Tuesday, November 15, 2022

OOTD Review: Quince Cashmere Batwing Sweater.

 Hello! I recently bought a Quince cashmere batwing sweater and here I am, ready to talk about it:

First, I had to dither over the sizing. Initially this sweater came in one size which made most of the reviews pointless. Now it's S/M or L/XL and after some consideration (and asking a friend), I went with the S/M which was the right way to go. I have narrow shoulders so I think the larger size would've driven me crazy. It should be noted that this sweater is slightly cropped, so unless you're wearing it with super high rise pants, you'll want to wear a t-shirt under it (I always do anyway.) 

It's definitely got a batwing! The more I wear it, the more I like it. It's the same nice cashmere I've experienced from Quince - not super heavy but soft and warm. I am wearing it over an Everlane ribbed cotton turtleneck that I thrifted. I don't generally love a turtleneck but I thought it worked well here and its fitted enough to be a good under-sweater layer. 

And oooh, I love this burgundy color. I kind of want this sweater in black too because I want everything in black. If you've never shopped Quince and want $20 off your first purchase, please use my link(full disclosure: for each purchase I get credits to spend.) 

My jeans are my recently purchased Mother Weekender flares and I have no regrets. So soft, so comfy! (But, they're expensive and all the Madewell jeans are 40% off right now, just FYI.) I also pulled out my old Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo because it's just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. I've held onto it because it was a long-time favorite of mine and apparently they've re-issued the original Hillier! (I got my first Hillier back in 2010 and I wish I'd kept it.) Details: 

My soft soft sweater and my old Dean Davidson tassel necklace. There's not much like it but this tassel pendant at Target is pretty! 

Another look at my old MJ hobo - it's the Too Hot To Handle style and can definitely be found secondhand for not much money. My boots are an old pair by Madewell - this pair is similar (and on sale!) That's it for today! Just more jeans and sweater action, really. 


  1. I meant to ask you what size you went with, so this is great. I have the batwing in gray and navy blue, but I definitely want it in black too, and I do love that burgundy. I always wear a camisole under mine but never thought to wear a turtleneck!

    1. Thanks for your help! It's such a good sweater.

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