Thursday, September 5, 2013

Marianne: On Nursing Clothing (and makeup talk)

I'm going to cut right to the chase, I think most nursing clothing is flat out UGLY. I mean, COME ON. And this! Y'all, don't wear that! (Also, this came up in my search and made me laugh. Heh.)

That said, this Liz Lange for Target nursing dress is okay (this one is sold out but this is similar. This one too.). I guess. It looks like maternity clothing which means I don't love the way it makes my belly look, but it's fine. Wearing cute shoes with it helps, as does a cute bag. But I'm not enthused.

But hey, my hair looks pretty good! And my skin. I'm going to say something controversial: WE ARE ALL WASTING OUR TIME WITH TINTED MOISTURIZER. Lately I've been annoyed with the weak coverage, the lack of staying power, and how effing shiny tinted moisturizer makes me. I live in the humid south, I don't need dewy makeup. So, on the advice of a twitter friend I decided to try Smashbox Studio Skin 15-Hour Foundation and y'all. Y'ALL. I HAVE BEEN WASTING MY TIME. This stuff looks natural, has buildable coverage, and stays put for an entire day. And it doesn't make my skin freak out, either. Try it. I insist!
Air-dried hair, yo.

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  1. that's a cute dress! and your air-dried hair is pretttttty!


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