Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Everytime I'm like, "That was the best discount I'm going to get" the retailer in question is all, "Hold my beer!" and then I feel like a dummy. Right now (ends tonight!) J.Crew is giving an extra 48% off  (most of) your purchase with code 48HOURS but don't try to buy Marianne's sweater blazer because, as I just rudely found out, it's excluded from the promotion. Hmph.

That aside, there are lots and lots and LOTS of cute things deeply discounted and as some of us haven't even started holiday shopping, I'm going to skew this towards gift-giving. Wait, first, I ordered this velour-lined hoodie on Nov 26th and they're promising I will have it by tomorrow but so far it has not been shipped. I'm just going to assume it's awesome and you'll get a better deal than I did, certainly:

(But seriously, J.Crew. Can I please have my hoodie?) I also want to suggest that if you buy yourself something, you could do worse than this cute-cute-cute cashmere sweater:

Ugh, I love that. Comment ├ža va? Okay, now we should focus on gift-y stuff IF WE MUST. How about...

Super festive tassel earrings! These are already marked down so with the extra discount they're a perfect, inexpensive gift for a girlfriend or co-worker friend. I am also super fond of this crazy thing:

Buy this for your teenager and see if they look at you exactly like this when you force them to wear it for a photo. But seriously, it's cashmere and ADORABLE. I would wear it! Winter hats are supposed to be goofy. If you need a safe allrounder type gift, there's always a fancy candle:

Just don't give it to someone who's allergic to scented candles because they will never, ever let you forget it. (I get it, but stop already.) There's also a great option for the traveller in your life: 

Who wouldn't love a starry night passport case? I know passport cases are kind of useless but they're also very posh and this one has gold stars so it's awesome the end. Oh! And here's something else that's awesome:

This RMS luminizer quad is $25 with the promo! That is a REALLY GOOD DEAL. I love RMS products and the luminizers are so beautiful and natural looking. Perfect for the nature girl in your life. (Or for you, I won't judge.) Also for the minimalist:

This is 14k rose gold plated and very pretty and simple. And 48% off, which makes it even prettier. And then we have this:

I saved it for last because it's just basically perfect. Your little chestnut crossbody bag with a pop of red that just seems to go with everything. It's not for every day but it is perfect for those times when you don't need to carry the world around with you. Just a few bits and pieces and off you go. $66 with the promotion! You can't afford not to buy it (and shit, I think I just talked myself into buying it. I hate this blog.) 


  1. OMG I feel exactly the same about this blog! I accidentally purchased that drapey crepe open blazer from LC and just may love it. Damn you :-)

  2. I've made 2 separate purchases from JCrew just this week. All but 1 item is for me. *I* am the worst.


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