Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Window Shopping: Tucker Silk Dresses

I recently bought a Tucker for Target dress off of eBay, and I like it so much that I'm scouring the internet for good deals on the real thing. These are all out of my price range, but sigh. Aren't they pretty? Perfect with suede wedges or booties now and tights and boots later. The silk is delicious.

This one is one sale, but eek! It's crazy:

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  1. Ok ladies, this has nothing to do with the dresses, but I saw a pair of Tsubo leopard ballet flats ON MEGA SALE at Dillards and thought of you. I tried them on- so very comfortable, so extremely cute. But personally I'm weird about those pony-skin textures or whatever they call them so I didn't get them but you would have loved them. And they're all special and ergonomic, apparently...I mean, officially
    They are called Roana Cheetah flats- sorry, every time I try and paste an image I get pages of crazy text along with the jpeg so....sorry.