Thursday, September 19, 2013

We Talk About Beauty Things.

A: Dude, my hair dryer died this morning very completely. Do I upgrade or just buy another cheap one? I never know what to get.

M: Uh, you know I just bought the first hair dryer of my life, right? It's some generic from Sally Beauty Supply and it's fine.

A: Yeah, I'll probably just go to Target and get something similar to what I had. This is tempting though:

A: I'm convinced it will make my hair more fancy but the price!  My price point for a hair dryer is more like $30.

M: I find fancy hair dryers mystifying. I don't understand! But if we're talking fancy, I waaaaant this:

A: OoooOoooohhh. Pretty. Those actually all look like wearable colors.

M: Even though I love makeup I love the idea of one palette doing everything a whole lot.

A: I love a good palette but usually I only use half the colors. I just bought this one and I'm scared of it:

A: It was only $10! The eye shadows are so pigmented that I am having a hard time slapping them on my face in a non-whore way. I need to slow down with it.

M: Whore it up! I have trouble with those tones because they make me look bruised.

A: My new favorite thing is this weird Illamasqua hydrating gel primer stuff. I got a deluxe sample and now I'm actually considering buying a full sized container even though I know better.

M: You are making me want to try it! What does it do that makes it so awesome? Do you wear it instead of moisturizer? Are you also having to put on a separate sunscreen?

A: It just makes my skin all smooth and perfect for foundation without feeling silicone-y or sticky. It kind of melts in? But the true test will be this winter. I wear my usual moisturizer with sunscreen underneath.

M: God that is a LOT OF STEPS.

A: Three? Three steps.

M: It makes me weary.

A: Primer is exhausting. Remember before primer when we could just slap on foundation and then pressed powder and then more pressed powder and then blotting paper and then go?

M: I feel like I'm reaching critical mass when it comes to the layers I am slapping on.

A: I know, but the Smashbox 15 Hour foundation you reviewed? That stuff is amazing. AMAZING. I want to set my tinted moisturizer on fire. Fuck that stuff.

M: Right? RIGHT? I threw all my tinted moisturizers away this weekend. I had FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS.

A: You should have had a bonfire.

M: It felt so good to get rid of them all. Why do I keep half empty tubes of products I don't like?

A: You are talking to the girl who's been holding on to ten-year-old eyeshadow.

M: I want to throw it away so bad.

A: *hiss*


  1. I'm putting that blowdryer on my Christmas list. I have a lot of hair.

    I mean, a lot a lot. This is not too small a price to pay for a better blowout.

  2. Or too high a price to pay. I haven't had my coffee yet. Drr.

  3. You should try TJ Maxx for hair dryers - the one near me always seems to have schmancy brands at what I'm assuming are cheaper prices (my knowledge of hair dryer price points being woefully in adequate!), so you might find something good. Although I have almost that exact Revlon one and I like it fine.

    1. I don't have a lot of hair so I'm not sure I can justify super-fancy for a hair dryer. The Revlon model appeals because it has a "warm" setting. I'm currently using my travel dryer and it basically burns my head.

  4. For some reason I spent about $120 on a high dryer back in 2005. I thought it would make my hair extra fabulous. While that didn't quite happen, it is still awesome, still works, and I expect to use it for a long time to come. If you have the funds, go up to the $100 or so range. These things work forever and all the various settings are awesome.

    (sorry, probably not the advice you wanted to hear)

  5. I need someone to come and pry all the old makeup I never wear and never will out of my cupboard for me. Someone with stronger will than I.

  6. I have that dryer and it is the best ever (seriously). I have curly, frizz-prone hair and it really smooths out my hair and dries it more quickly than a standard dryer.