Thursday, November 17, 2022

Review: Calpak Luka Belt Bag and Luka Duffel.

Last month I posted that I'd been influenced into buying (with my own money) the Calpak Luka Belt Bag and matching Luka Duffel bag. Marianne bought both for a trip and liked them so I felt the need to copy her like the total creeper I am. But y'all, Marianne has a great instinct for the good stuff and she's rarely led me wrong. Here is my review of both with the caveat that I haven't actually traveled with either item as yet*:

Hi! HERE IS THE LUKA BELT BAG IT IS A BIG BABY. I've only had tiny belt bags so this one has taken a little adjustment. It has interior pockets and a large external zippered pocket. I really love the idea of having everything I need strapped to my body where I can access it, both in the airport and on the plane. Here's what fits in the Luka Belt Bag:

"But Adrien, I can't seeeeeeee everything." Okay, fine. Here is literally all my crap spread out for your amusement: 

In my Luka Belt Bag I have my Kindle (sans case), my cell phone, my little Liberty pouch for chapstick, tissues, tiny hand lotion, bits of lint, etc, Liberty card case, my passport, AirPods, AirFly, Advil, Mentos, and a Purell wipe because you just never know. Now, here's my Luka Duffel, which will be my carry-on (I am checking my suitcase, which is also by Calpak):

Now, I could've been a reasonable person and gone with one of the neutral colors but I love this bag in merlot  (Marianne bought both in dijon yellow!) and the colors they have are great, so why not get a fun color? This duffel is a perfect medium-sized bag and surprisingly light. It fits a lot and you can still shove it under the airplane seat. I love that it has shoulder straps and a longer crossbody option, and it also has a million pockets and a suitcase sleeve. I also like the optional shoe compartment (you can strap up the inner pouch part to get it out of the way if you're not using it), and it has a good, deep water bottle pocket. I don't love that the interior is black because it makes it harder to find stuff, but that's a minor quibble. Here's what I have in my carry-on bag: 

A big scarf, sleep mask, lightweight sneakers, Trtl wrap thingy, large Liberty pouch for all my charge cords, earbud case, and a baggie of essentials (hand cream, Shout wipes, contact solution, etc). I also bring extra contacts, my glasses, medication, and a change of underwear in case something goes wrong with my checked bag. I still have a ton of room left in the tote so I can do a little shopping on my trip without worry.

Here I am wearing the belt bag in a more hangy purse-like manner and holding the duffel so you can see how big it is. This is an experiment for me because I usually carry a backpack (and was tempted by the Calpak backpack!) but wanted something a bit bigger for my carry-on. Both the belt bag and the duffel are on sale right now and if you're new to Calpak you can use my link for $25 off your first qualifying CALPAK order of $150+. (I'm not sure if this works on sale items or not? Give it a try.) Full disclosure, I will also get $25 credit.

*We're going back to Ireland! I've written about our travels to Ireland here and here and here if you're curious.

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  1. I hope you'll write about this trip to Ireland as well - I am planning to eventually get to Ireland (outside of a trip with my parents) and would love more recommendations.

    I've upgraded in the past year to a larger weekender style carry-on and I love it. I used to just use a Longchamp bag, but ended up scaling up due to a lot of weekend driving trips to deal with some family issues. I've carried it on some flights where I was checking a bag and packed an extra outfit or two in case of disaster (leaving the slack in my checked bag for shopping).