Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Completely Accidental.

I'm still feeling pretty crummy but managed to fully dressed myself yesterday to go run some errands and ended up liking my outfit enough to take a few quick pics. It wasn't an outfit meant for the blog but here we are:

Part of why it wasn't meant for the blog is because my new Madewell jeans are nearly sold out. That's right, The Worst Blogger Ever is again showing you something you can't actually buy. The WORST. But, I feel confident they'll restock soon! I'll keep you posted. 

These are a high-rise Perfect Vintage style in resin rinse which is a really good, dark denim with no distressing of any kind. They're so dark they almost look black, so you could just get these in black and call it done.  I am wearing my usual size and they fit perfectly. Despite my joy that mid-rise styles are back, I'm still kind of into the look of a higher rise because I think it makes me look taller. (I will change my mind about this the minute I sit down in them but whatever.) I just really love Madewell's Magic Pockets aka denim shapewear. 

Here's a weird side view with the jeans un-cuffed, which doesn't work with my new Blundstones but would look cute with flats or sneakers. My sweater is the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman and it continues to be a soft oversized cloud of warmth and joy. I can't recommend it enough. 

Here's a close-up of my sweater and also of my Dean Davidson necklace which is another thing you can't buy. However, I did find this absolutely beautiful labradorite tassel necklace that's similar. 

I completely forgot to get my bag for the photos but Y'ALL. I was browsing Quince's new arrivals section and look what I found. That's right, they just shamelessly knocked off the medium Hammitt VIP. It doesn't have the stud detailing or contrast zipper but it otherwise looks identical and is under $100. I truly love my Hammitt but they are expensive, so if you dig the style but not the price, get the Quince version! I would if I didn't already have one. (I'm the worst, but we already confirmed that.) 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tuesday Mood: Give It Up.

It's Giving Tuesday, so here are a few organizations that we like and support:

First, The Brigid Alliance supports people who must travel long distances across the U.S. for abortion care, especially later in pregnancy. They provide travel expenses, child care, meals, lodging, practical support, etc. 

The Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood are also great places to throw some money. And, consider supporting Equality Now. Their goal is to “Achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.” 

Marianne suggests donating to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer and donor-powered charity committed to supporting the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers. She also suggests donating to your local children's hospital - specifically$10 gift cards for gas or food for the families of children with cancer. (Many families have to travel long distances to their regional hospital.) 

If you love animals, I've long been a supporter of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee which provides captive elephants a safe haven dedicated to their well-being.

I also love supporting the Richmond Animal League, the shelter back home where I adopted both my kitties. 


Now that you've given all your money to good causes, I'm going to be a total ass and tell you about a couple of lingering good sales:

R+Co has extended their 30% off sale with code CYBER30. I really love their Cactus shampoo, Television conditioner, Rodeo Star thickening style foam and most recently I've been digging the Park Ave blow out balm. Popular items tend to sell out fast but they do restock! 

Bombas, makers of my very favorite socks, are offering 20% off sitewide. I love the Performance Ankle for the gym and the Running Calf are my favorite boot socks.  Also, the compression socks are legit! 

LAFCO, makers of my favorite fancy candles, are offering 25% off sidewide with code CYBER2022. These candles come in gorgeous (and reusable) hand-blown glass containers and are beautifully boxed, so easy to give as gifts! My favorites are Amber, Rosemary Eucalyptus, and Woodland Spruce.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Monday Mood: It's Crummy.

I'm back! I'm also sick because when you fling yourself out into the world of people you risk the chance of catching something, so of course I did. it's just a head cold but I am feeling crummy. I will definitely post about my trip later in the week, as well as some updates about the travel stuff I bought. (Spoiler: The AirFly is THE BEST.) 

In the meantime, I basically missed most of the good Black Friday deals though they seem to be leaking well into Cyber Monday, right? Before I left for my trip I did buy these Madewell jeans 50% off:

They were waiting for me when I got back and I tried them on briefly and I think they might be really good? I love a really dark-dark denim and the cut seems good. They're completely sold out but I bet you anything they magically come back into stock when the sale is over. Hmph. Madewell also has 60% off some specific items today. My pick is this beautiful flap bag

I will also probably take advantage of the 25% off Tatcha sale to buy a full-sized container of this mineral sunscreen:

My friend Kate recommended it and it's basically magic. Very expensive magic. It's the best mineral formulation I've tried so far! It sinks in, has a slight tint, and doubles as a primer if you wear makeup on top of it. It's just very, very good. 

I was also considering buying this (56% off Cyber Monday deal) cocoon coat from J.Crew which is, rudely, final sale, but it's sold out in my size so I guess not:

It's damn cute though, and comes in a bunch of colors, so I'm going to keep an eye on it. I mean, if it's such a best seller, why is it final sale, J.Crew? You're a bad boyfriend and I'm grumpy. 

One last thing, the Vuori raincoat I covet is most definitely NOT on sale but my excellent jacket has been marked down again! Go get it. 

Friday, November 18, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: BR Factory Is Giving It Away.

I am going to be on vacation next week so you're on your own for the Black Friday deals (though I will say, now would be a really good time to buy an AllSaints leather jacket) but I feel that I should talk about Banana Republic Factory because they have an early deal going - 60% off everything (prices already adjusted) plus an extra 15% off with code BRREWARDS. In short, they are giving away clothes! Here's what I like: 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Review: Calpak Luka Belt Bag and Luka Duffel.

Last month I posted that I'd been influenced into buying (with my own money) the Calpak Luka Belt Bag and matching Luka Duffel bag. Marianne bought both for a trip and liked them so I felt the need to copy her like the total creeper I am. But y'all, Marianne has a great instinct for the good stuff and she's rarely led me wrong. Here is my review of both with the caveat that I haven't actually traveled with either item as yet*:

Hi! HERE IS THE LUKA BELT BAG IT IS A BIG BABY. I've only had tiny belt bags so this one has taken a little adjustment. It has interior pockets and a large external zippered pocket. I really love the idea of having everything I need strapped to my body where I can access it, both in the airport and on the plane. Here's what fits in the Luka Belt Bag:

"But Adrien, I can't seeeeeeee everything." Okay, fine. Here is literally all my crap spread out for your amusement: 

In my Luka Belt Bag I have my Kindle (sans case), my cell phone, my little Liberty pouch for chapstick, tissues, tiny hand lotion, bits of lint, etc, Liberty card case, my passport, AirPods, AirFly, Advil, Mentos, and a Purell wipe because you just never know. Now, here's my Luka Duffel, which will be my carry-on (I am checking my suitcase, which is also by Calpak):

Now, I could've been a reasonable person and gone with one of the neutral colors but I love this bag in merlot  (Marianne bought both in dijon yellow!) and the colors they have are great, so why not get a fun color? This duffel is a perfect medium-sized bag and surprisingly light. It fits a lot and you can still shove it under the airplane seat. I love that it has shoulder straps and a longer crossbody option, and it also has a million pockets and a suitcase sleeve. I also like the optional shoe compartment (you can strap up the inner pouch part to get it out of the way if you're not using it), and it has a good, deep water bottle pocket. I don't love that the interior is black because it makes it harder to find stuff, but that's a minor quibble. Here's what I have in my carry-on bag: 

A big scarf, sleep mask, lightweight sneakers, Trtl wrap thingy, large Liberty pouch for all my charge cords, earbud case, and a baggie of essentials (hand cream, Shout wipes, contact solution, etc). I also bring extra contacts, my glasses, medication, and a change of underwear in case something goes wrong with my checked bag. I still have a ton of room left in the tote so I can do a little shopping on my trip without worry.

Here I am wearing the belt bag in a more hangy purse-like manner and holding the duffel so you can see how big it is. This is an experiment for me because I usually carry a backpack (and was tempted by the Calpak backpack!) but wanted something a bit bigger for my carry-on. Both the belt bag and the duffel are on sale right now and if you're new to Calpak you can use my link for $25 off your first qualifying CALPAK order of $150+. (I'm not sure if this works on sale items or not? Give it a try.) Full disclosure, I will also get $25 credit.

*We're going back to Ireland! I've written about our travels to Ireland here and here and here if you're curious.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

OOTD Review: Quince Cashmere Batwing Sweater.

 Hello! I recently bought a Quince cashmere batwing sweater and here I am, ready to talk about it:

First, I had to dither over the sizing. Initially this sweater came in one size which made most of the reviews pointless. Now it's S/M or L/XL and after some consideration (and asking a friend), I went with the S/M which was the right way to go. I have narrow shoulders so I think the larger size would've driven me crazy. It should be noted that this sweater is slightly cropped, so unless you're wearing it with super high rise pants, you'll want to wear a t-shirt under it (I always do anyway.) 

It's definitely got a batwing! The more I wear it, the more I like it. It's the same nice cashmere I've experienced from Quince - not super heavy but soft and warm. I am wearing it over an Everlane ribbed cotton turtleneck that I thrifted. I don't generally love a turtleneck but I thought it worked well here and its fitted enough to be a good under-sweater layer. 

And oooh, I love this burgundy color. I kind of want this sweater in black too because I want everything in black. If you've never shopped Quince and want $20 off your first purchase, please use my link(full disclosure: for each purchase I get credits to spend.) 

My jeans are my recently purchased Mother Weekender flares and I have no regrets. So soft, so comfy! (But, they're expensive and all the Madewell jeans are 40% off right now, just FYI.) I also pulled out my old Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo because it's just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. I've held onto it because it was a long-time favorite of mine and apparently they've re-issued the original Hillier! (I got my first Hillier back in 2010 and I wish I'd kept it.) Details: 

My soft soft sweater and my old Dean Davidson tassel necklace. There's not much like it but this tassel pendant at Target is pretty! 

Another look at my old MJ hobo - it's the Too Hot To Handle style and can definitely be found secondhand for not much money. My boots are an old pair by Madewell - this pair is similar (and on sale!) That's it for today! Just more jeans and sweater action, really. 

Friday, November 11, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: 30% Off at Madewell.

It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me. 

In this case "me" stands for MADEWELL who I have been actively avoiding except now there's an extra 30% off sale (and 50% off some other stuff) and I cannot resist. I CAN NOT RESIST AND IT IS MAKING ME YELL. The jeans I want are not on sale which is fine but I found a bunch of other good stuff and I am just going to make you want it instead because that's how it works. Okay? Okay:

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Stuff I Like: Travel Hacks!

I have two big trips coming up and they're both international with long-ass flights. (Flying to Europe from the West Coast instead of the East Coast has been quite an adjustment.) I'm a pretty good flyer but I'm always looking for ways to make my economy-seat flight more comfortable. Here are a couple of things I have that make long flights easier and a couple of new purchases I'll be trying out on the next trip:

Airfly Bluetooth Wireless Adapter
I love two things on an airplane: Noise-canceling AirPods and in-flight movies. My AirPods Pro are a game-changer on flights! Just by reducing the amount of noise around me, it's helps to make for a more relaxing experience. However, I've had to use wired earbuds to watch in-flight movies which is a drag. Not anymore! Marianne told me about this gadget that plugs into the earphone jack and connects to your wireless earphones! SO HAPPY. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I can't wait. Technology is amazing.

Compression Socks
I am old and I'm excited about compression socks. On long-haul flights, I sometimes get this weird buzzy sensation in my body/legs that makes it really hard to get comfortable. (There might be a medical explanation/term for this? I'm not sure how else to describe it.) I'm hoping that wearing compression socks will help tamp down the buzz and y'all know I love Bombas, so I recently bought a pair of their fancy compression socks. Who's a sexy lady in her compression knee socks? That would be me. 

And a couple of fully tested items:

Sleep Eye Mask
I bought this eye mask back in August and got to try it out when I flew to Knoxville. 10/10 it's a good one! It doesn't put pressure on your eyeballs and it truly blocks out all light. It also makes you look slightly insane. I'm still bad at sleeping on a plane but this definitely made it easier to pretend. 

Trtl Wrap Pillow
I hate most travel neck pillows - they're always too thick in the back and they're bulky and ugh. I bought this Trtl wrap thingy back in 2018 and I'm still using it! I like that it packs down pretty flat and it is mostly pretty comfortable? It's weird and takes some practice but I still like it and use it so there's that. 

What are your travel hacks? What items or strategies make flying easier for you? Please leave a comment and let me know. 

PS. I also need to report back on my new Calpak Luka duffel and belt bag! I'm planning a pre-review/packing post for next week but the real test will be my upcoming trip. We shall see! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Outfit of the Day: New and Old Favorites.

Hello! Go vote. I'll wait. Now that's done, here's the Lucky Brand Bowie tee that is my new favorite thing in my closet:

Obviously my closet is not getting any more work-appropriate any time soon, but I really love this tee! It's got a great broken-in feel and is really fun to layer under jackets because it gives you a little bit of shine and interest without being too blingy. Plus, Bowie. 

My jeans are my usual pair of Madewell Perfect Vintage and I love the higher rise for tucking in a fun t-shirt. I was pretty excited to see that Madewell now has a Perfect Vintage flair jean and will definitely be trying those on the next time I'm in the store. I also have my eye on this pair of boyjeans. I'm also wearing my M.Gemi shearling clogs because now is the time! They're currently sold out of my exact style but this pair at Madewell also look quite cozy. Quick detail shot of my Bowie tee

The little studs on it aren't too shiny, just a little bit. I think it's really a cool effect and I hope it holds up after washing. (For delicate stuff: lingerie bag, always cool water, never in the dryer! Be nice to your things.) Now, it's time for a jacket: 

I impulse-bought this Vuori military jacket last fall because once I tried it on I couldn't not have it. It's the perfect lightweight layer: it has a hood, the fit is structured but comfortable, and I love the color. It's still available and on sale to boot! I'm wearing a medium and would say it's true-to-size. Also, in exploring the Vuori site I found this excellent raincoat and I want it so badly it's hurting my feelings. Sigh. Anyway, here's a closer look: 

 Such a good jacket! My bag is of course my quilted Rebecca Minkoff love bag which I'm still enjoying. The updated chevron version is on sale at Zappos. That's all I've got for today but my next outfit will feature my Quince batwing sweater which is quite a thing. Stay tuned. 

PS. Did you vote yet? Make that happen! Let's do this. 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Weekend Window Shopping: Sephora Sale!

 I am still bitter about my sad little 10% discount at Sephora but I still ordered a bunch of stuff and so did Marianne. Here's some of what we bought and some things I wish I could buy. (I mean, who doesn't want every single adorable beauty advent calendar?) My order bumped me up to VIB status so I might order some more stuff, who knows. Anyway:

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Midweek Update.

 Hi! Sorry to be MIA, but things have been busy in my non-blog life (in a good way) and honestly, I'm just out of good ideas. I did want to give a few quick updates. FIRST:

I bought this tee after influencing myself and it's SO GOOD. It's also really on sale. I gasped when I pulled it out of the packaging and can't wait to wear it in a blog outfit. It's just everything I wanted it to be. I love that it's already got a worn-in look and isn't super obviously a band tee, plus it's got some cool studs and whatnot. It's just really cool and so good with jeans. It's also available without embellishment (the men's version) for even less. Lucky has really great graphic tees and a lot of them are 40% off right now! 

Next, thank you ALL for your help/suggestions/comments on my sunscreen allergy post. Things are going much better with my skin now that I've figured it out! I'm using mineral-only sunscreen right now, specifically MDSolarSciences Mineral Crème which is a little heavy on the silicone but otherwise is doing the trick. I have both the tinted and untinted versions, and I like the untinted better. I also have  It Cosmetics CC cream, which is VERY tinted so I use it as foundation. A little goes a long was which doesn't really work when you're trying to sunscreen yourself so I usually layer it over regular sunscreen.

A lot of you recommended EltaMD Clear, but it turns out that's a mineral/chemical combo. It's pretty much the same combo (Zinc Oxide/Octinoxate) as my beloved Skin Aqua Super Moisture Shower Milk sunscreen which I don't seem to be reactive to, but for now, I'm sticking with mineral-only formulations. My friend Kate recommended Tatcha The Silk Sunscreen which she loves but warns that the packaging is terrible. (They're apparently fixing it.) I have the mini size in my Sephora cart right now as I wait for my sad little 10% Insider discount tomorrow. 

Finally, I finished my re-read of The Witch Elm and I can confirm it's much better on the second read. The whole first 200 pages is the sub-plot which seems crazy (and really didn't need to be so long) but it's really an interesting look at "luck" and privilege with an unreliable narrator to boot. It's not Tana French's best, but it's beautifully written and worth another shot if you didn't get into it the first time. Now I'm reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry because I needed a light palate cleanser. So far, it's good but not great, which is fine. I am enjoying it but don't need it to change my life. 

That's it for today! I hope to be back tomorrow with an outfit post.