Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Outfit of the Day: Completely Accidental.

I'm still feeling pretty crummy but managed to fully dressed myself yesterday to go run some errands and ended up liking my outfit enough to take a few quick pics. It wasn't an outfit meant for the blog but here we are:

Part of why it wasn't meant for the blog is because my new Madewell jeans are nearly sold out. That's right, The Worst Blogger Ever is again showing you something you can't actually buy. The WORST. But, I feel confident they'll restock soon! I'll keep you posted. 

These are a high-rise Perfect Vintage style in resin rinse which is a really good, dark denim with no distressing of any kind. They're so dark they almost look black, so you could just get these in black and call it done.  I am wearing my usual size and they fit perfectly. Despite my joy that mid-rise styles are back, I'm still kind of into the look of a higher rise because I think it makes me look taller. (I will change my mind about this the minute I sit down in them but whatever.) I just really love Madewell's Magic Pockets aka denim shapewear. 

Here's a weird side view with the jeans un-cuffed, which doesn't work with my new Blundstones but would look cute with flats or sneakers. My sweater is the Quince Mongolian Cashmere Fisherman and it continues to be a soft oversized cloud of warmth and joy. I can't recommend it enough. 

Here's a close-up of my sweater and also of my Dean Davidson necklace which is another thing you can't buy. However, I did find this absolutely beautiful labradorite tassel necklace that's similar. 

I completely forgot to get my bag for the photos but Y'ALL. I was browsing Quince's new arrivals section and look what I found. That's right, they just shamelessly knocked off the medium Hammitt VIP. It doesn't have the stud detailing or contrast zipper but it otherwise looks identical and is under $100. I truly love my Hammitt but they are expensive, so if you dig the style but not the price, get the Quince version! I would if I didn't already have one. (I'm the worst, but we already confirmed that.) 


  1. CUTE!
    I'm currently awaiting a Quince package with a silk skirt, fisherman sweater and v neck sweater... and i have a dozen things in my wishlist!

    1. I just ordered another batwing sweater and some jewelry. They are killing it!