so there's no tightness on the bottom.

  4. Ooh great tip! I am going to buy this one asap. You look awesome! I love the bag, I love little clingy Lulu (legit lol at "rewomb!"), and I love your hair.

    Any size tips?


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