Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Outfit of the Day: The Best Thing About Winter.

I haven't been super inspired to post outfits lately because I've fallen into a pretty serious (and very comfortable) rut in which I wear a sweater, skinny jeans and ankle boots every single day. I used to wear dresses all the time but right now I'm down to about two that actually fit me so until I can find a few new ones, you get more of the same (with a bonus coat!):

I gotta say, this is maybe my perfect outfit for where I am right now. This leopard sweater is J.Crew-via-Poshmark and it is SO EXACTLY ME. I wanted the current version at J.Crew but my size was sold out so I lucked out with my secondhand purchase. Don't think I'm not also into the leopard sweatshirt which is ALSO SOLD OUT WTF JCREW. Okay, fine, perhaps the leopard sweater blazer thing? I would wear the hell out of that. Under my sweater is my favorite Everlane t-shirt which I now have in triplicate. It's the perfect itchy sweater protection. 

I am wearing my THIRD (!) pair of Madewell coated jeans. I bought my second pair when my first pair got too tight and then wore them so much the coating faded so yep, pair number three. I love that they kinda look like leather but are more substantial than the Spanx faux leather leggings. Unfortunately Madewell hasn't brought back the coated jeans this fall (found mine on Poshmark) but BlankNYC makes a nice looking pair, LOFT has some on sale and H&M has a pair that are crazy inexpensive. Details:

I'm wearing an ancient J.Crew locket but this one from Baublebar is really pretty. Mostly I wanted to show you my earrings - they're labradorite, my favorite, made by Panacea. I can't find them online but there is a pink version available and this pair which is a similar labradorite style. Oh, and I just found these which are mine in a different shape! I really love these earrings and have been wearing them a lot. They're big but not too heavy.

Same damn bag and boots as every week - my MBMJ hobo and Madewell Lucien boots. I would say the Madewell Regan boot is the most similar right now. Finally, new coat time: 

My old long puffer was starting to look a bit grubby (the downside of buying a silver grey coat) and I wanted something a bit more substantial. I found this French Connection coat at TJ Maxx and I freaking LOVE IT. The olive color is so good, the matte black hardware is excellent and the hood is very Extra. The only thing I don't love is the stupid stretchy belt: 

This belt is problematic but it's also removable so I am dealing with it. Unfortunately this coat doesn't seem to be available online anywhere (it was exclusive to Macy's) so once again, I am useless as a style blogger. But! I did find this French Connection puffer in the same great color but without the crazy hood and dumb belt. I also found an Andrew Marc puffer in olive green that's lined with velvet, so that is pretty damn fancy. And, if you want the crazy hood, you got it. I mean...

Isn't that the best thing about winter? Being able to wear a big coat with a dramatic hood? I think so.


  1. That coat looks SO. GOOD. ON. YOU.

  2. Love the coat and sweater! I too own multiple pair of the madewell coated jeans. I purchased one full price then a couple of backups when they hit sale. Always need backups.... (and multiple sizes!)