Friday, June 15, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Nordstrom Rack Sale!

Ooooh, Nordstrom Rack is having their “clear the rack” sale - an extra 25% off all clearance items! There are a bunch of great bags on clearance so definitely start there! Here’s what I dig:



Thursday, June 14, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Let's Wear Black in the Summer.

Still shopping my closet with a vengeance! I am all about wearing black in the summer and I do already  have a couple of black summer dresses. This is one of them, which I bought last year at Loft:

Isn't it cute? Loft has some great black dresses this summer! Like this Loft tie waist dress which looks like your perfect dress up/dress down kinda thing. I also loooove this strappy cami dress which appears to be both chic and summery. Finally, this crochet trim dress is pretty similar to mine and very, very cute but there are only a few sizes left. Boo. (PS. 40% off everything at Loft!)

I look so coy for no reason at all. If Loft doesn't work for you, there are lots of great options. This ABS dress at TJ Maxx looks really promising and this black fit and flare dress from BR looks like a great pulled-together work option. Even the land of the neverending ruffle has managed to stock a super pretty black summer dress. Love that.

Annnnd, of course I threw my Universal Thread denim jacket over it all because that's how I roll these days.  (And OMG they have a white version? You guys. I might need that.) Details:

I'm wearing a fun little lariat necklace I got in a subscription box - I think it's Luv AJ. I found this one by the same brand that's quite similar but I really like this layered version better. My bracelet is Giles and Brother and I've had it forever! BR carries the silver version

Look, I know I carry this bag a lot but what can I say? It really works well for me and the color kinda goes with everything. Nordstrom Rack has the black version and I can't recommend it enough. That said, I really stress my, "go for the more interesting color" philosophy so there's also this taupe MJ hobo as a great price and this blue one that is REAL NICE. 

Aw, blue suede shoes! Always a favorite of mine. These are Kenneth Cole Harriet sandals from last year. They have a really manageable heel and tassels! They have tassels. They're hard to find but my first link goes to the blue pair in size 8 and there are several other colors at And, because I want you all to have blue suede sandals, check out this Sam Edelman pair! Perfection. The end. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): TJ Maxx Clearance Roundup

I haven't done this in a while! The TJ Maxx website hadn't been loading for me for weeks and weeks but it looks like they finally fixed the glitch so I pawed through a bunch of the clearance stuff and here's what I found:

I saved the best for first. Listen, this Aimee Kestenberg leather Otto tote is still on her website for full price, which is $268. Here it is in a beautiful vanilla color for $64. I am not kidding. There is also a black version but the vanilla is so beautiful, right? Right.

There's also this really nice taupe Lodis bag that I keep staring at because the color is unusual:

It also comes in black but you know how I feel about that. Don't disappoint me! Always go for the interesting this:

My cheap 'n cheerful option which is this Perlina tote which is also leather and a lot of fun and under $50 and legit the greatest coral color ever. So good. 

Now! Some jewelry. I know Satya zodiac jewelry has been around for a while but there's a bunch of it on TJ Maxx and it would make a nice gift. Here's Capricorn:

I also super love these beautiful Labradorite earrings that aren't, like, inexpensive but ugh:

In other accessory news there are a ton of well-discounted designer sunglasses on TJM and I really dig this Pucci pair:

They would totally look rad with this L*Space swimsuit coverup which is legit $15 and (apologies) nearly sold out:

The bargains, they burn! I also love this Joie dress that's a delightful deal if you wear size large:

SO CUTE. Finally, y'all know I like the weird BCBG dresses and this one could go either way:

I know, right? I can't decide but I think it's good? Wait! I found one more thing. Cute summer 7FAMK jeans for $49:


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We Discuss: Justin Bieber and Scent Memories.

A: I can’t swear to it but I think the Sunday Riley Vitamin C serum is actually working.

M: I’ve heard good things about The Ordinary vitamin C stuff too and it’s so cheap.

M: But the owner is going to destroy that company.

A: Yeaaaah. Down in flames.

A: Most vitamin C serums break me out but the Sunday Riley stuff doesn’t.

M: That’s good!

A: I have a few face oils from the Ordinary and they’re fine.

A: Cheap if nothing else.

M: Yeah

A: I was all excited to buy the RMS Beauty coconut cream and then I was like…wait. Is it really just an overpriced jar of coconut oil?

M: Yes, yes it is.

A: Thank you

A: She claims it’s like, super duper special organic artisan coconut oil but still. It’s just oil that I’m gonna wash right off my face.


A: Right, I know.

M: There is only so much you can do to it.

A: But Marianne, it’s special *raw* coconut oil.

M: riiiight

M: If anyone believes that, I have a bridge to sell them.

A: I am actually in the market.

M: It’s got great views.

A: Will it give me a glowing complexion?

M: duh

A: Anyway, I am actually almost 100% positive that this Sunday Riley stuff is making my face look better. Just smoother and more…something. Brighter?

M: That’s awesome.

A: Has the Ordinary guy done anything stupid lately?

M: I haven’t been keeping up tbh.

M: There was some crazy letter after the royal wedding.

A: He’s a peach.

A: Ooh, my Le Labo Santal 33 sample has shipped.

M: Yay!

A: I don’t want to copy you and everyone but I HAVE TO KNOW

M: Hahaha

A: I love that all the articles about it are like, “That perfume you’re smelling everywhere!” And I’m like, do you understand I live in Virginia?


M: Well even here in Knoxville I’ve had a few people ID it immediately.

M: Which is a bit of a drag but I love it so whatever I guess.

A: Interesting! I am usually up on this stuff but had somehow never heard of it.

M: It is literally all over Brooklyn.

A: Some things are popular for a reason.

M: Like every single man and woman wearing it.


M: And I’m like how are all these children affording $200 perfume.

A: That was a question I had as well.

A: But I’m an idiot who paid money for a decanted sample so.

M: Ha, that’s what I did first!

A: I got the idea from you.

A: So, your fault.

M: Now I have a bottle but I honestly wish I had just gotten the balm oil rollerball because a rollerball is so much easier to carry with me.

M: I only remember to spray it on myself half the time so I decanted a bit of my own bottle into a rollerball.

A: Smart! If I love it I’ll probably start with a rollerball. I have commitment issues with fragrance.

M: I get that. I mean I just spent like a year trying to find a signature scent and it’s apparently everyones signature scent.

A: Justin Bieber wears it.

A: I am sorry.

M: Haha that’s okay.

M: I bet he smells great!

A: Bieber has notes of tattoo ink, privilege, crisp Canadian dollars and Santal 33.

M: My boss texted me from Atlanta where she was seeing Hamilton and was like someone here smells like you!!

A: Ha!

M: Honestly I don’t care.

M: I love the way it smells and I love being told literally every day that I smell amazing.

A: That is a LIFE GOAL.

A: I’m sure millions of people wear my favorite Jo Malone perfume - it’s not a secret.

M: Exactly! So I will wear it forever and there will be other trends and eventually it will be Mine.

A: You just need to wait it out.

M: And my kids will be like my mom always smelled amazing when I am very old and die.

M: It’s good to have long term plans.

A: I really like that you’re planning your scent memories now.

M: Better to focus on that rather than the world going down in flames.

A: So true.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Stuff I Want: Summer Edition

You guyyyyyys. I want to shop for summer SO BADLY but I'm moving in a few weeks (did I mention this?) and I'm really trying to be financially frugal because the moving guys kinda expect money or something? I don't know. So, other than the amazing sale boots from Madewell and a pair of awesome silver Birkenstocks I really haven't bought much of anything new for summer and I TOTALLY REALLY WANT TO. I have a running list, obviously. Here's what I wish I could buy right this second:

White boyfriend jeans. I have, um, mentioned this a few times already. This is getting kind of sad that I keep talking about it and not doing it but I haven't found them yet! I am scouring Poshmark for a Madewell pair but I am also considering these from BR:

And these from Old Navy:

Denim jacket. Okay, this next one is a want not a need but I have gotten so much wear out of my Universal Thread denim jacket that I kind of want another denim jacket. I am in love with this one from Madewell:

It's the copper buttons and the wash. I just can't stop thinking about it. I am also quite interested in this white denim jacket from Old Navy:

The added benefit of this one is that it can be worn with jeans without being all Texas Tuxedo. (Right? Right.)

Summer dress. I also want one cute new summer dress and Loft is usually my go-to for such things. I think it might be this one, which I've posted before:

 But then I saw this one and was like, YES THAT TOO:

I think it's technically a bathing suit coverup? Who the hell knows. Don't care anyway.

Fun top. I want another fun summer top that I can wear with my fictional white jeans or with jorts. This one from Anthro is so cute:

But knowing me, it'll probably be something like this from Loft:

I mean, that tiny star print? Please. I must have that, right? I am filling up online shopping carts right and left but buying nothing. YET. UGH.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Rough Week.

This has been a rough week, right? I am just feeling sad and tired today and I figured we could all probably use some cheering up, so I picked a bunch of stuff from Anthro that's ridiculously cute or fun because the world is dark enough as it is:



Thursday, June 7, 2018

Stuff I Like: Wearing, Listening, Eating.

Hi! I have recently liked some stuff so here you go;

This RMS Palette That Didn't Disappoint Me.
So, listen. I ordered this palette even though the reviews weren't glowing and one of y'all was like, "it will disappoint you." I FULLY expected to return it. It arrived and, indeed, it was pretty small and lacks a mirror which is almost unforgivable but I decided to give it a try and you know what? I fucking love it. I have used it every day! The Magic Luminizer is a bit warmer and creamier than the Living Luminizer so it's great for summer. Both the Lip2Cheek colors make great blush and the Buriti Bronzer is pretty nice as an eye color. (I haven't tried it as a cheek color yet.) The plain lip balm is the only thing I don't love. It's fine, just not special. Anyway, I am happy I bought it and it's been a nice way to try out some of the other RMS products.

This Podcast Episode About Kate and Andy Spade.
I listened to this episode of How I Built This last fall when it came out and it made me really like Kate Spade and her husband. It's such an interesting interview! I'm glad they reposted though in retrospect its really sad, too. You just never do know what people are going through.

This Summer Recipe That Is Delicious and Cheap.
I made this Lemony Cucumber Couscous recipe pretty much as written and it was great! Super easy  delicious, and inexpensive. I had it over some salad greens with Trader Joes jalapeƱo chicken sausage and have been eating the leftovers for lunch. It's pretty simple, so I think I'm going to add chickpeas next time (and maybe some fresh dill or basil.) So versatile! I love pearl couscous and this recipe is going to be my summer go-to.

This Body Oil That Smells Like Summer.
Kate bought me this Nuxe oil when she went to Paris a while back and it's really quite wonderful though the the "fancy suntan lotion" scent is one of those love it or hate it things. (I love it.) It's a bit strong by itself but I recently discovered that if I mix a little bit with my unscented Aveeno lotion it sheers it out just the right amount. And my skin glows! I am basically a French lady now.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Mixed Patterns.

This is going to be a quick one because things are crazy right now - life, work, my brain. I wanted an easy summer outfit that I didn't have to think about too much.

This dress I'm wearing is basically dust, y'all. It's vintage Old Navy and was originally Marianne's and she gave it to me and I'm pretty sure it was scheduled to self-destruct at least two years ago but it keeps on living and I keep on insisting on wearing it:

I mean, it's cute, right? Old Navy generally does some cute patterned summer dresses. This little swing dress is right up my alley and I also love the work-appropriateness of this chambray shirt dress.  And oooh, how cute is this v-neck dress in the palm leaf print? It comes in a cute stripe too.  I'm wearing my Birkenstock Gizeh in copper, which are hard to find. The Arizona comes in copper, though!

Lucy stopped by to see what I was up to. Though I listed some cute Old Navy dresses up above, all my true favorites are from Loft and I am eyeing several because they're 50% off today! This little striped dress looks super easy and I love the back detail on this one. But! My favorite is this patterned shift dress that is exactly my brand of crazy. I love it. I think this little split neck dress is cute too. Okay, sorry, I stop now. Details:

I'm wearing an old Madewell necklace that's pretty similar to this one and this one is also a very much in the same family. My bracelets are Giles and Brother skinny railroad cuffs that I'd stopped wearing for a while because I was tired of them. Now I'm trying to shop in my closet and reacquaint myself with old favorites. 

And, the bag. This is my recent Kate Spade Sam bag and I'm not gonna link it today. The news yesterday was just so tragic, so sad. Kate Spade the brand isn't always my style but I love and appreciate the joy it's brought to the world and I'm grateful to the brand's founder for having such vision. I know she sold Kate Spade more than 10 years ago but I think her legacy will stand for a long time. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Reader Suggestion: Summer Bags!

I recently got a message from blog reader Ellen related to the cutest summer straw bag she'd bought at Madewell. (I know this because she posted it on her IG account, which you should probably follow.)

She suggested that a round-up of summer bags would be very cool and I always welcome ideas for posts because I AM RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS, YOU GUYS. Anyway, there are TONS of cute woven bags going on right now, so I stuck with that as my theme. Seriously, though, Madewell has two (wait, three), Target has a ton, Ann Taylor has several, it just goes on from there. You are not short on options is what I'm saying. Here are my picks:


Monday, June 4, 2018

Madewell Report: Things Happened.

Last weekend I took a trip to Madewell to try on denim shorts and white jeans, just in case they eventually put things on sale. Hey, it could happen and I want to be an informed and prepared shopper. I tried on most of the denim cut off styles and wasn't super crazy about most of them - honestly, I've had pretty good luck with Old Navy cutoffs so why am I going fancy on this? Hard to say. I did, however, really like this high-rise button front style:

The lighter wash felt current, I love the button fly and they fit comfortably. Unfortunately they're $75 which seems like.. a lot (or, as one IG friend commented, "oh hell no, that is hipster nonsense.") I AGREE. But I still liked them. I also really liked this tank, which I'm wearing in that photo:

Much more reasonably priced and it comes in some really good colors. If they ever throw me a code, I might get one or two of those. I also really loved these earrings:

They don't look like much on the website but they're great in person - simple but really striking.

I tried on two pairs of white jeans, both of them skinny styles which is all they had in-store. I am so into the boyjean style and tight white jeans are really tough to pull off. Like this pair:

I love the button fly and frayed hem but they just aren't amazing on me. I will probably hunt down a pair of white Boyjeans on Poshmark. Or, maybe I just don't get white jeans this summer, you know?

We also sniffed some beauty products, including one of the oils in this set:

Kate declared that the Good Vibes oil smelled just like yoga class and she was right! We also both liked this perfume:

It was right up my alley - warm and spicy and pleasantly unisex.

Okay, I'm totally burying the lede with this post. While I was struggling in and out of shorts and jeans, Kate went back to check out the sale section and found these:

In my size. Marked down to $49. Forty Nine American Dollars. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Really, who needs shorts in the summer anyway? Apparently not me.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Weekend Window Shopping: Need Supply Co.

A little background: Need Supply Co. is a local store for me. I've been going there for years, though it's gone through multiple changes. Originally it was a tiny store selling used Levi's and in it's current incarnation it's become a rather intimidating store full of beautiful things displayed art gallery-style. I don't go very often because inevitably I'll fall in love with something I REALLY can't afford, but when I searched I was able to find plenty of cool stuff in prices that weren't terrifying. Check it:



Thursday, May 31, 2018

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Old Navy Summer Play Clothes!

Look, we all need play clothes, especially in the summer, right?  Old Navy has always been my go-to for inexpensive shorts and fun summer tops so I thought I'd take a look to see what they have going on this summer. So much cute stuff! Like, this swimsuit cover up is ridiculously pretty and looks expensive. I also love some of the cute graphic tees. Plus, they're giving an extra 20% off automatically and go through eBates for 4% cash back. Here's what I like:



Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Outfit of the Day: Shopping My Closet (If I Must.)

I haven't really bought any new summer clothes except for sandals and I'm starting to feel it. I should just hit up LOFT soon or something because it's getting real sad up in my closet. Today's outfit is mostly really old stuff that I hadn't worn in a while and I was surprised it all still fit! (Surprised and relieved.) Anyway, here is what I have going on: 

 Not bad! I am actually pretty happy with this. I'm wearing an old Banana Republic tank that's made of some kind of slub cotton/linen blend and it's nice because it's longer in the back and has a light, loose swing. This one by Graham and Spencer is a more expensive version but, honestly, this one from The Gap looks pretty good too. For something slightly dressier, I like this linen blend chevron tank from BR.

My pants are not from Target for once! I pulled out an old pair of skinny utility pants from J.Crew and was delighted that I could still get them buttoned. I love a washed olive green as a neutral and luckily J.Crew has a few good options - this cargo toothpick style and a non-cargo slim chino in the same color. There's also this pair at Nordstrom that are less expensive and look really similar to mine. 

Look, I know my Universal Thread denim jacket is getting a lot of screen time but I literally wear it 3-4 times a week. It's so good that I am contemplating buying a backup. I'm also contemplating this Madewell denim jacket because those copper buttons, y'all. I am really into the copper buttons. I also love this darker wash version and holy crap someone stop me. Look, If you don't have a denim jacket I suggest you start with the one from Target. It's a great entry-level jacket.

Speaking of Target, I basically planned my whole outfit around this chunk of labradorite goodness which is also from the Universal Thread line. Apparently it's out of stock online but you can still find it in stores. There's also a mini version that is still available online. 

I haven't used my backpack lately so I busted it out and then felt dumb for not using it. It's so nice! It's by Aimee Kestenberg and Marianne found it at TJ Maxx a while back. There's one with a gold zipper at Off 5th and also one in a beautiful dove grey. There's also a snakeskin version on deep clearance at Lord and Taylor! It's weird, but I don't hate it.

I love my silver Birkenstock Arizonas so much, you guys. They make me happy every time I look at them. Again, if you have been considering them, just do it. They're worth every comfortable, shiny penny.

PS. Just a head's up that Aerie is doing their 10 pairs of undies for $35 deal which ends today! It includes all styles including my favorite, the seamless cutout boybrief.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We Discuss: Bralettes, Televsion and Friendship. And Shoes.

A: Why can’t I find a cute bralette that actually fits me?

M: Well honestly because you want more support than a bralette can give you

M: That said Soma has one I’m interested in.

M: And Lively

A: Hmm

A: The Soma that was right across the street from work is GONE so the only one in town is in Hell. I just haven’t made it out there yet.

M: Gah

A: Lively looks promising!

M: Supposed to be for boobs but I’m as always skeptical

A: I am too, but am just tired of my granny bras

M: My friend Danielle just ordered some swimsuits from them and she has big boobs.

M: Unrelated I am rewatching Younger because the next season is coming soon and I forgot just how much I love it.

A: I don’t know this show?


M: It’s on Hulu!

M: Perfect summer show!

A: OMG, thank you. I have been watching Luther and Handmaid’s Tale and shit is DARK.

M: No no you need Younger.

A: Thank you! I have been looking for something fun to watch.

M:You’ll love it

A: I totally caved on the summer FabFitFun summer box. It’s got some good shit in it.

M: Ooh like what?

A: It’s a little confusing because you get to pick between different items, but there’s a Tarte palette and one of those Foreo face cleaner thingies. I am especially into the Yumi Kim train case:

A: Also, since I'm now part of the matrix* you can get $10 off your first box with my link.

M: Oh I saw that train case, it looks really good.

A: The train case is why I caved.

M: Nice

M: You’ll have to tell me what you think. I am always looking for THE travel toiletry case. I bought one recommended on Forever 35 before I stopped listening to it and it’s only good for like 2 day trips, otherwise it doesn’t hold everything.

A: Oh, I almost bought that before I realized they’re both dingbats. Sweet dingbats, but still.

M: They really are.

M: At least it was cheap but it’s ugly.

A: Yeah

M: Ooh that FabFitFun towel looks good too, though microfiber gives me the heebs.

A: You get the towel OR the train case.

M: Right

M: Microfiber is icky the way it sticks.

A: I can handle it in my hair turban wrap thing but barely.

M: Yeah like if you have any dry skin at all.

M: shudder



A: I thought I was the only one!

M: creepy

A: It’s awful

A: I will report back on the box! 

M: Oh! The Toms shoes came and I’m wearing them right now! I like them a lot.


M: Wearing with my best Elio’s Mom skirt.

A: OMG they’re great!

M: Aren’t they?

M: Seriously perfect

A: That is your Universal Thread skirt?

M: Yup!

M: Finally got the nerve to wear it

M: I’ve gotten lots of compliments

A: I’m sure!

M: I just feel very hip and ass forward but my friends on set have assured me it’s flattering.

A: But there’s nothing wrong with being shaped like a lady! Fashion is so strange.

M: Yeah I know it’s definitely my own hangup.

A: Good for you for trying something new and not entirely comfortable.

M: It feels a lot more successful than the jeans I had to change out of midday.

A: Oh man

M: šŸ˜¬

A: So good

A: Are those your birthday shoes?

M: Yes!

M: They will definitely require some breaking in but they are well made.

M: And it’s nice to have a summer shoe with a closed toe for once.

A: I made a Perfume Mistake this morning and I have so much regret.

M: Uh oh what perfume

A: I got this sample of YSL Black Opium and had no intention of smelling it until the podcast I was listening to RAVED about it.

A: It came in this little vial where you have to break off the top. Like, what could go wrong?

M: Oh. Oh dear.


M: Ack

A: I have swabbed myself with alcohol wipes but it’s not even taking the edge off. Help.

M: Sandblasting is the only option.

A: I thought about fire.

M: BTW Danielle said her Lively swimsuit and bralette are great, she’s a DD.

A: Did she get the busty bralette?

M: Yes. Now I want one but I am broke.

A: I’m gonna get one. Also, Kate, who is my Costco connection, got me a two-pack of these Felina lace bralettes and I think they might be good.

M: Oh that’s exciting!

A: I still want the Lively one but these might satisfy my need for a non-granny option for now.

M: Costco-related--I just found out that their Kirkland Professional Series moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is the Pureology Shampoo/Conditioner that I LOVE and is like $30 for a tiny bottle.

M: I am shook

A: Um

A: I am pretty sure I blogged about this, like, three years ago.

M: whatttttt

M: hahahaaaaa

A: Girl

M: I mean I retain 7% of the information I am told on a daily basis so.

M: But you didn’t mention it when I bought it at TJ Maxx!!

A: I’m sorry!  I just forgot. I have been buying that stuff at Costco forever but then I got tired of it because the bottles are huge.

M: Well it’s brand new information for my goldfish brain so I am excited except I don’t have a Costco membership.

A: I just make Kate buy me stuff.

A: I just searched the blog and maybe I never mentioned it? I am angry at myself. 

M: That makes me feel better

A: I’ve let everyone down

M: Way to go, Red

A: I am a monster

M: The more important thing is *I* feel better that I didn’t just forget.

A: I am certain I must have told you at some point.

M: Lalalala can’t hear you.

A: ANYWAY, I have giant bottles of the stuff that I’ll never use up so just come over and wash your hair any time.

M: What a generous offer!

M: I mean with how often I wash my hair driving 7 hours to do it might work.

A: It’s an option that’s open to you, is all I’m saying.

M: True friend


*my referral code! Just FYI  I was not given the box - I paid for it with my own dollars.